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  1. Yeah, goodbye guys. I'm out... for good. It's been nice knowing you good people. I'm leaving because of reasons. Lots of them. Will I be sharing these? Perhaps the spoiler could answer such a question.
  2. Aaaw man! I barely knew you! Well, if this is your decision, then I also wish the best for you. May you travel safe, friend...
  3. I think a throw-able melee weapon would also be nice, for example, my Hardlight Axe idea, and after being thrown you can pick it up and reuse it for a certain amount of times.
  4. This topic is a bit old to be resurrected, but I'd watch it on my computer's monitor.
  5. This sounds rad! I would love to play something like this as long as there's no "UGH, this is just like Battlefield!" commentary. Besides that, this sounds like a really good idea.
  6. If you ask me, it would be easier to answer, "Which campaign mission was the easiest?"
  7. Happy Valentine's Day guys! Hope y'all have tons of fun and lovin'. However, don't get intoxicated with chocolate... seriously, don't. <3 Image not mine...
  8. I may have over-reacted (http://www.343indust...sing-in-action/)... I'm sorry for getting so frustrated over the implementation of a new rule (which I still believe that it's not fair), it's just that life's been tough over here. Then again, we all have our own problems. It's just that this rule managed to light some sort of fuse. I will not leave the forum, instead I'll go on a hiatus status. Hopefully I'll be back in a month or less, to get my mind off "the event". I still feel sorry that it also affected some people, and that I might not get to see them again, but I'll just have to move on. Again, I'm sorry guys...
  9. It's shame that this certain event happened, but I guess that it was executed quickly and without question. I'm deeply sorry for your departure. This didn't had to happen... May you ride well, friend. Brohoof.
  10. Yeah, if we could have first person view on the passenger seat, it would make aiming a whole lot easier... as long as the driver is considerate enough to let us aim.
  11. Not really. The BR is good for some maps, and for some areas of the other maps. The DMR has better aim at longer distances, so it gives it an upper hand.
  12. Miniature scarabs would do just fine. Though, you get the idea. Covenant should have their own mech unit.
  13. It makes sense that the covenant carbine and the other primary weapons need some adjustments to make them more balanced and to be able to compete better against the DMR and the BR (or just make some adjustments to the DMR and the BR instead). However, I see no reason to buff the BR, as it does well since it's a precision weapon (not as good as the DMR, but still, it has the potential and the benefit of a precision weapon).
  14. I see no one complaining about the mysterious Batman walking around as Bruce Wayne. Besides, you only got to see his eyes and some skin. Doesn't the game try to show us his human side anyway?
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