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  1. Pillar of Autumn C-709 Radio Transmission: ENCRYPTION: POAG01 TRANSMISSION TYPE: Recruitment TRANSMISSION PRIVACY: Open __ Pillar of Autumn C-709 is a clan composed of experienced personnel and we are searching for applicable members. We consist of Marines, ODSTs, Spartan-IIIs and Spartan-IIs. Within Pillar of Autumn C-709 we offer a clan lead by strong leadership, daily activities, and a place where you can ultimately enjoy yourself in all aspects. We strive to have longevity within our program, and to be recognized for our professionalism and positive performance outcomes in the field. Requirements: • A working version of Halo: The Master Chief Collection • A functional microphone • Age of 15+ • Strong senses of loyalty, respect, and professionalism • Willingness to complete basic training regimens Contact Information: Xbox Contacts: Spartan 092 Spartan 051 Approved By: Spartan 092 [CDR]
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