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  1. Why can't we have split-screen play, particularly coop? It was one of the funnest aspects of previous games and would go great in halo infinite open world, but no dice. Its 2021 and my friends and I are reduced to handing the controller over when we die like its 1996.What's going on?
  2. Since the update to the Xbox One on January 11th Halo 2 will not load in co-op over live all the time. Was able to load the game 1 time out of 25 attempts and the successful load disconnected within a few minutes. Halo 1, 3, 4 are all fine. Called Xbox Support and they advised me the following steps with no success: 1) Remove my account from the Xbox 2) Power Down and unplug the xbox for 5 minutes along with my router and modem 3) Power up and re-add my account Obviously this didn't work as it is not an account issue but a game issue. Xbox Support then advised me that a few people have called in with issues with Halo 2 not working for co-op over Live and that we are to contact 343 Industries directly. So here I am 343, I am contacting you the only way possible and asking if you can please fix Halo 2 as it appears to be something incompatible with the latest Xbox patch. I have already confirmed with Xbox Support that my connection, ports, router, modem, and Xbox Settings are not to blame and it has been ruled an issue with your software. I am not mad by any means as I know that updates made by Microsoft directly often are not compatible with some software and causes issues. I have also contacted Frank O'Connor and your main Twitter handle @@halo through Twitter in hopes of a response. Thank's in advance for looking into this. ~MacDaddyToad
  3. Looking for some people to play on the Master Chief Collection with. I was hoping to play the Halo 3 ODST co-op with someone but sadly none of my friends have it, if anyone would like to play the ODST co-op on MCC then send me a message over Xbox. My GamerTag is D3ltaDude19.
  4. Just getting back into halo and I'm doing a legendary run through of all the games on legendary. Just looking for players to keep company through the long haul.
  5. Im LF anybody willing to play halo Master Chief collection on co-op on any game. prefer legendary but willing to play any difficulty. i also love custom games and i have a mic. my Gamertag is "GuitarSolo4ever" send me a message on Xb1 so i know to add u and we can play MCC bigs me that its so hard to find co op parteners on MCC
  6. Hello Everyone! I'm writing about this topic because after doing some research I seem to be the only one having this issue. Today I tried playing 3 player local matchmaking. The problem I had is that I could not play on any map except for Halo 1 maps. The maps would get the load screen and after a few seconds, it would state a message saying "loading incomplete". I had 2 xbox one wireless controllers and 1 xbox one wired controller. At first I thought it was the wired controller since it's a third party one but it wasn't because it worked with Halo 1 maps. As long as I had only 2 controllers set up, I could play on any map from any game. As soon as a third was connected, only Halo 1 would work. Am I the only one who experienced this? Will they be fixing this along with the Matchmaking updates? I understood the problems had to do with servers so it may just be my game. Please and thank you for your time!
  7. I've been playing through the Legendary campaigns in co-op with a friend of mine. In Halo 2, when one of us dies, we go back to the checkpoint, as if we have the Iron skull on. Is it supposed to be like this? Was it always like this? As a side note, we only had Sputnik, Grunt Birthday Party, Prophet Birthday Party, and IWHBYD on. One last thing: We finished Cairo Station and got the achievement for beating a level on Heroic or Legendary with the Masterblaster skull on, and we didn't have it on. Is the entire campaign glitched out? I know the game is having problems, but...wow...
  8. anyone wanna run the halo 3 campaign? gt is Rippin Headies
  9. Looking for someone to play through any and all of the legendary co-op campaign on The Master Chief Collection, message me or add me : xDrewski ..... I'm ready to play whenever
  10. i was really looking forward to this game but everything seems broken... matchmaking is DOA, and it doesn't even have the option for matchmaking co-op... what's with the step backwards (i'm pretty sure atleast one halo game has had it; i think it was Reach however) ... not everyone has a populated friends list (or even wants a fully populated friends list; too many game invites and such) but i still want to play the campaigns on co-op... both functions are already in the game, can we please get them merged for a complete co-op experience. if anyone else has this problem and want to play the campaigns, my gamertag is HAVOC420666 i prefer more mature players, not people yelling or screaming like a spaz.
