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  1. Spartan II's are about 7 feet tall, while Spartan IV's are regular human beings (with some enhancements). The height of the average American female is 5 feet 5 inches, so it's likely that Palmer isn't much taller than that.
  2. Seems that Deus Ex really likes it's glass triangles.
  3. Outbreak: Wave after wave of Flood combat forms. Quarantine: Start off with Covenant attackers, then Flood infection forms enter map and infect bodies as additional combat forms enter map; Covenant continue to attack. Marine allies can be turned. Composition: Promethean units. Insurrection: Fight against human units, basically reskinned marines that look more ragged, say different things, and drop less ammo. Have drug-induced berserk units like in the books that are much more aggressive, much faster, and do much more melee damage than other innies. Renegade: Fight against much better equipped Marines, maybe even Spartan IV's. Ordinance drops closer to enemies and they use ordinance. Great Journey: Classic Firefight, against Covenant only units. Against All Odds: Fight alone against all of the above. No ordinance drops, you have to scavenge your enemies bodies.
  4. Chief won't die in Halo 5. Can't have Halo 6 without him. But if they do replace him, they better do it with someone that's truly awesome, someone truly badass... like... Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson. He made it off one exploding Halo ring, couldn't he have done it again?
  5. 7 PM GMT would be 3 PM EST. I'll be there, sign me up
  6. Cool, can you invite me to play with you guys at some point? I'd like to see your clan in battle.
  7. I've been thinking about it and I have looked at your clan's post further down this forum, and I have decided that I am not interested in your kind of clan. Thanks for the offer though.
  8. My anaconda don't want nus unless you got bnus, hnus.
  9. The graphics suck. Everything just looks really glazed over.
  10. Ugh, I can't believe this community. All you people ever do is butter up to 343. This site is a load of crêpe. Rye are you people like this?
  11. Some of you may have heard of the Forgehub contest for a 1v1 map in Halo 2 Anniversary. The prizes being $500, a $300 gaming headset, or $100 gaming glasses. But that contest is already over. Well I had an absolutely spectacular idea. However, I am neither experienced nor dedicated at Forge, but I do not want this idea to go to waste. I am reluctant to share everything about the map, but I will say a few things. It has some interesting dynamics that could totally work in Halo 2 Anniversary, but that I've never seen in any other maps before. I did test this dynamic to see if it would work, and alas, it did, exactly to my expectations. The aesthetic for the canvas I wanted to use fit perfectly as well. If you are a forger who has made several (being more than two I suppose) decent maps, contact me on Xbox Live @ Furi0usGeorgeX and let me see some of the maps you've made. If I like them, both aesthetically and in terms of map design, I will share the plans I made for the map with you, and trust you to build the map of my dreams. Trust me, the idea is cool as hell and I'm not hard to please. I will also help you playtest the map. Again, if you're interested, contact Furi0usGeorgeX on Xbox Live.
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