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  1. Halo 5 has huge potential with custom games and forge, and so many people have made incredible maps. I'm sure we've all seen flapjack frenzy! However, there is a fatal flaw with custom games that prevents a lot of maps from being played the way they were meant to be.Player stats/traits are the same for EVERYONE! There are no leader traits in Halo 5, or any way to make one spartan/team different from another! This severely limits and game types/maps that require one or more players to be stronger or weaker than another. One example is Slenderman, where one player is supposed to be the invulnverable Slender Man that hunts the other players as they run and hide.But if the Slender Man is invulnerable, then so is everyone else. So players have to use honor rules for this to work. This fatal flaw prevents a lot of maps and game types from being played properly and I hope 343 sees this because it is such a small, manageable addition that would add SO MUCH to Halo 5's Custom games, and Forge.I go into more detail in this video:
  2. I think we can all agree that Halo 5's User Interface is incredibly Bare-bones in comparison to previous Halo games. In fact, it's so bare-bones that it's incredibly frustrating to use and navigate. Not to mention it is plagued with a variety of glitches (many of them game-breaking) that force me to either stop playing, reset my Xbox, or wait until it's fixed. My questions for you guys: Why is Halo 5's User Interface like this? Why is it so Bad compared to the other Halo games? Why are Post Game stats so minimalistic? Why are there no medals? Why is there no integration with Spartan Companies in the game? I made my own video on this subject, here's the link:
  3. Yea it's definitely inferior and in my personal experience is very erratic to use. Yea I might have been 1 or two pixels outside of his body in the first clip, but it's a ******* laser! The laser should be able to graze a spartan and still kill him because it's a LASER! And the foliage in the 2nd clip is just bad map design, in my opinon, I was really startled to see that the laser didn't go through in that clip.
  4. The Spartan Laser is the most wildly inconsistent weapon in Halo 5. Which is surprising, because the weapon balance is really fantastic for the most part. But I've seen a lot of clips showing just how bad it is. Sometimes it can't even kill a mongoose and in the Youtube Link below, I posted a video where the Laser didn't even kill a Spartan with a direct hit! The Spartan Laser desperately needs a fix in the next update. 343i can we please fix the Spartan Laser? It's really not worth grabbing in game if the hit detection and magnetism is so screwy that players can't even kill spartans with a direct hit!
  5. Really? Well, even then, it shouldn't be THAT hard to add modes like assault, oddball, and grifball. It's like, just having those modes in custom games would make people like me happy, so we could make forge maps centered around a juggernaut. Sadly, the variety is falling short for me and countless others =/
  6. Microsoft pushed for an Early release? like a month early? I don't think the "free updates excuse" is good enough for most people. Should we have to wait MONTHS before we can play infection, oddball, and grifball? When you'd think those game modes would be so easily added to Halo 5 in the first place.
  7. I feel like Halo 5 is missing some serious variety when it comes to Game Modes & Playlists. Where is Grifball, Oddball, Territories, KOTH, Assault, Juggernaut, and of course INFECTION?!? What are your thoughts on this issue? Why would 343 leave out so much from Halo 5? Despite the fact that Bungie already made all those creative game modes and playlists. 343 has full rights to utilize all of Bungie's past work for the Halo franchise, right? So why are so many classic game modes and playlists missing? I made a video on this issue and I believe one of the reasons is that 343 wants to funnel people into Warzone, so they are more likely to purchase Req Packs. Here's the link to the video:
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