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Found 7 results

  1. All right, "Elite" said my poll was one-sided, so I'll remove my influential opinions (lol) and make some unbiased, boring points. There are many options for Halo 5's Magnum. Each iteration throughout the saga has had its perks and flaws. In CE, the "Pistol" was great--a lightning-fast three-shot kill with 2x zoom, deadly accuracy, and a high skill-curve. Its two major flaws in my opinion were that it had a large clip (12 bullets, I believe), which forgave errant shooting, and it dominated all other non-power weapons, leading to sometimes monotonous--yet consistent--matches. In Halo 2, it was christened "Magnum" and received some new features. It was a five-shot kill and the first iteration to have an eight-bullet clip. These nerfs were added to balance out dual wielding, which brought some epic combos to the game (Pea-shooter/Magnum, SMG/Plasma Rifle). While it was rewarding to use, its kill time still made it a clear secondary to the Battle Rifle. In Halo 3 the Magnum did not change much. The Battle Rifle and Assault Rifle clearly outshone it in many respects; it was used mainly for cleaning up headshots when the primary weapon of choice ran out of ammo. It also didn't have a scope, as I recall. In Halo 3: ODST, the Magnum underwent a dramatic change. It became silenced and was pretty much useless against the Brutes; however, its scoped ability remained highly effect against Jackals and Grunts (yayyyy!!!). In Reach, the Magnum was either a 5sk or 6sk, but it shot much faster. To compensate for this, bloom was added to prevent spamming. It remained an effective weapon; in te beginning of the game, the bloom reset faster than that of the DMR. In Halo 4, the bloom remains and the Magnum is a six-shot kill. It is actually surprisingly effective--if you can manage the bloom. Firing faster makes for random outcomes, so pacing is key. Some say that a six-shot kill is not rewarding for the skill it takes to deal with bloom, or because the primary weapons are now buffed (#Halo4Turbo). Its damage was increased to promote teamshooting, but it remains a 6sk. 343i now however have the ability to tweak it with ease, so opinions on its transformation are welcome. Which Magnum was the best? the worst? Do you think there should be different variants for multiplayer and campaign (stealth levels) or should it be consistent throughout both faculties? Leave your thoughts below; I'll reset the poll questions so they are less biased and so I can recollect the information after writing this lengthy post.
  2. I don't get the pistol in halo CE but most people do? like im good i just dont get the aim-ahead of target thing so any tips pls spill!
  3. Do you like the Pistol being a bit weaker than it was in Reach?
  4. Hi, I have watched a ton of videos on youtube and MLG and I cannot stress the importance of the sounds of the guns. It gives the game a more realistic approach to an already arcade-esque game. It gives the feel and gameplay more power if the guns actually sound destructive. Having said this there are a number of guns that just have a high powered staple gun sound to them. These include the battle rifle first and foremost. For some odd reason I get a plastic sound behind the gun. It could be just me, but it is possible to give a stronger bass to that gun being as it is a rifle. The second is the pistol. In Halo 1 and Halo 3 I thought they had the best sounds for the pistol. It felt like that single shot meant it hurt. The third is the shotgun. I am sorry but the shotgun really sounds like pebbles are thrown at a wall. I have talked to a number of people and they all agree that the guns just don't feel like they have an impact as they did to their counterparts. Please 343 Look and read this post. And if you are one of many that feel the same way please post your reactions as well. Thanks!!!!
  5. What do i have to do to make the pistol, 3 head shot kill on this game? i tested i with friends on regular classic and it took 5 head shots.... What can i change to make it only three? Is there something i can do in the settings?
  6. I'm not sure what you guys (and girls) might think about this but I believe they should actually use the flood to play in the infection gametype. Not computers playing against players of course but actual players playing as the flood. Also in fire fight they should use the flood to play against you. But I believe the infection idea is actually a very good one. If you beleive so to then just try your best to get the word out about it in the forums and online. We could help shape halo 4's future gameplay XD
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