  11. ...Invite I have recently reached a high enough level to take part in the new Raid; Vault of Glass... aaaaaannnnnnndddd i have no friends. So i felt like this was the time to talk to my INTERNET FRIENDS yay!!! (Imagine hearing cheers and such here) So I would like to invite anyone with Destiny on the Xbox One to complete this raid with me. Time: We'll see but probably around 8-9pm english time. Day: Saturday. I have nothing else to say. edit: Leave this topic alone. I was wrong about the level needed.
  12. 343, please bring back true online co-op campaign like Halo: Reach. Sometimes hunting down a party is tough. All replay value of the campaign is killed (a great story line it is too). Spartan Ops is kinda fun and different to what we've all been used too, but its just not the same. I realize the story is getting deep enough to warrant a sub-story, but can we have both for Halo 5? Fan for 10+ yrs, Jesse Sciacca
  13. Ok I doubt many of you have heard of this game but it is bloody amazing. You can find Deathspank on the XBL arcade and it is on PSN as well as on PC. So far they have created 2 games and the third is in the works. They are Adventure/RPG games with some serious laughs. Some of the humor can be obscure but most of it is just flat out funny and anybody can be amused by it. http://www.deathspank.com/ This link is to their main site. Click on one of the game titles (there are three on there) and it will send you to that game and there are more trailers and gameplay footage on that site.
  14. Well, it's my first ever post on a forum website. I'm just looking for a partner, or two... or three to help with the Legendary campaign. I've tried to solo it, but it's been kicking my butt for a while now. I'm hoping to get help either tonight, or at least by the end of this week.
  15. Halo Xbox One thoughts on gameplay mechanics NOTE : The following is mainly personnel opinion and may not accord to your liking. Any feedback of personnel judgement would be appreciated, Thank you. I feel that Halo 4 had an amazing campaign and direction of story but I'm sure we can all agree that the multiplayer of the game feels unfinished. That is why I am going to share my thoughts on what I think could make the next Halo installment one of the most memorable in the series. One of my thoughts is that cooperative play should feel more interactive such as the ability to share ammo and even interactive gameplay mechanics to help players get to a certain unreachable point. For example, in Halo 3: ODST there were supply caches scattered across the map. Say your playing the campaign solo and you pass by a point of interest that could aid you but is unaccessible and only notified to you in co-op through your HUD. So if you were to go back and play the same sequence (this time in co-op) then your HUD would notify you maybe on your radar that there is supplies nearby. You or partner could give the other a boost and be pulled up to achieve supplies. The next thing I wanted to talk about was the melee combat. I have been saying that it would be cool if you could equip your knife or bare hands since Halo Reach was released and featured assassinations. If a player were to run out of ammo with his/her firearm they could then switch to their blade or fists by choice. This wouldn't just be for the overall look. If you had a rocket launcher, it'd have more damage behind it's swing than your fists or knife would. But if you were to smack someone with it, it'd have a slower swing than your knife or fists would have. It would also add a possible variety with each weapon to have their own initial assassination, similar to Gears of War's executions. I would also like to see the same with armor. If I am wearing the scout helmet or boots then perhaps I should have increased vision or movement. If I had the EOD armor set then I should have an increased resistance to explosives. I'd also appreciate a quick timed counter attack during assassinations. Now I know you're probably thinking of Battlefield 4's counter knife attacks and that IS where I drew my inspiration from but trust me, this is different. Say a button prompt pops up on your screen as you about to be assassinated. If pressed at the correct time it would prevent a player from killing you and a second prompt would become available but whoever presses it first finishes off the other. For example say a player controlled spartan (or possibly even elite if they return) is about to stab you in neck from behind. You press the button prompted at the correct time and your character grabs the others' arm and flips 'em over your shoulder but the person you just flipped trips you and you fall as well. Your enemy climbs on top of you and raises the blade, the second prompt pops up and the following occurs: 1. The enemy pressed the prompt first and shoves the blade in your chest 2. You pressed the prompt first and your character twists the blade around and forces your enemy to shove it through their throat or visor A counter prompt type of mechanic