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Found 7 results

  1. [Forum Game] Rate the person above you! Goes by 0 - 10! Go Go! (Goes by current looks as well, for example rate again if member changed profile picture)
  2. I just want to say goodbye to everyone from my name being Green, soon I will join the ranks of the Purple names and it certainly has been a privilege to green, but all good things must come to an end yes? As God closes the door, a window opens. I wish all of those good luck to being green and I say hello to all of those who are purple. Thank you.
  3. Gamertag: Juggernaughyy1 Map name: Weapon People (Not the most creative name ever) Description: This is a purely aesthetic map in which I built two statues out of nothing but weapons and armor abilities. One is about the same size as a spartan, and the other is larger (it wasn't based off of anything in particular). Unlike my other submissions, which were things you could build in a competitive map, these serve no other function than to look pretty.
  4. What if flood could drive cars, use guns, do things they've never done before. They could create a whole new gametype. Gravedanger: In this gamemode you are either flood or spartans. Both can use covenant, human, and forerunner weapons and vehicles. A gravemind has formed and the flood are becoming stronger mentally with it being created. your job is to exterminate the flood and destroy the gravemind. 16 vs 16 battles Custom game flood: In custom games there could be flood AI that could be customized for example you can have a flood move in a certain direction only or have it have no A.I ( customize), dumb A.I ( has regular flood traits) or smart A.I( gravemind flood can drive, will go after weapons, pickup weapons, drive vehicles, and steal ordinance.)
  5. From the album: 343ibot Goes Sentient

  6. Hello everyone! My names Richy and just wanted to welcome any new people to the forum and or Halo 4. Loooking for new people to play with and talk to so if anyones ntrested n beating some campiagn mission or some spartan ops just give me a hollar, m always williing to help people out the best I can!
  7. People who are mature, play good, and know how to have a good time
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