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Found 2 results

  1. So I was playing matchmaking recently on Longbow and I was up against a Warthog and its gunner. So I was like well why don't I try and outrun them right? I try and get into a building, little did I know that the plan was never going to work, so at the very last second when I was about to die, I activated my hologram ability and out of now where my hologram was white, crouched and glided for a few yards, stopped and stood up. I hope 343 checks out this strange glitch that happened to me, not sure if it was a one time thing or anything but I was really bizarre.
  2. One of the problems I noticed with campaign was that while the armour abilities were good, they were too grounded and simple. Not that there is anything wrong with that but having to discovered all the armour abilities by the fourth mission does make combat very repetitive and boring . Plus having to use nerfed armour abilities in campaign does reduce the fun a bit. For example you remember how useful active camouflage was in Halo 1,2 and 3 ?You could basically move as fast as you wanted and still remain invisible. This was balanced out however by having the ability only last for a short while, more so in Halo2 when you had it “equipped” to your suit. Then Halo reach came along and ****** that up by using the “one size fits all” motto and copying every ability from multiplayer into the campaign. If you gonna have an ability mechanic in all your game modes, then the least you can do is design them separately to magnify the differences between the game modes . One of the ways Halo 4’s armour abilities could be improved is introducing a Bioshock/crisis progression system in campaign. Im not saying add RPG elements to the game, but rather progressively increase what the abilities can do depending on what level you’re on . Possible Armour Ability Progressions Active Camouflage As you progress through the campaign you encounter elites of higher ranks which drop camo modules of different tiers. The higher the rank the longer the camo last.(and you can actually move at normal speeds an you still won’t be detected) Auto Sentry/AI This one probably has the most potential because its uncharted territory even for Bungie. This armour ability could start of by allowing you to summon your typical auto sentry , then by the end of the game “upgrade” to allow you to summon sentinels , a crawler or even a proto-knight Thruster Pack Starts as your basic thruster pack at the start of campaign but eventually becomes something that can be used offensively, sort of like the Biotic Charge from Mass effect Promethean Vision This ability seems pretty op already so I really cant come up with anything to improve it. Hologram Starts off as your basic hologram module but towards the end of the game can be used as a remote EMP pulse grenade (not that strong ,just enough to knock out shields)
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