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  1. I've got a problem with Theater mode. Every matchmaking game I play, whether online or system link, I go into theater mode afterwards to review the game and the video isn't there. The only video in the list that shows up is one I made a few days ago for a short machinima video. What is the actual procedure for saving matchmaking games for viewing?
  2. Free For All? I figured that would have been harder to obtain them. But I'll sure give it a shot, thanks!
  3. Interesting. Never thought to try that Grav-Lift trick in Haven. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Don't think I've played on Abandon yet. I'll give it a try. Thanks!
  5. I'm trying to unlock the Venator armor set to help complete my armor collection, but I've had very little success with achieving successful assassinations. I've been told that playing SWAT is a good way to get them since the No Motion Sensor handicap prevents the enemy from seeing me wait for them to pass by, but I haven't even passed the Novice level of the Assassination commendation. What maps might be good to try this on? And are there other game types that SWAT that would prove fruitful?
  6. You'd probably have better luck finding Voice Actors at the VoiceActingAlliance forums. Yeah, a Halo community forum is a good idea to post to, but the website above (.com by the way) is solely dedicated to fulfilling project needs like VAs.
  7. There's no real reason to worry about infractions from uploading gameplay videos. There are thousands of Let's Play series, so as long as you keep the videos within a decent time limit you shouldn't have to worry.
  8. The Rocket Launcher was a great help to me since it locked onto vehicles, especially against Banshees and Wraiths if there was no other methods of destroying them available. However, not all of the games featured that function. (At least, I don't think some of them did. It's been a while since I played the older games.) The Fuel Rod Cannon was a big help to me in H4 during my Legendary campaign run. 3-4 shots took out the Elites, and since most of the Grunts I fought had been upgraded from Plasma Pistols and Needlers to Fuel Rods, ammo wasn't hard to find. But their major flaw of bouncing ammo always made them a bit difficult to use in mid-range distance. Long-range combat I could easily tell where I wanted the shot to bounce from. Overall I think the Rocket Launcher has better handling and functions, but the Fuel Rod Cannon is more powerful and holds more ammo. So really, it's 50/50 for me.
  9. *Not really in any order compared to the OP's listing* I have to agree with the Forerunner race plot holes. The Didact did seem stereotypical, though he wasn't really 'right in the head' (Whereas Darth Sidious was playing the Jedi the entire time and was always advancing the war with advantages for both Jedi/Republic and Sith), so I can understand the reasons for giving the Didact 'Force-like powers'. He did have strong powers, but he seemed to rely on his race's technology to do much of his work (i.e. He really could have destroyed the Forerunner artifact that Chief used against him despite everyone thinking it was indestructible. All he really needed to do was seal it away somewhere inaccessable to humans and covenant.) The Promethean Knight point I have to argue against. Considering how deadly 343i made the Flood out to be, it does make a little more sense to turn the Forerunners into machines rather than risk them being infected (plus as machines they were stronger and more enhanced than when they were organic). Though, yes, the Didact using humans as resources is overkill if you care enough to look into how many times that particular plot idea has been used in all forms of media. Daybreakers, anyone? Looking past the general picture, the Didact's actions did, in a way, help to protect the Forerunner race. And to be precise, as Azaxx said, only some of the Forerunners were chosen. I theorize that it was only the strongest and most loyal of the race that both the Didact and the Librarian chose (If you remember, the Didact's knights had and red-orange variant glow, while the ones touched by the Librarian produced a bluish glow). Now the point about the Humans attacking the Forerunners while trying to escape the Flood invasion, well there are a few different ways to explain and justify this. For example: (And sorry for quoting a Machinima series; I know it's kind of cheesy.) In the Season 6 beginning of the Red vs Blue series, a quote appears on screen reading "It is an undeniable and may I say fundamental quality of man that when faced with extinction... every alternative is preferable." Think of it like this: The Flood only sought out life forms because they were hungry, which presented the possiblity of extinction for the Human Race. Because of this, humanity sought to destroy the Flood through whatever means possible, and upon discovering that the Forerunner planets could possibly be used as weapons, they used them as such. Of course the Forerunners would have either stood against the humans or might've helped, if they had stopped running long enough to find out. But because they were desperately trying to survive, it makes sense that