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  1. Was anyone kinda shocked when they seen the crew for blue team? I mean these are Spartans that Cheif knows not some pick up team but people he grew with. I read some of the books and was thrilled to see Kelly is back R.I.P Sam but wow this was a huge reel in for me. I just want to know is 343i going to include some of Chief's past in this game will we really get an inside peek at behind the Spartans II program and how they manged to find each other
  2. H2 tanking was great but I love H3 system as well even thought there slighty the same. H3 made you never wanting to lose a match it pissed you off odc who you were you were angry when you couldn't reach 50 because you didn't put in the work. It made players wanna strive for greatness, it practicaly said you weren't good enough for 50 back to the drawing board. It wasn't like Reach's or 4 were the rank meant you played the game longer than other. We need rankd that tell us how good someone is and what they did to earn it not some pointless I played the game since release date I felt no honor in my rank from those games but when I achieved a 50 in lone wolf other players knew what they were in for beginning of the match
  3. Im sure majority of the people here played the beta version of H5 now I am 19 I been playing halo for as long add I remember those days on CE. The beta felt so much like H2 with more of an H3 style I honestly think the merge was successful with this game. Me and my brother use to watch MLG tourney on G4 when it was still around and montages on YouTube I can almost guarantee the return of Halo competitive side the ranking made you want to win no one wants to drop in rank no spoils but 50 exp for the loser. I am telling you Halo is going to take back it's circuit from COD later this year
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