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Found 23 results

  1. Gamertag: FatAussieFatB0y (The 0 is a number and not a letter) Map Name: Simon Say's Gamemode: Simon Say's (Slayer FFA) Description of the Map: Simon Say’s is a fairly straight forward Minigame that uses a simple but effective game style. All players spawn on a coloured Dance Floor, a TV positioned to the front of the Dance Floor shows what colour the Simon (random generator) has chosen, Players must try to survive for 2 minutes or be the last person standing. (A more complete description of every part of the map will be explained below along with pictures of the map). Pictures of the Map: An image of the screen once Simon has activated a colour. (This is the only indicator of what colour Simon has chosen) What the default screen looks like when Simon is yet to choose a colour. What happens when a colour is chosen and 1 second passes. (This is subject to change depending on the colour Simon chooses) This overview shows off an obstacle that the players will be faced with when the game reaches 1:00. (Just in-case you missed it, the obstacle is the black coloured blocks. That will encourage players to remember the locations of certain block colours) ​The Gravity Hammer spawn location, useful for keeping the peace or causing Havoc.​ When a Player Dies they are sent backstage to hang with the Sangheili DJ's. Pocket in the Wall where players can stand if they can't reach the chosen colour. Updates: And that’s about it. The Minigame is fairly simple but is a lot of fun with a group of friends. Hope you all Enjoy! <3 FatAussieFatBoy
  2. Hello World! Soon I am hoping to have a few friends over and we will all play Halo: Master Chief Collection. I have asked one friend to bring over his Xbox and we are planning to connect 4 players to each and then do an online custom game. Will this work, and if so, is there anything that I should know beforehand? Thanks!
  3. I have made Two Variations of the Classic Halo 3 Custom game: Fight Night. For those don't know what fight night is, it is pretty much just a Free For All Game Mode where Combat is just melee all the time. (Although you can start shooting if you get bored. Yes this game goes by Honor rules.) Everyone has very low health and will die in one Melee hit, or one Plasma Pistol Shot. Trust me, it's a lot more fun than it sounds typed. Both Versions are recommended 8 players max, but Honestly, you can have as many as you want. This game mode was probably the most simple Forge thing to ever make. I just wanted to make it so someone didn't have to waste time making their own. One Variation is the nearly identical remake of the Classic on Halo 3's Guardian. Not much has changed. The Boxes are there just to slow someone down from getting out of the map. That's the exact way Halo 3's map was, so I went with what I remembered. Even if you got out there, there's nothing much for you to do, on account of me deleting everything out there. Ignore the Diarrhea colored Elite Punching The Other Version is Pretty much the exact same, but within H2A's Sandbox, and with a different aesthetic to it that I built. I call it Fight Night: (Even though it's not Night) Under the Highway. Also in this version there is no escape, unless you want to team up with someone to jump on their head to explore. Although once again not much out of the map except for the Vehicles on the Highway. I hope you enjoy my Map. The Game modes and Maps are within my file share. My gamertag is EVOL SPARTAN II. Two i's, I hope you enjoy, and tell me about your experience if you decide to play it.
  4. Im LF anybody willing to play halo Master Chief collection on co-op on any game. prefer legendary but willing to play any difficulty. i also love custom games and i have a mic. my Gamertag is "GuitarSolo4ever" send me a message on Xb1 so i know to add u and we can play MCC bigs me that its so hard to find co op parteners on MCC
  5. my gamertag is escapethetaco (it's stupid, i know, it's from my scene phase a couple years ago) and i was just looking for some people to play with since my boyfriend doesn't like halo. please add me on xbox and invite me to games bc i don't have **** else to do before/after work.
  6. ok so before I get straight into it, I will note that I would like this to be a full on large project, not a half effort try, if people would like to help we would have to keep minimalism on continuity errors which means we must have knowledge about the background of halo before implementing ideas. I have already started working on this project, the idea is that extending spartan ops with more missions would be cool, so I started forging linear maps that use dominion, extraction, etc. to create the missions. I have found it difficult to split the red team loadouts from the blue team's and am stuck on using a communal weapon as a primary with no secondary and the spawns have ordinance drops with all the team weapons. If anyone has knowledge of a game type that splits red team loadouts from blue team loadouts or to simply remove the weapon, that would aid me significantly on this project. The only game modes that need this are: -dominion -extraction -king of the hill -flood. If this does not exist than the communal weapon would have to stay. That should not be too much of a problem however. Another note is that when I renew my gold membership I will be hosting/joining games for this project once the maps and gametypes have been fully tested and refurnished. The first episode takes place after the halo 4 events when infinity arrives back at earth and a full covenant invasion is taking place. If anyone has any ideas/questions for/about the project, post them and I will try to implement/answer as many them as possible. Also if anyone has any experienced knowledge of forging professional maps I will gladly send the maps/invite to forges for refurnishing. The more help the better.
