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  1. Drizzy, Recopied links from XboxDVR YouTube Page: and I'm honored if you have heard of this map... that's awesome! Pardon my newbie ignorance, but can you expound re: submit to Zandril? Thanks in advance!
  2. 343 community, Allow me to introduce my warthog race map, "Yellow Brick Rolled". I've been playing Halo since it was created and as long, I have been most intrigued by two components: 1) the gauntlet-style, warthog sprints found in the campaign levels (dat Final Escape jump doe), and 2) challenging the gametype/map boundaries set by the creators. While I've had my stints (LONG, GPA-killing stints all throughout High School, College, and Grad School!) with getting my forward lean on for the sake of ranking up and building my K/D (mostly when in concert with lifelong brethren Its PJ Biaaaaaa and OXFire), by virtue of the fact that my household didn't have internet back when H2 dropped, I never achieved elite, multiplayer status and as a result, resigned myself instead to hack jumps, campaign nuggets, besting Legendary AI solo, and a social life ... and chirping kids. I've never been MLG worthy, but I'm a grinder.... and over the course of myriad gamertag iterations (slash adolescence), an a-hole, who fit right in with online FPS gaming. Fast-forward to present, (the try-easier stage of life) and now I have an avenue through which I can finally contribute to the community... this is my first creation and hopefully it's worthwhile. I have bulleted the gist topics beneath for brevity. The truth is, words can't do it justice, so I urge you all to try it out (preferably with a sizable fire team) and enjoy! 1. Quick Stats Author Gamertag: sum1 moar 1337 Warthog race map 8 color-coded, laned spawns with 1 scout warthog per lane 2-16 Players; capability of single player per team, or "double dash" style with a side seat co-pilot grenade tosser. Must self-choose team color The intention is for people to stay within their hogs unless flipped (preparing for a formal race gametype to be released by 343); race cannot be completed solely on-foot, without utilizing grenade jumps Big-Team Stronghold game-type to afford "Finish Line" with instant capture attributes TO BE PLAYED WITH YBR: Race da 5'9" gametype; mode attributes augmented to allow for minimal damage infliction and invulnerability to all but kill balls/suicide, with maximal force effects (ground pounds, frag blast radius, melee strength, etc.) for sake of heinous explosion physics. Also, unlimited lives per round, 2 rounds to win game, 6 frag nades at start and H1 pistol (of course) Forge details: 970 objects; 9 groups; 304 scripts; 37% FX; 82% lightmap; 52% collision; 94% physics 2. Summary YBR is intended as a 2-16 player race map, with a clear flow and contained funnel, and many obstacle-rich sections throughout, which collectively serve as the main element of randomness. This map is laden with equalizers, to ensure all remain engaged in the race, despite their lineup at any given time. The inner track is composed solely of "material" objects and the outer composed almost entirely of "natural" objects; I did this for juxtaposition and variety. Scripting is quintessential to this map, as movement makes it more challenging to "master" any given part, while staying ahead of the pack. Thanks to Forge's uniquely quirky nature, some objects even appear/disappear depending on the specific round, or time within a round, or for no reason at all... while this is unintentional, ironically it also contributes to the randomness, which is actually beneficial. Every bit of this map provides choice to the driver, and most of these choices afford decent time-saving/loltastic rewards (grav launchers, shortcuts, teleports, anti-grav fields), BUT the more rewarding, the more consequence-laden they are in case of failure (physical rejection by rotating objects, huge time-sinks for failed attempts, death by fire/kill ball, etc.). Even running through this (see YouTube vids) by myself, having created the map and knowing all of the minutia, this thing can kick my a$$ and humble/frustrate me during any given round, despite my best driving... which is exactly why I love it. From the hours of alpha-testing this beast with others, hilarity ensued. Soon, urgent call outs and moments of choking laughter became regular occurrences, along with ever-evolving location names. Personal favorites include: Whiskey Stones; Cheese Wedges; Ball Pit; Toblerones; Kit-Kats; Zebra Cakes; Rib Cage; The Salad Tosser; Guess Who?; Graveyard; Herp Rock; Petey's Oak; Root Sack Garden; Old Dusties; The Plumes; The Gauntlet; and Flolshy. This is exactly why I created this map, and I'm excited to see if it takes off. 3. Future Plans Depending on when/how 343 rolls out its race gametype, I don't yet know how I'll reallocate object budget... whether I'll do away with the constructed boundaries and opt for checkpoints to funnel people, or not. Also, I wonder how this map would play with rally hogs and what that would mean for jump distances and other things currently optimized for the slower speed. Also, you don't need nades to complete the map, BUT I like that aspect, as well as the ability to seat switch, because these allow you to toss nades at the competition, for sake of defense or for just f'king with their race... I hope these aspects are retained in the formal race gametype launch, as they promote curveballs. Of course, add'l edits will be made as player feedback comes in from sessioning YBR, so I'm hoping to garner some unexpected ideas as well. Thank you all for regarding and in advance for trying out Yellow Brick Rolled. Enjoy! Screenshots: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/sum1%20moar%201337/screenshots Demo Vids: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/sum1%20moar%201337/video/19028337 http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/sum1%20moar%201337/video/19028404 Map DL: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants/bookmarks?gamertag=sum1%20moar%201337 Gametype DL: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/game-variants/bookmarks?gamertag=sum1%20moar%201337
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