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Found 10 results

  1. In this weeks bulletin it shows two new weapons called Boltshot and Suppressor Boltshot shown with the Tracker Specialization although this is possibly the UNSC/Promethean? side arm The Suppressor Shown (Promethean Weapon)
  2. As we all know the Famous OHK Secondary weapon known as the Bolshot, was perviously Nerfed by having its blast range down to 15 M instead of 25 M. How have you been doing since that nerf? has it affected you?
  3. So the game has been updated and certain things have been adressed, such as the Boltshot reload glitch and the super throw glitch. But why has the game yet to be re-balanced? Anyone who has been playing FPS games competitively for a length of time knows and has realised since the first time they used a charged Boltshot, that its just simply overpowered. It is the ONLY firearm that you can have as part of your loadout that can OHK (One Hit Kill). The very fact that it can OHK effectivly makes it a "power weapon" such as the sniper rifles, the Rocket Launcer, Sticky Detonator, Shotgun etc. With these weapons its absolutly fine, because you cannot spawn with them and can only aquire those weapons from ordnance drops, or finding them placed on maps. Its boring how close-range encounters nowadays just devolve into two people both charging thier Boltshots and seeing who gets the shot off first. Its not gameplay that promotes skill. I would like to see 343is' reasoning behind leaving the Boltshot OHK in the game, so I hope that one of you are reading this. I think (and I am sure many others do) its one of the major things that need re-balancing in this game. I am sure this problem has been brought up many times, but I mean. It still hasn't been fixed even after much less important issues have.
  4. I thought that since most people just hate on the Boltshot (which is totally understandable), I thought, why not just do a topic making fun of it (or having fun with it). I mean, not every game has a secondary weapon that's an accuracy back-up and a shotgun as well. I mean, not that there's something wrong with that *cough cough*.
  5. I decided to make a video comparing the different stats and spread of the secondary weapon. If you want, you can check it out here:
  6. We all know it's overpowered so why isn't it patched already? Stop saying it's fair. All players use it, only because it's too strong. "Yeah, you just suck." No, i barely get killed but this gun is just a joke. I get tons of kills without it and most of my deaths are due to this op gun that kills me out of nowhere from miles away. All those who believe it's fair use it and don't get kills any other way, so don't even dare annoying me. boltshot
  7. So im a long time gamer and a long time halo fan. However im not sure what to think about this new halo. Mainly because of one weapon alone, the Boltshot. Now ive heard alot of arguements about it recently and i would love to hear some more input on it. Now in my opinion this gun is a good gun its got its ups and downs. But in my opinion the massive mistake made here is letting players spawn with it. Because for all intensive purposes it is a handheld shotgun. I dont think players should be allowed to spawn with any weapon that has one shot capabilities without suffering some large reprocussion for doing so. On larger maps this gun has little to no impact. However in gametypes like CTF or KOTH or even Slayer this has a masive impact on the gameplay. Aside from a select few maps in these playlists this weapon dominates the gameplay and is abused far to regularly in my personal opinion. So keeping this all in mind I would like to hear other peoples point of views and or suggestions on what could be done to remedy this issue. Or even if you think its fine how it is. But please do provide atleast some reasoning behind why you think it should say why it should change or why it shouldnt. Have fun I look forward to seeing your point of views on this.
  8. Since it's been such a huge debate as to whether the Boltshot is overpowered or not I decided to do a video testing the Boltshot's range and killing ability against the human shotgun and the Scatter Shot. As you can see the fact that the Boltshot gets you to one shot and will kill you at a further distance than the other ordinance dropped shotguns proves that this weapon needs some balancing. In my opinion the gun doesn't need to be less powerful, it just needs it's range cut in about half lol. What do you guys think?
  9. I’ve seen weapons nerfed in Halo before, and it’s not pretty. The Focus Rifle in Reach and the Trip Mine in Halo 3 are prime examples of why we should fear the word “nerf” when it comes to Halo’s weapons and gadgets. But obviously weapons can’t go for the rest of the game’s lifespan unbalanced, so something has to be done about them (just not the nerfs that I’ve seen). So far, I’ve encountered 3 things that need balancing out a bit in Halo 4. Now, I’ve been gaming for years and have been playing Halo since Halo CE back in 2001, and I am confident that my solutions will not nerf these weapons up to the point of uselessness. 1. Boltshot. I’ve recently had the displeasure of facing someone that has used nothing but this weapon throughout the entire match. I don’t even think the Scattershot or Shotgun would have been able to kill me at the range that he killed me from. Now, the standard shots on the Boltshot are headshot capable, so that gave me an idea… Solution: 343i should lower the damage slightly on the Boltshot’s charged shots so it just takes down shields rather than instantly kills people. People would still be able to kill enemies with the Boltshot, because as I’ve said, the standard shots are headshot capable, so you’d just charge up your Boltshot, fire it at someone to take down their shields, then aim for the head. This not only maintains the Boltshot’s effectiveness (as well as requiring a bit more skill to use), but also gives players on the receiving end of its deadly fury a small reaction gap by perhaps a second or so. Now, you might be thinking a second isn’t a long time, but trust me when I say it goes a long way in Halo. 2. DMR. Yes, it is overpowered. But no where near what people have been claiming it to be. It’s only slightly overpowered, and that’s only because it’s dominating in ranges that it’s not supposed to be dominating in. It’s supposed to be a long range weapon, beaten in range by nothing else but the Sniper Rifle (and its counterparts). In shorter ranges, the Battle Rifle (and Covenant Carbine) is supposed to win against the DMR, but the DMR appears to be winning most of the time unless shots are missed. So how do we fix this? Solution: This one is rather simple, actually. The DMR is only dominating because of its firing rate. It can fire as fast as the user can pull the trigger, and that I think is where the problem lies. Lowering the rate of fire ever so slightly gives the Battle Rifle a fighting chance in shorter ranges, while the DMR still keeps its effectiveness in longer ranges. Once again, the lowering of firing rate on the DMR will only give BR users just under a second or so of extra time in combat, but as I’ve said before, that time goes a long way in Halo. 3. Active Camouflage. Ah, the camper’s true love, this one. Basically, the camo is more effective when you’re not moving around so much. This is where I think the problem lies. It promotes camping and overshadows a lot of other Armour Abilities because of this. So, how do we fix it? We need only look to the past… Solution: …Because we already have the ideal Active Camouflage in Halo 2! Remember the Arbiter levels? Remember the Active Camouflage you could use in them? That’s our balanced Active Camo right there. A short burst of semi-invisibility, lasted around 15 seconds or so and you could move around as fast as you wanted without revealing yourself. The cool-down period was about 20 seconds, although I think it varied depending on what difficulty you were playing on. But let’s say around 20 seconds, because that seems pretty balanced to me. Oh, and if you fired your weapon or performed a melee attack, the Active Camo would deactivate and you’d have to wait for the cool-down period to end before you could use it again. Ah, but you’ll probably think that you won’t have enough time to kill someone within 15 seconds. Well, it was more than enough time to use it effectively on Halo 2, even on Legendary. As I’ve said before, that ti- ah, screw it. You already know what I’m going to say. So those are my solutions. Again, I’m just using my experience as both a gamer and a long time Halo fan to come up with these ideas. I don’t really know what you guys and gals think of them, but hopefully you’ll find them reasonably effective at balancing out Halo 4. Thanks for reading!
  10. In this weeks bulletin it shows two new weapons called Boltshot and Suppressor Boltshot shown with the Tracker Specialization although this is possibly the UNSC/Promethean? side arm The Suppressor Shown (Promethean Weapon) View full article
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