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Found 17 results

  1. Which one do you prefer, Carbine or Battle Rifle? Before you go on saying that the BR is OP, think about it. The Carbine has a faster rate of fire and I think more shots, considering the BR is a 3-round burst. I preferthe Carbine because you can use it against Brutes, Grunts, and everybody, though it's not that good against the Flood.
  2. depressant

    BR not OP?

    Since everyone prefers the BR, I did a test, and I don't know if this is already a thing but both the BR and DMR took 5 shots to kill. What fo you think of this? Are the BR and DMR equal?
  3. There should be no difference between these two guns yet 343i has done that yet again first the DMR was overpowered, and now the Battle Rifle is more of a noob weapon than it should be. The BR has a burst shot the simple fact you die from three shots with it verses the DMR's five makes no sense at all plus it's faster on the firing part as well.
  4. I personally would like to see these two weapons added to swat. But I want your opinion, would it improve swat or make it worse? Tell me what you think below and don't forget to vote.
  5. I loved Halo 4 when it came out. the multiplayer was amazing! I took a break for a couple months and I recently came back.....what the hell happened? seriously. The game is an absolute mess now. I have never seen weapon balance issues in a shooter like this before, and I have been playing online shooters for over 10 years. The Battle rifle and DMR are way way overpowered. This creates a lot of issues, basically the game is now set up for the hard core who play the game 5 hours a day, which I might ad is the minority. I am no noob, but I am also not a pro, I consider myself an average player and I like to play a couple matches a week. But the game as it stands is an unplayable mess. It was never like this with Bungie, 343 PLEASE do something about this. Whoever is "balancing" the game needs to be fired immediately, that's probably hyperbole but come on. This is Halo an important game, not some flavor of the month. Also who decided to put pro in regular rotations? Everyone hates pro except pro's and there aren't many online.
  6. Vote for what you would most like to return in Halo 5! I won't try to persuade you of my own opinion; it's yours that matters! If you are new to Halo, the Shadow was a Covenant troop carrier in Halo 2. It was a slow hovercraft that had a powerful plasma turret used mainly for defensive purposes.
  7. I used to love playing SWAT. The satisfaction of a single shot headshot with the DMR never got old! In the days of Reach it was the only game mode I ever really played, so I was over the moon when 343 introduced it to Halo 4. However with the Battle rifle being sprayed around by other players I quickly got bored and frustrated (oh so many rage quits). SWAT is/was/should be all about the single shot DMR. I'd like to think I'm not the only one with this opinion!!
  8. So over the last few months ive been working on this nice little project inspired by Halo 4 i have the whole progress on my flickr and on the 405th. lol still need to glue the bolt trigger on Untitled by Joseugai, on Flickr Untitled by Joseugai, on Flickr
  9. I recently made some weapon comparisons that look at both the automatic loadout weapons and the precision loadout weapons. Can you guys take a look and tell me what you think? I'm probably going to continue with this series, and do sidearms, shotguns, rockets, snipers, and maybe even vehicles as well. Automatic Weapons: Precision Weapons:
  10. The DMR is the only balanced gun in the game in terms of an "Assault Rifle" category'd gun. The Light Rifle, DMR, and Battle Rifle are your 3 weapons of choice that should every be considered. The Light Rifle takes more shots when not scoped in, less when scoped in; get rid of it. The Battle Rifle is more overpowered than the DMR, and here is why: Although they take the same amount of shots, with and without scope, they are not the same. (I realize that the BR is supposed to be better at a short range, and the DMR is supposed to be better at a long range -- which weapon you use for THIS reason should vary on the map, the gametype, and your playstyle I suppose...) But...Here's why... Let's say there are 2 players going into a 1v1 BR/DMR fight. Player 1 is your average Halo player n00b, where as Player 2 is a professional Halo player that is not such a rookie. Both players are using the DMR with standard settings, everything is normal. Player 1 and Player 2 both hit eachother 4 times apiece. Each player is now 1 shot away (in the head) from dying. Player 2, being more skilled, hits the 5th shot in the head, whereas Player 1 hit Player 2 in the shoulder. ^^^In this situation, Player 2 is awarded the kill, as he should be, for having more "skill", and walks away a "weakened-1shot". In the other way around, Player 1 and Player 2 are both using a Battle Rifle. Both players have again hit eachother in the body 4 times, remaining a headshot away from being awarded a kill. On the 5th shot, Player 2 again hits Player 1 in the head; however, this time, Player 1 has (with his 3 bullets, since battle rifle's shoot 3 bullets in comparison to the DMR's 1) has hit Player 2 in the shoulder, the neck, and the shoulder. In this situation, both players are awarded a kill, and a trade occurs. ^^^In this situation, Player 2 and Player 1 are both awarded a kill, but it is not based off of "skill". I know there is not near as much "spray, spread, swiping", whatever you would like to call it, as there was in Halo 3, but nonetheless, there is still a "spread". I realize that none of these guns will be changed in anyway, and I realize also that it's all there for fun and will remain constant, so people's discussions and complaints are irrelevant, but I figured I would throw these facts out there for those who seem to be upset about these DMR/BR/LR discussions. All in all, don't use the Light Rifle, if you're playing a close range map with lots of hallways, use the BR, otherwise use the DMR. Over all, if you can scope in 24/7 [which you shouldn't be able to], use the LR; but the BR is still the best "Assault Rifle" type gun in the game, for the reasons stated above; unfortunately. <3 p.s. ...the Carbine doesn't count in this discussion. see other posts for details.
