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  1. Thanks, I got the commendations by skipping to rally point B or whatever the last one was in a mission where I didnt get the commendation, and I finished.
  2. I redid the campaign quickly and it is marked as complete on Legendary on my service record, I have the achievements, but I HAVE NOTHING UNLOCKED. How broken can this be?
  3. I was disconnected for the majority (Since second mission), and yes I posted on waypoint too, https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/d76f090378914a9bb85312f87cf09b99/topics/halo-4-legendary-beaten-but-no-rewards-help/ecf1efd2-df55-4abb-a02c-e46768a43e7a/posts
  4. I was finishing up Halo 4 campaign on legendary when I got disconnected from xbox live, but I did not notice this. I finished up Halo 4 and realized I was not connected, but I still got the achievement for soloing the campaign on legendary. I could not sign in due to some error (I forget the code). I restarted my xbox and signed in fine, but when I checked Halo 4 I did not unlock any of the things you get for completing it. I went to xbox support and talked with a person and they redirected me here for help. If you cannot help me yourself, can I please have a redirect to somebody who can? I worked hard doing legendary and dont want it all go to waste, because all my progress reverted back to when I was still connected. 2nd mission.
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