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  1. Well I've seen the trailer for the next gen and PC version and I must say it looks a lot better, also seemed like a lot more AI's. Can't wait to get it on my computer
  2. Fair point but Merrywhether are a private military and they do illegal things, but I'm just saying what people want. Even just the guns
  3. Halo 3 is long enough but I mean ODST
  4. Definitely worth its money
  5. Yeah or like have military clothes and guns and like bolt actions and world war 2 things aswell
  6. So many people want a military DLC maybe they could add it to the PC version it would annoy many people but make many people also happy
  7. ODST, oh you should its good but it was very very short its supposed to be a 6 hour campaign
  8. It was a brilliant game though
  9. Yeah, I mean Battlefield 4 wasn't even out this time last year so maybe it was too rushed, maybe they're money hungry
  10. I haven't completed the game ODST on my console but I took it too my friends it took us 3 hours 38 minutes to get through the game, the urban environment is cool and I enjoy the game but I really think they could have made it a longer story or a sequel (please note: I don't remember the ending as we did it a while ago)
  11. First off here's the link to try and get into the BETA http://www.battlefield.com/hardline/beta And does anyone think its worth paying for, what pros and cons do you see because I say at the moment its worth the minimum price but lots of people on YouTube say otherwise, pros and cons for me: Pros: the cops and robbers aspect is very fun and the police gear is up to scratch, the skins are neat and tidy and its overly what I would pay for. Cons: its just plain old battlefield in some games the only difference is the skins on the characters and the vehicles, the AKM at the moment is very OP for a low price in game cash and its power should definitely be at a higher price, in the BETA at the moment the grappling hook is broken so don't buy it and finally the sirens are way too squeaky I know its in BETA but I think thats how they're staying. So what do you think ?
  12. Hi I'm sloops09 call me what you want but I usually get called sloops/sloopy I hope to play many events! If you want my gamertag I am Sloops 09
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