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Found 3 results

  1. I Love Me Some Classics! Hello everyone, I (Edward Kenway) am doing a simple community event on Halo Reach. It's your basic classic event, we'll be playing an array of game-modes like Invasion and Slayer and having some fun, nothing too out of the ordinary! However, I will have to run by some rules for the event. 1. If you slander, berate, or act immature toward another member during the event, you will be booted. No exceptions and no second chances. 2. I don't mind having a hardy time, but try to keep topics out of the sexual, political, or religious areas as generally those conversations get out of hand and if you start one and someone acts out on your behalf you will also be booted. 3. I'd prefer a microphone on everyone so the party isn't barren. 4. HAVE FUN AND DESTROY THE OTHER TEAM! The event begins August 23rd at 3:00PM EST, be sure to get on the shoutbox first so I can give anyone attending the go-ahead to get online and get your gamertags to invite you. Player list is below, if we fill up I'll see if I can get a second lobby, JOIN FAST. 1. Edward Kenway 2. Butch Flowers (Maybe) 3. MoM Destruct 4. Blake Belladonna (Maybe) 5. Bnus (Maybe) 6. Arno Dorian 7. -Sparky- 8. Unease P34nut 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
  2. Hello there, glad you stumbled upon this thread, keep reading onward! So, I've decided to put up a thread in which YOU the people can ask me an question no matter how serious, offbeat, stupid, or illogical you may believe it is! These will not be answered in this thread or even this month, but rather on June 28th, 2014. (Those who can decipher the date get a cookie). So ask away below, there's no limit to the number of questions you can ask, considering this is all in the Offbeat section, to ask as many as possible, I need material! Thanks for your time!
  3. As you may or may not have heard, I announced a minigame playdate a little while back called Maestro's Merry Minigames, or MMM for short. The Dumb Marine announced a playdate also, a couple weeks before I announced MMM. And just recently, Edward Kenway/Omega stated that he too had a playdate in the works. Since fate has decided that MMM, the Dumb Marine's Holiday Playdate, and Edward's playdate would fall upon the same day, Bnus suggested that we merge the first two playdates. After a long conference filled with much deliberating, negotiating, discussions, and the signing of treaties, we have come up with... WE MERGED 'EM INTO MMEMMM! So now we have one massive playdate in store for everyone! The Dumb Marine will be kicking off the playdate with every gametype under the sun in Halo 4, I'll keep the fun rolling with minigames from throughout cyberspace, and Edward will wrap things up with some Halo Reach, Grand Theft Auto 5, and Halo Wars! Here are the important details: TIME AND DATE: 9am-9pm PST, December 21st GAMES: Halo 4 for the Dumb Marine's Kickoff and Maestro's Minigames, Reach + GTAV + Halo Wars for Edward's Wrap Party DLC: Forge Island (it's a freebie if you haven't got it already!) MIC: Preferred but not required Holiday Spirit MANDATORY Here's what will be on tap for this massive playdate: The Dumb Marine's Kickoff: Dominion, Team Slayer, Infection (Reach Variant), Community, Oddball, Extraction, Capture The Flag, Basic Flood (Halo 4 Variant), Regicide, FFA, and King of The Hill Maestro's Minigames: Mini Slayer at Portal Tower, Hockey at Kappital Imperial Stadium, Convoy King and/or Flood at Holy Gamelon Route 666, Convoy King at Koridai, Race at Holy Gamelon Indy 666 and Longbow 500 [CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS] ...among other minigames! If you have any other minigames to add to the roster, speak up! Edward's Wrap Party: Infection & Hunger Games on Halo Reach, Grand Theft Auto V, and Halo Wars So get suited up in your snow gear, prepare for fun and games and jokes and laughter and good times, and let's get this sled rollin'!
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