  7. Hey people of Halo and clans. I am searching for a Halo 3/reach/4 clan that just wants to have a good time on the games. Im looking more for a custom game clan but i will play public as long as its not being taken too seriously. I want to win but not if everyone is mad. My friends don't really play any halos anymore so this is why im searching. If you have a non small (6+ players) clan i could join send me a message on XBL gt: RaRe Lego Piece. Or here i guess THANKS
  8. Im hosting a custom game lobby today July 23 2013 at 6pm for most US Players and at 10pm for UK players, just message DJ MAU5Y Mousie for an invite. The custom game will only be one map it's a team game of 4 teams and 4 on each team this is to have fun you dont need to be in a party to play. Teams: Gold Team Green Team Orange Team Blue Team GT: DJ MAU5Y Mousie
  9. I haven't had access to my Xbox in weeks. Despite this setback, I have still tried to stay connected to the Forging community. Unfortunately, it looks as though it will be many moons until I will be able to Forge again.. On the bright side, I have an idea for a mini-game that will be very, very fun. It's Flood-based and should be easy to Forge. Anyone who reads this can try building this map. 1. First create a cubical box without a lid out of simple flat objects. It should be big enough to hold four edge-to-edge gravity volumes at the least. 2. Fill the box with Invisible Gravity Volumes side by side facing up. There should be two layers of volumes, the purpose of which you will soon find out! 3. Fill the box with a trait zone and set it to give players Good Camouflage and Speed Boost. The former is to dampen surrounding noise, and the latter is to make the players' screens blue. 4. Place down several Rocks with the tips slightly above the top of the gravity volumes. These are for the humans to jump around on. 5. Place down small crates set on normal physics. They should bob up and down slightly. 6. Place blue Dominion shields horizontally so that they touch the top of the gravity volumes. 7. Place the Flood spawn points on the bottom of the box, and place the human spawn points on the rocks/crates. The Flood will have a dynamic experience on this map. Submerged beneath the shields, they will hear things differently, and their screens will be blue. The humans will struggle to survive on the surface as the shark-like Flood shoot out of the water--like sharks. So you see the theme of the map now? There might be some technical flaws in my directions; you might want to switch the blue dominion shields with normal shield doors, but that would be very expensive and punish the humans for accidentally walking off spawn. Good luck creating the map!
  10. 343 I seriously hope you review these Halo 4 is probably the biggest game of your career and I love it. You've done great, BUT your forge world and custom games are a bit lacking. You had a lot to do to get the game done I totally understand, but you plan on having 3 DLC, if one of them had a more open ended larger forge world with more room to build is be ecstatic, yours are good but many agree with out a larger more open canvas for us to work on we are limited. And a lot of other users have posted similar topics. And maybe you could edit the custom games so we can edit it more especially weapon spawning on flood and just more game types in general would he awesome. Many agree that the custom games when you have a good gaming community on a nice custom map are one of the highlights and most fun parts of halo
  11. So basically, Nazi Zombies for Halo 4 was created by 'AnEpicPotatoe'. You can find the gametype and a map made by him. It requires 12-16 players where 5 players start as zombies and the rest are separated into 2 teams of humans. The zombies can jump but walk slowly. They need to break through windows to infect the humans. The humans need to survive for as long as they can but can't jump. The humans start off with magnums. Humans' shields recharge, but zombies' don't. When a human gets enough points, they can call in an ordnance drop. If they choose grenades, these can be thrown at circular plates above the doors which will reflect them to destroy the doors and move through. Otherwise, they can take whatever other options they have. It is really fun and I highly suggest checking it out. Also, try making some new maps for it, remember to put 'NZ_' in front of your map name. For example, 'NZ_Ascension' (they don't have to be real zombie maps). Thank you for reading and I hope you check this awesome custom game out. I did not make the gametype or any map for it, I'm just promoting it. I really hope this becomes a big thing because it deserves recognition. Thanks again for reading.
  12. we what to start up a custom game lobby. we will be playing many different games if you what to join send a massage to Garrettslayer on xbox.
