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  1. It was a pretty decent trailer despite not making a whole lot of sense. Seemed to be more about giving a vague release window and getting you thinking about what "we lost" means exactly. I have absolutely no idea what will happen in Infinite. I doubt anything from that trailer will even be in the game. Same with where the series is going. Only 343 know, and I bloody well hope they also know how not to make this a disaster.
  2. I am mega hyped. Halo needs this. I finally have a reason to move off console. Hopefully this brings back the community.
  3. I imagine they will appear in some form. Whether they are playable or not is another question. I think they might ne unplayable but still somewhat appear in the story. It could be a very minor role but still a role worth showing. Although its just a tech demo so nothing to go off reallym
  4. Banned because that doesnt work on the mobile site (at least for me anyway)
  5. Yes. The REQ system would be a welcome return. It works fine. Why would 343 throw away a system they worked so hard on? They shouldnt and I believe they wont. Although one change has to be made. Adding the equivalent of "vidmaster" and so called "rewards" for beating the campaign on Legendary etc. Although the legendary "reward" is good, the other "challenges" are idiotic and stupid. They massively restrict and lock off armour from people. The "challenges" fun and difficulty apparently come from the tedious and boring "challenge" you face. Its a waste in my eyes. 343 has to keep the *entire* community happy. The REQ system works fine as stated before. Although its so sad to see a pay to win system introduced into the multi-.....oh wait, this isnt Star Wars Battlefront or an EA game. Its so great to see a balanced and functioning system introduced into multiplayer. It doesnt lock armour behind multiplayer ranks and you dont have endlessly grind every day to buy the *left shoulder of a 6 piece armour set*. You can unlock armour much quicker than before. We dont need another Halo Reach credit "system". I just wish more people in the community dont jump to conclusions. The amount of people who saw "micro-transactions", then rammed their fingers in their ears and began trashing the REQ system bothers me. I lost faith a long time ago after seeing this debate when people got mad at a satirical REQ explantion video.
  6. Honestly, I dont know. I cant tell what this game is going to be from a tech demo for the Slipspace Engine. Although, I dont see it being a fully open world game like Borderlands or Just Cause. Maybe we will get large areas to explore during missions or something. If its going to be anything like that, Im thinking sonething that operates like Metal Gear Solid V. You do different missions on the Installation but instead of free roam, you are restricted to a mission area. Thats just my thoughts but I think its too early to tell what Infinite will be. Some people are jumping to conclusions and they really shouldnt
  7. Well deserved promotions! Good luck to you two in your new roles!
  8. I would consider that trailer a simple teaser. At that stage I doubt 343 even knew what the story of Halo 5 was going to be. They seemed to have a rough idea and threw a trailer together just to tell us Halo 5 was on its way. Kind of like Infinite as its trailer was only a tech demo in reality. Its not like we were told anything about it in reality.
  9. A woman of class. I respect your choice of Miku figma. Personally I think Halo Infinite has the potential to try to mend the community even if its just a little. It could appeal to "classic Halo" fans and more modern (if thats the word) fans. This time it seems Microsoft wont stick their noses in and force release dates. With a longer development cycle this has (and Halo 6 has), 343 could make a good game. I really hope the new writer whoever they are continues the general story direction with the AI revolution . I hope it is executed well and I believe 343 can do it this time. Infinite is really that kind of "last chance" in my eyes. If 343 mess this up, I see the majority of the community turning away for good. I only hope Infinite is a huge success to keep this community alive despite how toxic it is sometimes.
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