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Found 8 results

  1. My personal opinion on all of these new features for Halo 4. I'm actually excited for Halo 4, and do NOT think it will be like COD. I guess I'm part of the 1% who think that. lolololo Spartan Points I actually like this idea a lot. It sounds very similar to Halo: Reach's Credit system, and I really enjoyed being able to see myself gain money for getting kills and winning matches. The only thing Reach lacked, was a Ranking System. But it has already been stated that Halo 4 will indeed have a Ranking System, so I think this will work pretty well. Spartan Ops This Idea has me pumped! Its basically story-mode objective missions, that are updated every week. They are free, and will keep on coming for months after the game release. It seems like it will keep me, along with the rest of the Halo Community, playing Halo 4 for a while. Custom Loudouts Alright, so I am personally excited to see what exactly this is. The Custom Loudouts will consist of 4 things; Your Primary and Secondary gun, your grenade type, your armor ability, and your modifications. Also, the Jet Pack, Invisibility, and Hologram are coming back. Now ALOT of people are automatically saying that the game is ruined because of this, but I truly think their Idiots. We haven't even seen how these new features will play out, and their already judging the game itself? Like Come on, its not going to be like COD, 343i is smarter than that. You will most likely only be able to choose regular weapons like the AR, BR, and DMR as your starting guns. And the modifications will probably be things like "2% Jump Increase". So just calm down and wait to actually see the game in action. Why Reds fight Blues 343i said that multiplayer never had a purpose behind it "story-wise". Which makes perfect sense, because it doesn't. All you do in thee past games, is just kill Spartans for no reason. So to fix that, they have made it so you are a Spartan IV, and are playing virtually on the UNSC Infinity, for combat-testing purposes. The multiplayer actually being the virtual playtest.. With this new feature, I think the game will actually feel a lot cooler, and make more sense in itself. Sprint Sprint is now a default ability, and will always be there for your use. I've always wanted this, and felt like Halo: Reach kinda lacked playability, when they made it into an armor ability. Forerunner Vision So alot of people are jumping to conclusion about this "Forerunner Vision" thing, calling it COD-Like. Now Frank O' Connor has stated that this is more of a UAV type thing, and that you will not be able to see enemies across the map with it. Me personally, I think it is going to be like the night-vision option from Halo 3: ODST.
  2. Ok, so ever since the First Look Trailer, I have been seeing many threads complaining about how Halo 4 will be copying COD. First off, Halo 4 will be like Halo 4. That's why its called Halo in the first place. 343i knows what they're doing and will make whatever decision is for the best. Beside's, half of their team is made up of Ex-Bungie Employees, and even fans. Also, the perks you've heard about, aren't even called perks. Frank O' Connor said that those were just the names reporter's gave it. And yes, armor will affect gameplay, but not the way most of you are thinking. It will most likely be small things like "2% more jump height" and stuff. Lastly, as you all know, Halo 4 will be introducing custom classes/loudouts. No this will not be like COD. 343i even when out of their way, to state that players wouldn't be able to choose power weapons as their starting weapon. But instead, they will most likely be able to choose simple weapons like the Battle Rifle, DMR, Assault Rifle, or magnum as their starting weapon. This has actually long been a fan request since Halo 2. So yeah, stop complaining guys. Halo 4 is in good hands. 343i is taking it into a new direction, and change is good. We need to all stop looking a the past games and move forward. Thanks for reading, TheL337destroyer
  3. SPOILER ALERT! This Video reveals info about the beginning and first level of Halo 4. This info is real and straight from the newest Halo novel, Halo: Primordium. Frank O'Conner said in an interview, that the story has already been told through the books, and Halo: Primordium would give some big insight on Halo 4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPANfSjrLU4
  4. Update: I mailed these ideas to 343 Industries themselves! FloodFight: I think there should be a new version of FireFight called Flood Fight. Where you square off in survival against waves of Flood. A re-imagination of Firefight, or kind of like Halo: CEA'S Mission: The Library. It could also maybe become a New Infection Gametype, where players square off 8v8. One team are players who spawn as Flood Forms who try to Infect you. While the other team are players who spawn as Spartans trying to Survive until the Round is Over. A good idea in the comments was: ODST Playlist: An idea of mine, is to make a new Playlist called "ODST". Where it is basically the same as regular matchmaking, but everyone are ODST's. The health system would be based off the game Halo: 3 ODST. And maybe when the Game starts, You and your team spawn in Drop-Pods. I think that would be pretty epic. Here are some Game-Types I came up with: ODST Team Slayer - 4v4 Slayer ODST Rumble Pit - Free for All ODST CTF - 4v4 Capture the Flag ODST FireFight - Classic Firefight ODST Swat - 4v4 Team Swat with the Killer ODST Magnum It seems like it would create and attract a New Halo Fan-Base. And suit some of the Halo Universe who love the playing style of Halo 3: ODST, more than regular Halo. It would create a whole new community, and you could play something a little different if you ever got bored of playing as a spartan in Multi-Player. All 343i would have to do is make a custom gametype for the Game Mode. As for having your guy look like an actual ODST.. It would be fairly simple. Just make a 3rd species preference. Its just like how you can choose between playing as a spartan or an Elite, except that you can only use it in the ODST Playlist.
  5. A leak found on their Microsoft Job Promotional Video: Working at 343i. Looks like the Halo 3 AR is back! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nUod7k2HwU&feature=related Full Video (Its at 00:25): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXs2SdH8WSg&feature=youtu.be
  6. Dome is a map I made that is both an Aesthetic and Fun Map to play on. It is Fairly Large, yet very easy to navigate through. It greatly support's Big Team Battle, and if not enough, then Team Slayer is playable too. Send back your feedback, and in time, this Greatly Crafted map might be in Matchmaking one day! Link for Download: http://www.bungie.ne...B%20L337Destryr Weapon List: 2 Snipers (One on each side, Blue base's is near gravity lift. Red base's is on the Sniper Tower) 1 Sword(In middle, to give a chance for both teams) 1 shotgun (Red team side in purple tunnel) 2 needlers (Blue side, middle of 3 story building. Red side, in Red base smaller house) 1 spiker (Red side, bottom of 3 story building) 1 Grenade launcher (Red side, Top of 3 story building) 3 Health Stations (Located evenly across the map. On Bridge behind teleporter, and on both base's towers) 1 Plasma launcher (Blue side, Top of 3 story building) 1 Plasma Rifle (Located on Bridge, behind Teleporter) 2 Needle Rifle ( Located near teleporter, and small Blue base house) Magnums and DMRs (located all over the map) This map is amazing for Big Team Battle. But is good enough for Team Slayer if needed. Jet Packs are recommended, but they are not needed. Hope you guys enjoy, Tell me your Feedback! Sincerely, TheL337destroyer
  7. Well since were now done with the Covenant in Halo 4.. Does this mean no more Grunts!? If it is true, then I'll miss ya Grunts.. You made me laugh everytime kiled you. RIP: Halo 1 - Halo: Reach
  8. 343, will there ever be an update for Halo 3 again? I mean, we haven't had one, in almost a year and a half. Can we please just have one? You know, to fix some lag issues in Multi-player, update some playlists. I mean come on, alot of people still play it, but it needs an update.
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