the Humans just didn't care to find out, but instead did whatever was possible to fight the Flood, even if it meant destroying a few non-UNSC controlled worlds in the process. This also explains the Didact's hatred toward Humanity; having everything important to them destroyed would consume anyone with hatred, right? And since the Forerunners became focused on destroying Humans, they might not have noticed the Flood, which leads to the Didact's decision to create a means of fighting back. Cortana's death was meant to convey a handful of things, such as the main reason for Master Chief's end, an attempt to make the player feel for Chief (losing your only friend after going through 4 games worth of fighting definitely makes it rough to continue fighting, especially when it means you'd have to fight alone), to show that there are rarely any 'happy endings' (which makes me thank God that Disney was in no way involved here, otherwise we'd eventually see Chief and Cortana living a cosy little life on a pretty lakeside cabin, etc.), and a few other reasons. I felt that her death was a well-planned, seamless way to end the saga of Master Chief, after we all saw the end of H4 where Chief's armor was finally removed (though I hated how these developers cut to black right as his helmet was removed. C'mon, after 4 games of fighting to save the universe, we at least deserve to see the hero behind the mask!). It's understandable that they chose not to give Chief a happy ending even though he saved Humanity time and again. They meant for us to feel for Chief, but also be glad that he no longer wanted to fight, that it was time to hang up his Magnum and move on. I agree with you point about the Elites' appearance changes. In my opinion their armor was a little more interesting than in H2 and H3, but the original designs looked a lot better. Same goes for other Covenant characters; I noticed a few times that some of the Grunts and Jackals had also been altered. Not a big deal to me though, since every Grunt in my way had confetti burst from its skull before it could say "Blarg". Why wouldn't the Forerunners react to the Humans' sudden attacks with violence? If the Humans were attacking, it only makes sense to fight back, lest their race be erased. And the Didact's reconstruction of mankind's DNA wasn't really a Martian Manhunter ripoff; it was more like he truly was upholding his status as a Guardian by not wiping the Humans from existence after the war. I don't know much about the DC Universe (Marvel fan), but I don't recall the Martian Manhunter being in a war against mankind (as stated, not too knowledgeable about DC, so if I'm wrong, I'm sorry.) I don't really see where you got the "creepy human-hologram robot love interest" idea. I always saw Chief and Cortana's relationship as more of a Best Friends/Family type of love. I guess I can understand the elements involved in your statement, but it just doesn't feel like that kind of relationship was present. I have to side with Azaxx about the Librarian. She tried to put the needs of her race (and mankind, indirectly) first over all else, and pretty much succeeded. Plus being immortal (or whatever she was) gave her plenty of time to work out all of the kinks in her plan. About the terminals. The story wasn't really all that hard to grasp. The hero is brought back to save the universe. The villain had understandable and simple goals. The hero received help when he was in need of it. In the end the hero wins yet again and slays the villain. (Well, not actually that easy to understand, but those are the basic ideas behind the plot.) See, it was up to Master Chief to stop the Didact, who simply wanted to destroy all Human life. With the help of his friend and the Librarian, Chief overcame all obstacles and succeeded in his quest. Yes, the terminals helped explain the backstories of the Forerunners, the Didact, the Librarian, and so on, but truthfully they weren't completely necessary since a lot of the factors that led up to the events of H4 were told through encounters with the involved race(s). I agree the scene with the Librarian was a bit fast and somewhat difficult to understand right off the bat, but just watching it could have given you a basic understanding of what happened; She gave Chief power that helped him penetrate the Didact's defenses and fight the Didact head-on.
  10. After seeing a list of the chapters the Easter Eggs are in (except no description of where they are was included), I know that Seize the Power (Ch. 3, Ep. 10) has the last Red vs. Blue radio Easter Egg. However, I've not been able to find it, and after replaying the chapter 3 times now, it's clear that I'm missing something (and getting rather frustrated). I know there's no achievement for finding all of the radios, and the Roses vs Violets achievement is unlocked by just finding one, but it's still amusing to hunt them all to hear everyone's dialogue. (Before posting a link to a video, know that I've chosen not to search for videos of it because I want to hear it first-hand, not through someone else.) Does anyone know where it is? Just a general area of the map will do, you don't have to be specific about its location.
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