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Found 7 results

  1. So, some context: I've been a halo fan from the get-go. By and large, the first two games were my favorite- but ultimately, nothing surpasses that first feeling of being alone, meeting the flood, and overcoming enormous odds in an alien environment. So, one day I was reminiscing, when I thought aloud: I wish I could go back to that place. What would it take to go back? So here it is: let's say that during the timeline of Halo CE, we took the perspective of a marine. Let's say that this marine was injured, and the sole survivor of an early battle with the Covenant after landing on Installation 4. The Chief and remaining marines are long since moved-on and it's just you, this alien world, and ALL OF THE CRAP that's unleashed during MC's journey. -So for starters, let's make the Halo ring an open world. FINALLY -Now, let's make it an almost Tomb-Raider style survival. -Explore and discover ancient forerunner technology to help you survive -Engage in guerrilla tactics on Covenant forces. It's legendary mode, all day- you're mortal, unlike the MC. -Utilize ancient tech to prevent infection by and defeat the flood in ridiculously awesome ways -Have parallel encounters with the MC and perhaps save his life, all unbeknownst to him -Survive or die in the destruction of the ring: different ending outcomes. -FINALLY EXPLAIN HOW SERGEANT JOHNSON LIVES So, send this proposal to the 343 dev team, what do you say?
  2. Between the five available iterations in MCC (Halo: CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4, and Halo 3: ODST), which do you think is the hardest, and the easiest? Feel free to leave them in a list from easiest to hardest, or the other way around. My thoughts: Hardest Halo 2 Halo 3: ODST Halo: CE Halo 3 Halo 4 Easiest What do you think?
  3. I beat the Halo 4 campaign on Legendary, Solo. Only used the skulls Grunt Birthday Party and IWHBYD. No matter what I try to do, it does not give me the achievement for beating the Halo 4 campaign at all. I've tried playing each mission over again, mainly Midnight. No matter what I try, it absolutely refuses to give me the achievements. I'm missing the achievements for beating Midnight, beating the par score on Midnight, beating the campaign on Easy, beating the campaign on Normal, beating the campaign on Heroic, beating the campaign on Legendary, and beating the campaign on Legendary alone. I'm tired of retrying each and every mission. I've asked and asked and asked people why it won't work. I'm trying to be as cooperative as possible. I'd really prefer if I just got the achievements instead of someone giving me a "trick" on what mission to play, but any assistance at all is much appreciated.
  4. I just beat Halo 4 on legendary solo while offline since my internet was down for a bit and it shows i have the achievements, i invested a solid 15 hours into it, beating it solo and my stupid game says iv'e only beaten three missions on legendary after logging back onto Xbox Live, and it wont give me my Mark IV armour! Such a bummer, and like thats why I did it all in the first place, anyone know how to fix this? let me know! Much appreciation, Anemic Avenger
  5. So, like other people, I've had some issues with getting the Mark VI armour from the legendary campaign. I completed it solo on Legendary last night, got the achievements, but no armour or commendations. I was online the entire time and my network settings are fine. I'm assuming that the issue was due to the Halo servers being 'unavailable'. This is incredibly frustrating, and I really don't want to do the campaign again. I'm hoping 343 will sort this out and give me and other people the commendations and armour once they fix everything, especially if it was an error on 343's end. If anyone has more information about what 343 is planning to do with this issue, please let me know.
  6. So, I have finished the Halo 4 campaign offline and received all the achievements. Though, I have not gotten the accommodations or Mark VI armor and Visor. I have seen that you have to be online when you complete it, but, I have credit for some of the missions but not all. Even though I played the whole campaign offline. Why does it count 5/8 but not the other three?! 343 please try to fix this!
  7. Campstavaganza! Do you have what it takes to show the entire 343I.org Community what you are made of? Are you a battle hardened bad-ass of campaignery ready to compete with other forum members for fabulous prizes? If you said yes, then this IS defiantly the contest for you. This contest will pit all registered members against one another in a battle of who is king of Campaign for Halo 4. Simply be the first to beat Halo 4 Campaign on Legendary Solo for your chance to win. Rules are simple and easy to follow. All participants must register by responding this thread no later than November 3rd, 2012 12:00AM No cheating of any kind. Ex, profile hacks, game hacks, glitches, cheats etc… All participants must provide a link to their GT on Waypoint showing the Legendary Achievement and a save film of the last level to prove there was no trickery involved. Now for the best part….the prizes! Grand Prize: One copy of Windows 8 Pro in either 32 or 64 bit. Second Place Prize: One copy of Windows 7 Ultimate in either 32 or 64 bit. Third Place Prize: One copy of Windows 7 Home Premium in either 32 or 64 bit. All prizes are in the form of digital secure download provided by my Microsoft Business Partners Network and will come along with a product key exclusive to only you! Any lost or stolen product keys are not replaceable, transferrable or otherwise. So that’s it folks, win something awesome just for playing Halo 4 and being good at it! I look forward to seeing you all participate, and may the best Campaign Guru win!!! **********************************************UPDATE!!!!!***************************************************** In the interest of time, I am officially calling this contest as of now. At this very moment, our very own Slenderman is the ultimate winner of a brand new copy of Windows 8 Pro in the chosen version of 64-bit. Let's hear it for him folks, a truly great prize for a truly great Campaign Master of Halo! Congrats Slenderman!!!!
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