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  1. http://www.change.org/petitions/343-industries-release-halo-2-pc-on-steam Sign it, share it love it Sharing is caring if done correctly
  2. A good amount of people still play the game and last i checked there was about 40 people that last played the game on my friends list recently lol of course not all at the same time but yeah a good amount of people still play it lol on PC that is, not sure how xbc/x-link plays lol
  3. yeah it is still up and a few games are always going including peer hosted matches lol i hope it stays online for good lol it would be a shame to take it offline :/ wish they would make the game free2play though...lol that would be even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I'd join in on the fun... but do not have a 360 sadly..........lol
  5. Well I hope it works lol The trainer was made in Cheat Engine Took me awhile to find the address lol (it was right in front of me lmao) So any who, I hope this works for everyone and should be useful for games and matches. You dont have to alt tab out to make it work, just push the numbers accordingly on the Number Pad Also, if you suicide or betrayal on, those timers will still be there. so turn em off* lol cheers! Click below to get the file for your halo 2 pc desires, needs, wants and what not's. The link below will provide the download free of charge of course, there is also a virus scan along with the post and file, that is all in the link below on the halo2vista.com website. Thanks and I hope someone will enjoy it...lol Go here for the download and information you may need. Halo 2 Vista H2PC H2V H2 H2MT H.2.M.T. Halo 2 Map/Mod Team H2MT members past and present: AvengerofDeath2 B4M_TwinReaper Baltic Beazt Computron Garanas Himanshu01 JohnnyBlaz20 Kantanomo KILLER CHIEF Kills Alone Kirby_422 PCTechmaster07 PirateEggs Shock120 Skiddy 632 Slaters Fury StatutorytrOy Super PolarBear SuperSniper XHN_SCRAPY ZeroErrors http://www.halo2vista.com
  6. (old i know...sry) But 343i should really consider updating halo 2 for pc and listen to the h2pc community for a change also maybe think about making it a Free-2-Play game and release some maps for halo 2 pc. Don't give up on Halo PC Gaming 343i/Microsoft
  7. It will be only for XBOX...... Where is the love for PC Gaming???? Microsoft and 343i can care less about PC Gaming, from what current actions and past actions they have taken...
  8. 343i is shutting Halo 2 PC Down and taking it offline!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because of the "20" people only playing it.... which i really find hard to believe........ SIGN THE PETITION TO KEEP IT ONLINE AND IN HOPES OF GETTING IT SAVED AND UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.change.o...hare_after_sign
  9. It would be awesome if the game was updated and release on the GFWL Marketplace for free or for like 5 bucks and it was updated to support or properly play on Windows XP and other operating systems... Im sure that if they would update it and spend some free time fixing it up a bit and making some updates it would be perfect to play for everyone on PC. Then with the revenue of 1 - 5 dollars a game they could then have the support to keep the game alive and online and possibly bring another halo to PC... say halo 3 pc..... :/ I know i would buy a copy of halo 2 again if it were to be put on the marketplace.... the gamers are there, the people are there, the money is there, but the effort and support from Microsoft in bringing the game up and out there is not...
  10. I was around 23-27 on most of the match making sets that were actually ranked lol.... I did get to 34 on Sniper play list but that was like the 80th time they reset the ranks lol
  11. server list is down, gfwl box needs to be reset... probably due to latest windows updates and being that its been the weekend, it should be back up this week.
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