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Found 6 results

  1. A remake of Halo 3's Sandbox. The map has been scaled up to accompany Halo 5's new mobility tricks. Features 2 snipers, 2 rockets, a shotty, an overshiled, 2 g hammers, and 2 detached rocket turrets. Each base is also equiped with a ghost, hog, gungoose, and standard goose. I hope you check it out, and please give me any feedback. Link to forgehub: http://www.forgehub.com/maps/sandshrine.1576/ Link to video: (pics won't upload to this cite, sorry)
  2. What's up! Over the last couple of months I have made a number of MAP REMAKES from past Halo games and they are DOWNLOADABLE from my fileshare with the gamertag "Abstyler" and I created VIDEO WALKTHROUGHS for them on my YouTube Channel youtube.com/AbstylerVideos Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel, it helps me out a lot and you will always know when I create new remakes and bring out OTHER GREAT CONTENT such as montages and tips and tricks! The maps have been modified and tested a lot, so I'm safe to say in the latest versions they are uncheatable and spawns are not causing any problems either. If you do find anything that I should update please let me know via Twitter or XBL (link's below). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here's a list with fileshare and video links (BEAR IN MIND the video walkthroughs do not show the most up to date versions of the map): Sandbox http://www.halowaypoint.com/de-de/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/2466b056-1660-4a77-b901-3a998e83fec0 Countdown http://www.halowaypoint.com/de-de/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/e32c4664-ac3c-4cf6-83bb-1fc371dcba24 Hang 'em High http://www.halowaypoint.com/de-de/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/a8b49413-b815-4c73-b91e-76c14aab98db MLG Zealot http://www.halowaypoint.com/de-de/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/e0269091-5ffb-4a8f-916e-e71496b3f10d Ascension/Pinnacle http://www.halowaypoint.com/de-de/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/b0383928-fabe-40a9-8fd8-ebllcd304828 Uncaged http://www.halowaypoint.com/de-de/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/cff6d1a0-a0fd-4095-8fc0-b18afe1d62a6 For more Info on the maps please check out this link https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst186149p2_Official-Community-Cartographers-Thread.aspx
  3. Hello, I have finally got a chance to play the new Spartan Ops mission and they are amazing. With that said I have clocked an insane amount of hours in forge and I feel the current forge maps are lacking a ton of aspect which the community has thoroughly covered so I'm not going to repeat them. But I did notice more than a few of the Spartan Ops maps would make amazing sandboxes for forge. Visually they trump the current forge maps both in background and foreground content. I figure now that 343's Majestic Map Pack is out and making them money maybe they would consider a free update for the forge community. I can live with the same tired forge objects even though I have seen a ton of potential new forge objects aka Forerunner pieces. But I feel there has been enough feedback about the current forge maps that 2-3 new forge maps would be feasible. The best part is the maps are already built and being used as sandboxes by 343 in Spartan Ops. Now I don't know if the coding processes for forge are easily transferred to new maps not built around the forge coding processes, but I think this Idea should be considered. I feel a move like this would revitalize the hurt forge community that was crippled by the Waypoint sharing issues and the semi disappointing maps. I would love to hear from the community on this subject and any suggestions to which maps from Spartan Ops we would like to see. My 3 choices would be: The Cauldron Control Apex
  4. I like how 343 has done so far with it's map packs, but if there's one thing; just one thing i have to say i miss about Halo 3, it's the map Sandbox, and it's not just because sandbox was arguably one of the most versatile forge maps in Halo history, it's that i do really miss the atmosphere of that map. There was something awe-inducing about the red lights contrasting with the blue lights, and about night time in the desert, especially if you could block the guardians and have a vehicle war in the dark dunes. I truly can not think of any other map i'd like to see revived more than sandbox. I dunno if you can hear me 343 but i felt compelled to ask, can you give us another sandbox? I'd hate to see it stay a once in a generation experience. Any fellow players feel the same way?
  5. Hello Everyone, It is my personal opinion that Halo 4 DLC should include a map that has new forging possibilities, such as "Sandbox" did for us all in Halo 3. 343i, please give us new shaped objects, interactive objects, and Environmental Skins, (Skins that make sense being on the map they are on! AKA- Sandbox and Foundry). Also, skins that blend the objects together like Halo 3's forging system... Let me explain. Anybody who was a great forger from Halo 3, knew how to interlock objects, geomerge (Push and save objects into the map geometry) and similar things. THOSE have been integrated into Forge now, which is nice. HOWEVER, the objects do not flow together anymore. Halo 3's Sandbox items fit with the map they came with. They also were all the same skin which made them help flow together. For instance, Double Blocks could be interlocked together and look like one large block. Now in forge, none of the items flow together like this. Also in Halo 3's forge, the scenery, or "structure" items appeared to have a soft surface so once interlocked they appeared to merge together very well. In Reach and Halo 4's Forge Systems the blocks have hard surfaces, so they do not interlock well. Now, as for the new shaped objects I think EVERY forger would appreciate, there were some objects that were the same, such as blocks and what not, but we were also given objects such as "Fins" and "Obelisks" (Struts and Obelisks are not the same objects...) All these Halo: Reach objects are nice to have on the default maps, but we dont need the same objects for every forge map, because then there is no point in having 3 different forge maps in place of a forge-world. The only change is the defaulty scenery/geometry, which isn't always used in forged maps. In my opinion, mid-sized enclosed maps, & floating maps, are the best. That is why the sky bubble was so great! Anyway, new objects open up a huge door of possibilities for forge. We all know its very possible to create a new set of objects per map, and would greatly appreciate it. One more thing with new forge map DLCs would be a larger open terrain. In all honesty, we are incredibly restricted in making BTB maps. We need more room, not less room on more maps. Last but not least, we do not need more "pre-fabricated" objects, such as towers and buildings. Some would be nice, but it feels as though forge is getting too lazy with these huge - already made objects. These large recognizable objects make maps too generic. So, in conclusion, I think I speak for the entire forging community when I say, "Please give us a DLC map w/ new objects and skins!" (Perhaps concrete blocks instead of stone would be great) It will greatly improve forge for everyone and open new possibilities for new maps and creations! 343i Thank you for taking the time to read my opinion, and I hope you will take some of these ideas into consideration. Sincerely, Given To Fly
  6. What are everyone's ideas for some cool new sandbox features in Halo 4. Things which we have always thought would have been cool. Some of my ideas: Climbing- When you stand near a steep object or incline (like a tall crate or cliff) you are given a command prompt to climb the object. Swimming- I've always thought it was the stupidest thing that you couldn't swim, and that you actually drowned in 6 feet of water. I can understand that bungie was using the water a parameter for game-play but if Halo 4 has the massive maps we expect it to they need to let Spartans swim. For example, when you walk past your head in water you stow your weapon and use both hands to swim, steering and thrusting with the left and right sticks. if you wanted to swim underwater, 343 could limit that ability by giving you only 20 seconds of air or something. Going Prone- This really needs to be included. I mean, some people might argue that that is "to COD", but what kind of soldier never goes prone in battle. It drastically improves your sniping accuracy and is a good way to get out of the crossfire if you need to regain your shields. Kicking- An interesting melee attack if the controls are right. Kicking would deal more damage then a standard melee and could be instituted by holding down the melee and trigger at the same time. What does everyone think? Some new actions in Halo 4 would be nice and i would like everybody who reads this to give their opinions.
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