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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, please repair Halo 2 Vista, Microsoft isn't doing anything. Although I dont see any 343 servers on Halo 2 vista, I bet it can still be done. Halo 2 Vista needs somne repairs because it has noticable problems. In matchmaking microphones dont work and games can spontaniously deny access. I know not alot of people play Halo 2 Vista But I think even if it isnt a top earner it should work effectively for those whom have purchased it. Also It would be awesome if the character stuff could be added to create firefight scenarios for Halo 2 Vista.
  2. Well I hope it works lol The trainer was made in Cheat Engine Took me awhile to find the address lol (it was right in front of me lmao) So any who, I hope this works for everyone and should be useful for games and matches. You dont have to alt tab out to make it work, just push the numbers accordingly on the Number Pad Also, if you suicide or betrayal on, those timers will still be there. so turn em off* lol cheers! Click below to get the file for your halo 2 pc desires, needs, wants and what not's. The link below will provide the download free of charge of course, there is also a virus scan along with the post and file, that is all in the link below on the halo2vista.com website. Thanks and I hope someone will enjoy it...lol Go here for the download and information you may need. Halo 2 Vista H2PC H2V H2 H2MT H.2.M.T. Halo 2 Map/Mod Team H2MT members past and present: AvengerofDeath2 B4M_TwinReaper Baltic Beazt Computron Garanas Himanshu01 JohnnyBlaz20 Kantanomo KILLER CHIEF Kills Alone Kirby_422 PCTechmaster07 PirateEggs Shock120 Skiddy 632 Slaters Fury StatutorytrOy Super PolarBear SuperSniper XHN_SCRAPY ZeroErrors http://www.halo2vista.com
  3. Hello all! I know this was posted in a topic before, but its last post was in 2012 and I didnt want to gravedig as my first post With Halo2Vista being basically born/ported crippled and now currently Dead, I thought I would post this Idea and hope that it would go somewere. Please read the whole post before shooting me down please!! -Useless Info(Skip to the Help Me With This Idea/Plan Please section for the Main Posting Reason)- I am new to this forum but not to Halo. I have been playing Halo since the original xbox version came out, went on to Halo 2 Xbox, then 3, then Reach, then to Halo Combat Evolved PC, then Custom Edition then stopped playing and have mostly played Halo Custom Edition off and on. Back when I was playing Halo 2 on xbox, I heard from a friend that Halo 2 was on PC also. I didnt think about it until after Halo 2 on xbox basically died, then really died when Live was shutoff for it I just recently started playing Halo 2 Vista. The experience is quite different then the old Xbox version, it feels very limited. Like your in a box and mods just chip of tiny pieces of that box but never really release you out of it. Although it still does have the old Halo 2 xbox Look to it, the Feel could use quite the overhall(The Feel being: grabbing a key and only being able to use it so many times(I reinstall Windows quite frequently as it gets clogged up rather quickly), no ingame Mic system anymore, no giving off party leader from what I saw in pregame lobby, no easy ingame booting/banning, -[anchor=4 goto=]Help Me With This Idea/Plan Please[/anchor]- [anchor=6 goto=]---Legality Note:[/anchor] These ideas are for those that already have purchased the Disc and Product Key. Editing something you have purchased, i.e the software on the Disc, to make it actually work correctly, allow for updatess, more convenient use, and be less troublesome for something else you have purchased, your 2nd or 3rd and counting working Product Key, by doing it YOURSELF from a tutorial with separate programs/scripts that could do it for you or completely by your own hands manually. I am saying we wont be redistributing the H2Vista software, just the open source scripts/software/tutorials that do that for and/or with you. Should be Legal. *Insertions/Upgrades/Addons for H2Vista: Realistic/Should be Possible: -Remove having to use Windows Live accounts completely, and have Live or a peer-to-peer Network maybe run through a Game List hosted by... someone, and allow the profile created on Halo2Vista to be your gamertag/username like on Halo Custom Edition. -Remove Games for Windows Live association with Halo2Vista, as they are shutting down/have basically shut down, and replace it with an open source/partly open source separate addon application that acts as a Launcher and keeps the Game Client within it and make it detachable/completely Full screen(I have seen an app called Quickbeam for Halo Custom Edition that does something similar to what I am trying to describe, the creator posted that embedding the client wasnt hard for HCE.) Or an ingame addon that runs like XFire with a server list, friends list, chat/messenger, etc. -If you already have a Product Key, you should be able to remove the restriction of only using it so many times by only counting installation(Like Halo 1 Custom Edition) -When Downloading maps from other peers, a Map Percentage Completed should be on the right side of the Gamertag/Username of the person downloading it for the party to see. -Possibly Make it Portable/Not using registry, as that would help with install problems and product key problems, just let a popup for activation by your product key once at first run. -Make the Mic/Talk server run off of the Host's Teamspeak or something free, allow it to be a choice for those that have/want Mics and those that dont to save bandwidth. -Include a custom Dedicated Server tab in the addon application with a GUI server control(Including the Co-Op addresses from this .ct I put together from multiple Sources(Credits go to Shock120 for his addresses and whoever made the Player List.ct on the H2MT repository): Iffy: -Real Co-Op by adding AI/Machine/Door/Etc sync through the addon application(Shouldnt be OVERLY hard) (adding more as I remember the full idea that I had..) Hopefully you guys like the Idea(s) and wont let Halo 2 die just because its PC porters were lazy. Halo 2 could really have a revival if we were to work on something similar to this. Thanks for reading my first post and Idea!