  11. I was thinking how I should approach this post and how I should get this point across... I considered going with ‘Spartans need more face armour’ or simply ‘Arrgggh!’ but then I realised that no matter what I do or how levelly I look at this it is going to get flamed to hell by a large chunk of the community once I insult their precious Battle Rifle... I’ve just had a game, one of many, in which the entire enemy team took to using Battle Rifles and backing away from every single encounter firing. Now some of you are surely going to say this is not an issue and just how the game is played... or rather, given the mindset of these people I’m expecting a lot of variously illiterate comments along the lines of: ‘LOL AM NOOB YOU?!’ The problem is, besides from being annoying, this tactic doesn’t really seem to really make any sense in this game. Most players who operate like this rarely seem to bother with a sidearm or their abilities... features which in their eyes may as well just be removed. So it has to raise a question as to the balance of the game when one weapon is utilised so heavily that not only other weapons but also key game features simply go unused. The other issue I have with this is that the primary way of beating a team doing this is to do exactly the same thing... which means the game soon becomes very solely focused and all semblance of tactics go out the window. On the face of it Halo 4 seems to offer quite a good degree of customisation which allows individuals to explore and develop their own play style. Armour specialisations, abilities, upgrades and weapon loadouts should create a great deal of variety in the opponents you face. However when one style of play defeats all others with ease it leaves people little option but to do the same. In short individual preferences go flying out the window faster than a grunt targeted by a fuel rod cannon... Now I am not going to suggest the Battle Rifle be nerfed, surely such a thing would be tantamount to heresy. I mean clearly the developers have decided that it should be able to beat automatic weapons at close range and that its ability to complete destroy armoured vehicles from across the map with its small calibre rounds is working as intended... but I feel as if one simple change could massively improve game play and balance issues. Reduce the speed at which you walk backwards. It’s that simple. The Battle Rifle can still be a flak cannon, shotgun and sniper rifle all rolled into one confusing bundle but just reducing the rate at which you can back peddle ever so slightly, I think, will make the game not only more balanced but more enjoyable. It would mean that when you have someone charging you down with the oddball they are actually a threat. It would make automatic weapons rightly more powerful in one on one close range fights. Most importantly it would just make sense. I mean as much as I’d love to see it there’s no 100m backwards sprint in the Olympics... Now perhaps everyone loves Battle-Rifle-back-peddling but when both teams are standing at opposite sides of the maps doing this it quickly resembles a game of duck hunt... The best games I’ve had were when both our team and the enemy used a variety of tactics and equipment. It meant you had to constantly adapt and weren’t sure what to expect next... that, ultimately, seems like the sort of game play Halo should revolve around. I’d dig out the box and quote it directly but if you recall, one of Combat Evolved’s main selling points was that you were the master of every weapon and that all vehicles were tools of destruction just waiting for a driver... it was not advertised as the ultimate ‘shoot each other in the face with a rifle until someone falls over’... game.
  12. When I was online, playing Match Making in War Games, I noticed that the majority of the players under the rank of SR-15 are using the Battle Rifle. No doubt that they don't know how to save spartan points or choose good weapons. The Battle Rifle has a magazine of 36 bullets, and fires in bursts of three bullets, allowing it to shoot 12 times. It is overpowered in my eyes, and if feels like I only hear two shots being fired per burst. The newbies that are using the Battle Rifle really think that the Battle Rifle is a middle to long ranged weapon, where as in reality, it is a short to medium ranged weapon. I seriously don't see why so many people want to use a weapon that doesn't even resemble the Battle Rifle I used in Halo 2 and Halo 3, rather than using the DMR, which we are familiar with in Halo: Reach. Halo 2's Battle Rifle in comparison to Halo 4's Battle Rifle Halo 3's Battle Rifle in comparison to Halo 4's Battle Rifle Notice how the angle shape on the top is too elevated? It looks like a FAMAS from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Notice how similiar they look? Once again, my point is valid.
  13. That's my newest Youtube vid. I have been practicing and getting adapted to software for a while now. Please check it out, reply, I have a lot of plans for this Youtube channel but I really need starting support. More videos coming out this week! Like? Feedback? Subscribe? Thanks and Peace (:
  14. Hi, I have watched a ton of videos on youtube and MLG and I cannot stress the importance of the sounds of the guns. It gives the game a more realistic approach to an already arcade-esque game. It gives the feel and gameplay more power if the guns actually sound destructive. Having said this there are a number of guns that just have a high powered staple gun sound to them. These include the battle rifle first and foremost. For some odd reason I get a plastic sound behind the gun. It could be just me, but it is possible to give a stronger bass to that gun being as it is a rifle. The second is the pistol. In Halo 1 and Halo 3 I thought they had the best sounds for the pistol. It felt like that single shot meant it hurt. The third is the shotgun. I am sorry but the shotgun really sounds like pebbles are thrown at a wall. I have talked to a number of people and they all agree that the guns just don't feel like they have an impact as they did to their counterparts. Please 343 Look and read this post. And if you are one of many that feel the same way please post your reactions as well. Thanks!!!!
  15. Just wondering what you guys think of this image I made of the Halo 4 BR? http://fav.me/d4xz6em
  16. Just wondering if the community feels that Halo Reach had the feel of good ol' classic Halo. If you don't think it does, share your thoughts below.
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