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  1. I've played firefight a bunch of times but it gets boring really fast it's too much of the same thing. I was looking at a video and this guy had some good ideas like how they should do something like cods zombies how it has a story how you have choice where you wanna go. Then there's like gears of war horde how you can set up defenses which I think would give firefight more replayablity.and last thing the constant spawning in the same place is kinda annoying it's gotta be random to add more challenge. Oh and forgot he he also said stuff about how it would be cool for them to do a firefight mode with the flood more involved He makes a good point bout how in all the other games your being hunted which brings out more of the survival aspect while right now in firefight everyone's hunting theelites down which is why it sounds good to use flood cause they attack in packs and hunt you down
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