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Found 7 results

  1. Things we do include: Training's, Raids, Meetings, Matchmaking, Custom Games, Custom Tournaments, You name it! We, for our 5th year, are getting back into the Halo: Reach Clan Community. We have been absent for the past few months, but are making a well planned return. To sum up how things work here, we pull you into a game session, give you your uniform and emblem, run you down with rules and regulations, yell at you and make you do things you probably don't want to do, and after completing boot camp you will receive your rank and become one step closer to becoming a welcomed member of our Clan. How to join? Simple, contact I, "TBDL X KNIGHT" on Xbox Live via message (Let me know you are sending a message to join the TBDL Corps) and I will respond to you ASAP. Any questions or concerns can be asked via message or in reply to this post! Thank you for reading this post, look forward to seeing you on either side of the battlefield!
  2. Hi! We are LOF. Tired of being ignored by fellow clan members? Want clan action allways when you´re online? JOIN US! We are a commited clan who will take care of you and will not ignore you. We have players of all levels. We have over 40 members. I am looking for about 5-10 recruits for me to train in a mini bootcamp. I will make shure you learn some basic clan stuff and i will take you through basic training. If you´re allready familiar with all that stuff, you might skip it, but you´re still invited to the mini boot-camp. After the mini bootcamp, I will present you to our clan leaders and make shure you are implemented as respected members inside the clan. I am not forming a squad inside our clan, but I will be actively involved with all the recruits I recruit! Hope to hear from you soon! Leave your gamertag below and I will add you! Or add loststoner69 (that´s with minuscule L-letter)
  3. After being dead for a couple years, I'm looking to bring back The Brotherhood of Steel; My old Reach clan. Playing lone wolf is getting kind of boring now, and I would love to get back that feeling of being a part of something. Sappy... It would just be cool to socialize more in the game the way I used to. And The Brotherhood, I hope, would allow me to do that again. Check this old thing out: http://haloreachbos.weebly.com Primary colors: Black, Grey and White + Secondary colors: Blue shades and Purple shades + Sword and Wings emblem with Shield, X, Cross, or Cog background + BOS(Insert rank Initial) Clan tag Reply with your GT if your into it. >Pic related. Me on the far right.
  4. Hi my name Is AgentBartowski9 and I just started a Halo a reach Military base clan called Ark Industries. We Have a lot of fun in the clan and are serious when we need to. You can just be yourself in our clan we have custom games every Friday and training every week. If you want to join Ark Industries contact me by gamertag or email [email protected]
  5. DISCIPLES OF GAMING is a very respectful CLAN with that said we will not do battle with any other clan that **** talks, teabags uses any type of racism or sexists remarks We plan on making it good clean fun for all those who choose to play with us. Also if you choose to join our clan are requirements are based off our code of conduct. You must be at least the age of 17.this is a mature and adult gaming community/clan. Like I said before we do not approve of tea bagging any racism sexism or any other form of harassment to another player. we do not approve of any types of cheating(moding). We have a uniform policy that includes colors and emblem and motto.which would change as you rank up. Are clan has events throughout the week so that you never get bored. Some of our events that are held have chances of you winning free gametime Microsoft points and many other items from our sponsors. If you wish to do a clan battle/join please contact gamer tag TopZr.
  6. Hey my name is james iv just started playing on live after a year and looking for a Halo reach clan to join I'm a warrant office grade one currently but still ranking up if anyones interested in me joining il happily do a try out and have a crack on my gamertag is CptHamSandwich
  7. hey guys, im recruiting for a clan right now. its Band of Brothers. (band of brothers fan ) only requirements are be 11 years or older and have a mic (not kinect) to join. also be tolerant of your fellow clan members. right now we have around 12 people in but i have plans to go alot bigger. there is a ranking system but its kind of limited right now due to the lack of members (and active ones). the people in our clan come from alot of places internet wise. we have people who are really active minecraft players, steam players, World of Tanks players.. and yes, bronies (myself included). just reply back here with your gamertag if your interested. good day to you good mentlegen.
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