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  1. Hi folks! I wanted to pop open the lid on this discussion, as there seems to be little or confusing discussion around this topic. I personally do NOT currently know how to create deep shadows or very dark spaces on maps. I have a map concept that is being built on the Alpine base map. It requires me to create areas that have no light except for a candle or flashlight here and there. Not the whole map, mind you, because much of the action can also happen outside. So I put it to you, the Forging Community, to help myself, and others, come up with some creative solutions! Have at it!
  2. I hope I have posted in the right forum..... Hi there, I am building a map variant (and will later design a game type variant to go with it) for a 1-life, round-based game where it is 1 versus many. I need a specific weapon (Energy Sword) to respawn at it's original location and orientation each time the lone-wolf player dies and the round restarts. The lone-wolf cannot spawn with a sword; they MUST go get it. Any ideas? Am I missing something?
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