  4. PRESENTS Outskirts ODST Campaign Mod by Kills Alone of the H2MT Crew Released - December 2012 Updated - August 30th, 2013 ABOUT ===== ODST Bipeds for Marines and Player Characters on Campaign scenario Outskirts (Old Mombasa). The ODST player character biped is only viewable in Third Person. Thus I have provided two versions of the Campaign and a list of recommended applications. The other Campaign variant is the same except for a few minor changes, specifically the player character remains the Master Chief. I used Gravemind 1.6B to make the changes, unfortunately the application has many faults such as some fields will not appear after viewing other fields first. Also many values are incorrect or in the wrong places. Thus I used the following two applications to verify the settings. -Entity (H2x) was used to study the original map in its unmodified XBox incarnation. Entity Halo 2 XBox maps -The unlocked Guerilla New (H2v) was also used to study original scenario source in its PC incarnation. H2MT H2EK Unlocked - Enhanced Edition 03a_oldmombasa.scenario Then Mr. Mohawk v1.2 was used to swap the player's biped to that of an ODST Marine. Mohawk was used for the swap instead of Gravemind because it provided more consistent results. ALTERATIONS =========== -All Marines are ODST -Some Marines have human heads (such as Johnson) -Most Marines have ODST helmets (which is actually a head permutation) -Changed the sky to a more cloudy/foggy sky -Adjusted player0 starting location -Player starts with Rockets (instead of a BR) which can be traded with other ODST Marines -Pilot and Co-Pilot are now visible when picking up Johnson -In one variant you play as an ODST (but this is limited to Third Person) -I will attempt to get this recorded when playing Co-op *See the included notes file for more specifics and values INSTALL ======= 1) Before copying the file to your Halo 2\maps default maps directory you must backup the original. 2) The filename is 03a_oldmombasa.map, so make sure you backup the original by either renaming it or by moving it to a backup sub-folder. I rename the original file to 03a_oldmombasa.map.ORIGINAL so I know what it is at a later date. 3) Copy the new file to the same location then start Halo 2 Vista. 4) Select Outskirts from the Campaign selection screen. 5) For the ODST player character variant I recommend using one of the Third Person applications listed below. I have included these and a few more apps/mods that you may require. TOOLS ===== Ambiguous Alpha v2.5 - for Third Person/Still Cam Ambiguous Beta v1.0 Pre-Release - for Real-Time Editing Gravemind v1.6B - for Meta Edit/Swap H2V Blu Trainer vK2 - for Third Person/Still Cam/Fly Cam HUD Removal - remove HUD and on-screen text Mr. Mohawk v1.2 - for Meta Edit/Swap DOWNLOAD ========= H2MT Outskirts ODST Campaign Mod ~240MBs compressed (~400MBs extracted) H2MT Outskirts ODST Campaign Mod SPPF Only Version ~11.5MBs compressed (~25.1MBs extracted) notes.txt updates.txt
  5. The Essential Collection DATA & TAGS By Kills Alone & the H2MT Crew Released October 31st, 2012 SUMMARY: The core H2EK installation takes up just under a Gigabyte of space. When decompressed the collection I offer here will take up about 11GBs of space! It includes the original files from a core H2EK install, you just copy it right over the top of a fresh H2EK installation. It includes these original files as many have been modified and/or improved upon. All of the H2V source files I have created over the years and others I have improved on. This collection contains H2V custom mapping work by most of the H2MT and is the best place to start from. With a few tweaks you can make your own versions of many maps. This collection contains: -MP, SP, CO-OP, & H2.5 MMM SCENARIOS Multiplayer Single Player Co-operative H2.5 MMM Weapons Vehicles -AI -BSPS -EFFECTS -MODELS -SCRIPTS -TEXTURES -SHADERS -NEW SOUNDS -UNLOCKED H2EK -IMPROVED H2TOOL -AND MUCH MORE FILES (7-Zip archive): https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=A730CFEAB2760675&id=A730CFEAB2760675!245 3.87GBs Compressed Due to an upload size limitation with OneDrive it came out to 14 files; all at 300MBs a piece except for the last file. The current host requires a MS account; a Games for Windows Live/XBOX Live account should suffice. Next I will try and find another host with less strict upload and download limitations. Alternate Download Location at MediaFire H2MT Readme.txt:
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