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  1. AWI Is Back! Back from our well-needed hiatus, My brother went to China, I've been somewhat busy or distracted and now we are ready to get our butts in gear and once again carve out a tiny portion of Halo for ourselves...Mostly Halo Reach, Or 3, sometimes 4 and 5 though they are the least enjoyable IMO, the campaign and multiplayer. I know, I know...It's not hip to hate Halo 5, but trust me after a few games with us you will too lol. Look forward to meeting you here and then on the battlefield...Leave your GT and your preferred role, I.e Sniper, Flanker, Main slayer, CQC (Close quarters Combat, etc. AWI Metal Mew 2
  2. Read and replied via xbox one, new posts msg AWI Metal Mew 2 for X1 and AWI Your Fear for X360 if you don't receive a reply within an hour, Thanks all.
  3. To all future members and those considering joining, during the summer we will begin recruiting again in a bid to keep active throughout the year and not in flux between school n those of working age, we have made great leaps using apps and social media in order to promote appropriate contact whilst not infringing on your personal life. The minimum overall has been revised yet still does not require a name change, Just a mic, Xbox 360, Accountability, willingness to participate in Clan objectives regarding recruiting, Short/Long term goals and overall structuring of these activities as a direct beneficiary of these include you! Furthermore, Skill is NOT a prerequisite, the ability to use or learn Tactics of engagement, conduct and so on ARE in AWI please bare that in mind as we have many players willing to help should you have the burning desire to improve in your gaming performance/experience individually or collectively. May we meet on the Battlefield soon.
  4. Hi to all our recent posters Nice to see no copy/paste and not many low character posts, Any one who plays Xbox one is to add AWI Elite or AWI Toasty and send them a message, your requests to join will be taken seriously once we have spoken to you all individually. To all other applicants who mostly play xbox 360 or XB1 less often add me, my GT is on my signature. Many thanks....AWI
  5. PencilStashStan and Duffywart add AWI Metal Mew 2 for xbox 360 and AWI Elite if you're mostly on xbox one PencilStashStan and Duffywart add AWI Metal Mew 2 for xbox 360 and AWI Elite if you're mostly on xbox one
  6. Not a very well presented join request moose...one or two words and a gamertag, without a greeting or brief introduction is literally the below minimum criteria for our recruits. we have accepted it on a few occasions however it is not our default response to then recruit those players.
  7. We are planning on combining our Halo Reach and Halo 4 squads. Anyone reading this who qualifies with both of these games and an interest in starting a squad or actively playing both competitively for clan battles and at least ONE casually when recruiting Message me directly here or add my GT Everyone else please continue to apply through this forum, Thank you for your time.
  8. @HeadHunters117, I have sent you a private msg with our website included for you to sign up to, look forward to hearing from you
  9. No problem @@Ollie Taylor i've sent you a friend request, and will direct you to the website once you confirm your interest in party chat, and upon completing the sign up process fully you will be a member of AWI.
  10. @@Rising Force Yes we play on both the 360 and the Xbox 1, Please be patient and apply via our website Which i have in-boxed you here
  11. Ok no problem, at the moment some of us in the U.K are having issues connecting to XBL add AWI CodePhoenix or continue to wait and someone will contact you shortly
  12. @TyrantViperll We are always recruiting, I will contact you personally, on the 360 and give you the Clan website.
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