could even work for vehicle hijacks. One example could be you're driving the warthog and an enemy hops in the passenger seat like how they usually do so they can pummel you out. In this situation you'd hold down the melee button for the amount of time it takes to perform an assassination and you character kicks the guy out of the passenger seat and they fall out only to have the rear tire roll over their face causing instant death. If the other person performs this on you then you would meet the same fate only on the driver side and they get to commandeer the vehicle after you have fallen. One of the last things I'd like to share is the many possibilities of forge mechanics such as unlimited objects, movable objects, weather enhancements, and backdrops. Bungie and 343i added a budget system to keep us from lagging our maps and prevent render problems onscreen. I would greatly appreciate it if they would remove this system and replace it with something much like Far Cry 3's level editor where it'd tell you if the game's "performance" was high or low. It would also make maps more immersive and possible if objects could be set to a movable state through their trait settings such as setting it a coarse to move in rapidly, back and forth or have it move to a position and stay there. These events could be triggered by a player entering a boundary, trait zone or through a time set for this action to occur. This would be insanely helpful to create things such as doors, elevators, traps and even custom vehicles. Forge would also be a whole lot more immersive with a weather enhancement system. Again this is much like Far Cry 3's level editor but it could also add more atmosphere to custom maps and shouldn't effect the map's rendering at all if it's just a visual effect and doesn't alter the map's environment physically. Weapons and vehicles are the last subject I would like to discuss because it is completely my personnel opinion and if you don't feel the same then that's fine. That's the reason I wanted to share this last. I would like to see the flamethrower, SMG, plasma rifle, plasma repeater, sentinel beam, and all brute equipment (such as the brute shot, mauler, spiker, spike grenade, flame grenade, chopper and prowler) return. Night vision would also have a pretty sweet comeback as either an armor ability or armor installment (like sprint) if there were more levels where you actually needed it. Speaking of which, stealth missions were great and some of the stealth missions were the most memorable moments in the previous Halo games. If a couple new stealth based levels were to be implemented in the new Halo then night vision and a knife would become pretty handy (if usable). Now the vehicles are the last thing that I am going to discuss... When I see a perfectly intact vehicle whether it be civilian or military, I WOULD LOVE TO DRIVE IT! Why haven't we been able to operate any vehicle we'd like in a Halo game before? I mean sure, we could take construction transport vehicles for a ride in Halo Reach but for instance in Halo 2's level, "Metropolis" there were over a hundred different vehicles abandoned on the bridge and around the streets of New Mombasa for like three or four kilometers. Why couldn't we take one for a spin? It's not like the keys aren't already sitting in the ignition of an abandoned car that's perfectly intact, right? Anyway, I hope you appreciate what I had to share and all of the above are completely possible and fairly easy to program and implement into the game. Any feedback would be appreciated. Soon I should have a couple of videos uploaded to a community channel on YouTube known as the Halo Xbox One gaming news and reviews. I am the owner and only member of this community and I would greatly appreciate any feedback you'd like provide. You may participate in this community I'm trying to build but only if you are actually willing to contribute. link to YouTube channel - http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCowUL_bTJdePwUkwp9V5D4w/feed link to google+ page - https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/100922647061327760973/100922647061327760973/posts Thank you and as always... We'll keep you posted, ----------------------------- the Halo Xbox One gaming news and reviews team
  16. 2 days ago i started getting an error msg with my Downloaded Halo 4 under Spartan OPS Co-op. After my 1st play, the completed game does not save but adds up my game points, and i get the following error msg: UNABLE TO CONNECT TO HALO SERVERS I am unable to access the Spartan record and when i back out all 3 Startan tabs for OPS are not accessible any longer, but i am still connected to X-box live since i still have my co-op party on and still can chat with them via party. this started happening just 2 days ago. Everything was fine before then, and i've made no changes to my network or Xbox-360 in several months. But if i restart the game i can play again, but not save. what gives?! Has anyone come across an issue like this? Thanks...
