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  1. SODAS?! WHAT SODAS?! and congratz to sykowolf...yet another psycho joins the club.
  2. Tough one...I'm going to go with....ahhh hell, Sparx the Dragonfly...or Wheatley....or Alma from FEAR...AHHHH!
  3. creature: Sea Monster Squid Thing object: Moby Dicks Harpoon place: The Briny Deep Name: The Kraken AARGH!
  4. But then...how do they get the last halo game to come out ?
  5. I would like to remind you that this type of thing can only be posted with the permission of the art department via a "Media-artistry collaboratory license" which you can get by filling out application 01790. jk I like how Halo is exploding out of Franks head.
  6. There once was a boy. The end.
  7. I'd go up to someone and be like "watch this!" and then throw a brick around my back and through the donut hole so it hits them in the head and kills them. What would you do if you were buried alive?
  8. Our Dog is named Hitler. Just kidding. He's actually named Nero, after the evil Roman Emperor.
  9. This is a crock of BS. Even if they got enough computing power to realistically render objects (which they are no where near doing yet) I haven't heard about any tech thats going to deal with depth perception, which is a pretty big stumbling block to making games look like real life. We need Twin for this since he's the tech expert but oh well.
  10. Thats a good point...all that said, people don't think in the long term. Short term, there are little benefits to be had in space exploration in terms of resources. Theres no Oil, Food, or Water in space and those are the three resources which are particularly needed. The technological innovation you describe will be better agricultural practices, alternative propulsion engines, desalinization technology for water, that kind of thing. And those don't involve space. We aren't going to go to Mars and terraform it, a process that would take thousands of years at least, beacuse we are hungry NOW. But, War and competition between nations has the far better chance of sparking greater space exploration A) Beacuse whoever militarizes space has a big advantage and The early types of manned exploration that don't neccasarily yield huge amounts of resources comes from Nations looking to one up eachother.
  11. Haha, keep dreaming. What drives innovation is competition. Its human nature and we aren't going to get over it any time soon. The thing which will drive the next big space boom is going to be world war three. The real engine of technological progress is war, or the threat of it. The internet, Satellite communications (and thus cell phones), Space exploration, Computers, etc. etc. These technologies were pioneered either beacuse of the Cold War or World War Two.
  12. There's no jet packs in Halo 4, there are thruster packs. I believe 343 has said that Thrusters provide a momentary speed boost in a given direction and no people have been seen "jet packing" in videos. There have been plenty of people with thruster packs on who are mistaken for people with Jet packs, but 343 has said they arent in and there has been no footage to the contrary. Just a word to the wise. With regards to the OP, the only maps Jet pack really bothers me on is Asylum. Other than that, I could care less. Allot of people said Countdown as a problem map, but I've never had problems with jet packers on that. If anything, Jet Packing has routinely seemed to me to be a great way to get yourself killed except on those few maps which are structured in such a way as to make them usefull, and other than Asylum I can only think of one (its a forge world map that I can't remember the name of). With regards to map flow, Sweaty Bagels is only partly right as nearly as I can tell. Aside from a few very definite movements that jet packs don't really stop, Map flow emerges organically over a long period of time, it cannot simply be designed into a map. What map flow is designed, with regards to maps in Reach, remains regardless of Jetpack. The greatest kill area on Countdown is still the top of the lifts.
  13. Does someone mind telling me why Leonardo Dicaprio just slapped me in the face and told me to wake up?
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