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  1. Woah, I didn't expect this! Appreciate the Spotlight guys! <3 <3
  2. Good news everyone, Bravo today has finally publicly acknowledged the list of issues detailed in the #FixMccCustoms document. He says it has been passed onto the team for review! https://twitter.com/Brav/status/592025296250929152
  3. I love custom games and forge with a passion but patience runs somewhat thin when these profound issues are destroying custom gaming & forging communities and friendships right before my eyes. I'm not attacking 343 by any means when I say this but its been nearly 5 months now and custom games and forge have remained largely untouched. This movement's goal is to get them to focus on custom games and forge sooner than later as matchmaking has been their focus for very long. If anybody has not done so already, watch the video in full and hopefully you will understand why.
  4. Yeah, its really unfortunate. Before MCC launched, I wanted to host a contest for the first time for Clue in H2A but due to the profound issues with customs and forge, I still haven't even been able to test Clue at all to see if it works/fun enough in H2A to be eligble for a contest. I cannot even host any custom games due to the fact that MCC makes party hosts always the network hosts and my connection is far too slow to handle more than 5 players in a game. Thanks for the support, hopefully customs and forge will be back to the way they were supposed to be soon!
  5. Greetings 343i Community forum! As we all know by now, Halo: The Master Chief Collection has had a terribly rocky launch and even to this day, over 4 months later, the game still suffers from numerous issues. Today I present to you the latest Halo movement: #FixMccCustoms. Matchmaking has finally had its chance to work as it should have after the latest update but since then, custom games and forge have still been left forgotten about with its own plethora of issues. This is not a complaint nor is it bashing towards 343 Industries, our only goal with this movement is to spread awareness to the public about the many issues relating to custom games and forge and to hopefully get them acknowledged and fixed by 343 Industries as soon as possible. Custom games and forge have been a very substantial part of Halo for many, many years and these issues in MCC basically render custom games virtually unplayable and the forge modes extremely difficult to work with. This is #FixMccCustoms Click here to view a public document which lists all known issues with custom games and forge If we want to help get custom games and forge to work as intended without issues in MCC as soon as possible, we all must do our part and pitch in to help get these issues acknowledged and fixed by 343 Industries. You may take the steps detailed in the video description but even simply sharing this video in any way possible helps a lot. The current state of custom games and forge is greatly hurting many great Halo communities and content creators. We need custom games and forge in MCC to be fixed as soon as possible! So far, a couple of well known Halo channels and even websites and blogs have started to pick up this movement and hopefully everybody everybody else can too! That's about it and I hope everybody can help by taking their part in this movement in some way possible. Thanks!
  6. I would have to agree. I am highly disappointed with Halo 4's Fiesta. The Fiesta I know starts you with a random weapon on start. This is just Team Powerweapon Ordnance.
  7. Thanks man. Anyway, I updated Boom Smash yesterday to version 1.1 to fix up some minor issues. Changes below. File Share Links updated in OP. -Shortened survival platform vertically -Caged the boxes more to prevent interaction with other fusion coils -Few asthetic changes Also, if your fusion coil detonates randomly before reaching its destination, there is a quite simple and funny explanation for it. What happens is another player hits their fusion coil on the other platform which detonates another fusion coil nearby before it reached the platform, and another one and so on. Just a simple and hilarious chain reaction that I cannot fix, however, it does not break the game and is somewhat rare when it does happen.
  8. I'd assume it would be over Skype. Don't take my word for it, but it seems more logical. EDIT: Whoops wrong quote, fixed.
  9. Download Links: -Map -Boom Smash Gametype -Boom Smash (under 10p) Gametype -File Share GT: Shore Jesus Map name: Boom Smash Gametypes: Boom Smash, KOTH mode, made for games with 12-16 players Boom Smash (under 10p), KOTH mode, made for games with 10 or less players Rules/Restrictions: Even teams of Red and Blue Description/Information: This minigame features 1 minute rounds of 6 of one team trying to survive the longest while the other team smashes fusion coils at them. Each round, the sides will swap and both teams will have the role of smashing the explosives or dodging them 3 times in the game. Survivors on the platform attempting to survive the longest will have faster speed and a fast regenerating thruster pack but no jumping and you only have one life. The attackers smashing the fusion coils will have slower speed, no jumping and no AAs, just you, your hammer, and a fusion coil; stop the enemy team from surviving at all costs. This minigame is not about surviving to the end of the round (although that is a plus) but to surviving the longest by dodging the explosives effectively. The team that survives the longest in the hill after 6 rounds is the winner. Pictures: Videos:
  10. No its just people getting this forum confused for the official 343i community which is on Waypoint.
  11. I can understand that servers have problems sometimes, but this is the 4th time this month. 343i really needs to get it together.
  12. Remember, its the 2500s, I bet people live well over 120 in that time. Also, I don't believe Halsey will be an antagonist for the next game, that just sounds downright silly to me. However, if Season 2 is around the corner in Spartan Ops, I could believe she could be the main antagonist for that. However, my gut feeling tells me, her "revenge" may even just be a convoluted plan to lead Jul on.
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