  17. My brother got a new Halo 4 game, still in the wrapper, brand new. When we launched the campaign, in co-op, it would send us back to the title screen. When he when in solo, it worked perfectly. Matchmaking also worked perfect for both controllers on. So I dunno what to do to fix this. We've already had halo 4 replaced for different reasons each time, and this disk is the best is the best result we've received, though I'd still like to know of a way to play co-op. Thanks!
  18. Im looking for players to help me complete the campaign on legendary all skulls on. Message 'Iced Out Zombie' on xbox for more information.
  19. When beating the campaign, I only unlocked two things, a full set of Mark VI armor. Also, a new emblem. My friend however unlocks a weapon skin, the armor another emblem How come I get apparently half of the rewards.
  20. I want to beat halo 4 on legendary & cant be bothered on my own! Anyone who wants to play from start to finish add me o0 sniper360 0o
  21. as far as i know spartan ops isnt available to play localy offline, which further forces people to pay for live if they dont want to do the missions all by themselves like me, its fun to play with friends and i want to play with my brothers who love halo but despise microsoft so they dont have xboxes which also means i cannot play halo 4 with them but the campaign... what i want is to be able to play spartan ops in couch co-op. thats what i want. i payed for what i thought would be an improvement to reach and apparently its a complete let-down to thousands of fans. if they left in FF i would be less disturbed but the fact is that its been replased by something with a direct intention to make money and not make fans happy. its disturbing. my brothers are always telling me "sony playstation is better" ...im almost completely convinced by them now that my favorite xbox game is seemingly going down the tubes. admitedly the halo franchise is the biggest if not only reason for me rigedly sticking with the microsoft xbox ps. i have been asking around and no one has told me if theres a forum with a significant amount of spartan-ops-couch-co-op-supporters so here i am going solo pps. in case theres confusion, i mean couch co-op local play be it system link or split screen (both)
  22. Hey guys I would like some help on finishing campaign I already got one mission done and I think it would go faster if I can get some help. So message me here or on live my tag is "KingOfCards V2"
  23. I have Fiber Optic Cable, 5MB Dwnld/1MB Upld which is the standard internet service of most people, my friend (who lives about 400miles away from me) has 10MB Dwnld/5MB Upld and no matter who is host or time of day, the second person can barely play for the lag is unbearable. This is happening to others around the US, so it's not me or my friend, and it's certainly not my McDonald's WIFI connection. Anyone?
  24. foehammer

    campaign bug

    hi, I played the second mission(requiem) with my brother on co op legendary we started one day and finished it the next, but it says that we haven't even played the mission yet. this is a pain in the butt because we spent a lot of time on it. also i played finished dawn on legendary solo and did not get the challenge. please help me out with this because if this keeps happening it will take the fun out of the game and i will not want to play. I'm sure other people have complained about similar topics. thank you.
  25. ive heard far too many people complaining about something about spartan ops that it is hard to believe that this mode is what it should be i dont care about the downloading, i dont care about online, i dont care about any of that... what i want to know right now is WILL SPARTAN OPS EVER BE AVAILABLE OFFLINE!? im sorry if this is played out so much but i cannot find the answer im looking for... to be specific: I LOVE HALO, I have gold and have played spartan ops and i love it. MY BROTHERS, whom love halo also are PS3 fans (maybe they were right all along) (online play is free after all) so they only play halo with me. THEY DO NOT AND WILL NEVER HAVE GOLD. DOES THIS MEAN THAT THE ONLY THING I AM ABLE TO PLAY WITH MY BROTHERS WITH IS CAMPAIGN? (if that is the case, give me firefight insted) i had really high hopes becasue playing the campaign is wonderful but playing firefight in REACH was one of the best times with my brothers. i want that back and i thought spartan ops would be it. i hope this is just an error on my part and i dont know the lay of the land enough to make this work but PLEASE TELL ME NOW ONCE AND FOR ALL IF I WILL EVER PLAY WITH MY BROTHERS FOR HOURS EVER AGAIN!
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