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Found 15 results

  1. I've realized that since I got the avatar award for Jun's helmet (100 consecutive kills in campaign or firefight) it won't work. When I go visit my awards, it shows a gray square with an "!" I think. I've gotten a helmet from Halo 4 and it works fine, but for some reason Jun's helmet won't work. Any help?
  2. Wam

    MC's Helmet

    From the album: Fan-Made Photographs

    © AhhOldWoman

  3. From the album: My Artwork

    Will add a coloured version.
  4. Will 343i ever release Bungie chest in Halo 3, like Bungie did on bungie day 2010? They can unlock recon, can' t they unlock bungie chest for everyone, too? inb4 Bungie made a custom code, 343i coders are as skilled as Bungie ones, so it won't be difficult for them.
  5. what helmet is this guy wearing? http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/thee%20inferno/halo4/fileshare#
  6. Hi guys... I would like to expose a problem I found in halo 4 about armors and skins dlc, in particular about the bre-order bonuses... which honestly peeve me off! So, I live in italy and I had any way to get those bonuses. And now I cant even download the halo 4 king of the hill app to get the locus helmet . :wallbash: Anyone knows if 343 will release a future dlc with the pre-oreder dlc? I don't like this idea of the pre-oreder bonuses and I think other people agree with me... bye
  7. Hello! I am currently trading a locus helmet for a deadeye helmet. If you are looking to trade, respond to his or hit up my gamertag- JakeThaJoker. Once again, I have a locus helmet in my possession and I am willing to trade for a DEADEYE helmet.
  8. So i was online and i saw a guy in my match who this badass armor and later I found out that the only way to get it is to buy the limited edition halo 4 custom xbox and contollers. So I accepted that i could never get that armor. But if anyone reading this has a code for FOTUS armor, I would of course love it for free but i dont see that happeneing, i dont have any other armor codes for trade, but i do have a 6 game double xp code, i know it's not much and if there is something we could work out then please tell me
  9. Ok, so I beat the campaign legendary solo not long ago, but didn't unlock the Master Chief helmet (Mark VI but Chief made it famous) I went in and poked around and found out the reason I didn't unlock it was the challenge for the mission wasn't done. After completing the challenge (re-doing one mission because I lost connection with XBL when I completed it so the challenge was unavailable) After completing the mysterious missing mission (try saying that 10 times fast) I unlocked the Mark VI helmet. Hope this helps everybody! Happy Matchmaking. How to fix it. Press start -> Go up to commendations -> Go to player -> Go to Campaign -> Look at which ones aren't checked off and after doing those you'll get your Mark VI!
  10. After 3 days the Raider Helmet was finally gotten. Remember to complete the 3rd chapter of spartan ops to get the requirements done for the raider helmet. Click Here To Find The Code Enjoy your Raider Helmet and go have fun Halo 4 Multiplayer. Enter Your Code Here
  11. a place to put all of the things need to get what piece of armor
  12. Im talking to my friend Arron and he is wondering if 343 are doing anything along the lines of the Halo 3 Recon Helmet which could only be acquired by creating a great forge map or completing the Vidmaster Challenges. If anyone has any information could you please let me know and I understand if nothing has been said yet it is a bit early. Edited: People are getting a little confused here, Im just wondering if theres going to be a special armor like recon not if recon is a special armor. Your Friend, Connor AoT x EpiczZ x
  13. Hey Everyone, and Welcome to 'The Official Halo 4 Armor Thread'! This forum talks everything related to armor speculation and ideas for Halo 4. This includes the any Leaked Images, and Ideas for the Unlocking System, Spartan Armor, Elite Armor, ect. Leaked Pictures: *None Yet* Unlocking System: Guys I think that Armor should be in unlockable through the style of Halo 3. There were so many different ways to unlock some. Whether it was ranking up, skulls, or achievements.. You could still unlock some armor. Unlike Reach, where you are actually forced to play till you rank up, then earn enough credits till you can by a certain armor piece. Spartan Armor: For types of Armor, I say mix old and new together so Everyone's Happy. For instance, for Halo 4 they need to bring back some armor from Halo CEA, Halo 3 and Reach. In other words, they must bring back the "Fan-Favorites". One's like Mark V, Mark VI, Recon, Hayabusa, and Commando must make a return. Simply because, they are probably the 5 Most Favorite armor's of all the Halo Titles. And well, they just looked Flat-out Awesome! Elite Armor: For Elites, I prefer Halo 3 because you have a much better choice of Customization. As compared to Reach, where you are limited to pre-set types of armor. For looks, I think they need to make the Elites look like Halo 3. Why? Well because they actually look "Mean". In Reach they just look a little Bobble-Headed and Cartoonish to me. Excellent Ideas: As for my Personal Favorites, I would like to see these Helmets make a Return: Halo 3 - Recon Hayabusa Mark V (From Halo: CEA) Mark VI Sequrity CQB Halo: Reach - Commando ODST I put ALOT of work into this thread, so please feel free to comment with your Opinions and Ideas. And don't forget to Vote! Thanks for Reading!
  14. http://www.bungie.ne...Bubonic%20Blood PS. Never meant Master Chief was the only Spartan alive, just really the only one that matters at this period and time. Though there may be some Spartans alive, there is none that can help the chief now.
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