  13. GAME: Knock em off OBJECTIVE: Stay on the platforms while also trying to knock of all of your enemys DESCRIPTION: A very fun game where you must try to be the last man inside the hill, everyone starts off with a rail gun and 2 plasma grenades, when you get knocked off you must pick up a concussion rifle and start trying to knock everyone who is still up off. This map is made on ravine in an enclosed area. MAP/GAMETYPE: Knocked over on Knock em Down GAMERTAG: Fartz McPoo
  14. there will be some last minute beta testing going on from Wednesday 16TH at 2 pm and one on the 20TH send message saying invite to this gamertag : Deni snipeS or to be invited to games later on send a friend request you could also join the halo 4rgers i am the leader and creator of these maps if you would like to be able to help with the map making process send me a message saying clan join
  15. Gamertag: Hurry Dashboard Map: Jump (in my file share) Game type: Jump (in my file share) This is my remake of the halo reach minigame "Jump Rope" where the flood is trying to splatter the Spartans and the Spartans try to jump over them. Recommended amount of players is 6+
  16. The Republic of Halo is a militarized Halo 4 clan, with currently around 50 members we are active at nearly all times of day. Any age from 11 up are liable to join, and any rank is allowed. We are serious but we also like to relax and just have fun with other players with a similar interest in halo & clans. We have members spread all around the world from the Netherlands to Mexico. We only ask you speak a basic level of english so we are able to communicate with you There is alot more you can learn about the clan on our online headquarters: www.republicofhalo.weebly.com
  17. Gamertag: shamusmon Map:Thruster Arena Gametype: Thruster Description: This Custom game can be played with 2-16 players. The gametype is a variant of regicide and the core aspects still remain but you can jump super high,run fast and gravity has been altered, Your armour ability is thruster which is unlimited and I have edited it so you can use it to fly around the map. You have 2 weapons; the sniper, which is 1 shot one kill and the rocket launcher. Both of these weapons have a bottomless clip. The map Is symmetrical and it is an enclosed arena with an open roof. The whole map consists of ramps and is mainly wide open so you can fly through the air and shoot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orZiApS8rSk Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/shamusmon it would be amazing if you could give my channel a mention if you review my track, thanks Halo 4 Thruster arena screenshot.bmp
  18. Hi there. I'm trying to make a custom Halo 4 map and game type. Basically my goal is to make a playable Hide And Seek type game. My thought is to mod the standard Flood gametype. I'll Forge a map with plenty of places to hide. My only problem is: Is it possible to have the alpha flood spawn later than everyone else. I want to give the non-flood players 30 seconds to "hide" before the Flood enter the map. Is that doable? If so, how?
  19. I have some Sport ideas for Custom Games on Halo 4, and I have been posting topics. I posted this one to organize them all and so in the future I can just edit this one instead of posting a whole new one Halo 4 Basketball http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/15085-halo-4-basketball/ Keep-a-way! http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/15140-keep-a-way/ Ultimate Frisbee! http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/14987-ultimate-frisbee/ Quidditch http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/15368-quidditch/
  20. Jeff Hall


    So I was thinking again, about my custom game list for Halo 4, and I thought this could be a great custom game The point of the game is to have Jetpacks, low gravity, and the ability to score the bomb. You would have everyone with gravity hammers, and a few beaters with bludgeons (sticky grenades) and you would have 3 big goals on each one, with 1 goal keeper. You would need to throw the ball through one of the hoops in order to score. Not sure what would be the Golden Snitch yet, don't even think there can be one.
  21. Anyone else think it would be pretty cool if Halo 4 had custom campaigns instead of just custom multiplayers? Say you want to play campaign, but want to customize certain things. You ask what kind of things, well for example the difficulty. Already possible you say, not quite... I mean as in this.. 1/10 would be Easy, 11/21 normal and so on, but you could pick say....14 as the dificulty, and if there is skulls you could pick what covonent they effect and don't. I want a fun campaign that changes even after I beat it. Not the same old stuff. So after beating campaign on legendary I would love to be able to customize it further then that for more or less fun. Prefferably more. Or even to challenge my skills as a spartan further. I just think that would be pretty cool if this were in the game for customs. NOT REGULAR CAMPAIGN. Of course, whether it would go towards achievements would be a thing to think about. Heck they could even make achieves for beating it on say difficulty 32 out of whatever. SENSE IT IS ALREADY COMPLETE, IT COULD BE ONE AWESOME UPDATE!
  22. fun halo reach RPG custom game msg FracturedQuasar for invite fun guarenteed pls join soon
  23. I just wanted to put this idea out there, i know many have probably had this idea as well. How it would work: you go into the lobby, just like any other MM game type lobby, but before you press start matchmaking, a message comes up and asks "Would you like to host a custom game?", if you select yes, you will be more likely to be the leader of the group and be able to pick the game type and map, just like a private custom game. Another way people may be able to do this is make a server browser of the games that are public to anybody and be able to join random people's games. In the options of your custom game would be the choice to make the game: Private, Open to friends, Open, or Open to matchmaking, in which the latter would open up your game type to ANYBODY looking in the server browser for custom games. The reason I came up with this idea was because some people don't have friends that always want to join a custom game when they would rather do a normal matchmaking slayer game type instead. Just my idea, if you feel you have improvements or concerns, please post them, i'm really hoping 343 will look at this for Halo 4, (might be a little late) or any of the next halo games.
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