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    smoking too many cigarettes, looking at girls, staying up too late playing video games, wasting my money on tattoos, putting metal in my face, listening to music, anything that kills time and kills my mind.

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  1. achesx

    Favorite Armor

    i'm lame and want to fotus armor bc the helmet has a mohawk if you look at it from the front but i don't use the same armor for anything? different legs, torso, shoulders, arms, helmet, visor, ect. i like mismatching things.
  2. i had no idea there was an art/strategy to tea bagging lmfao
  3. that's just a pain in the ass bc by the time i'm level 130 will i really give a **** what my helmet looks like? i will have already unlocked almost everything by then, agh, i almost want it to be dlc. does that make me a lazy gamer?
  4. the only time i use the saw is if i have damage boost, otherwise i feel like it just takes too long to kill. but I have similar feelings of it taking too long with the suppressor too, ehh.
  5. my gamertag is escapethetaco (it's stupid, i know, it's from my scene phase a couple years ago) and i was just looking for some people to play with since my boyfriend doesn't like halo. please add me on xbox and invite me to games bc i don't have **** else to do before/after work.
  6. ok so i've been trying to access war games for an hour now and it says only basic matchmaking is available? it says 8 people are playing and only in slayer.. how long will the servers be down? i just got home from work and all i wanna do is play some games. and every time it says player incoming, it cancels and says searching for player again. it's really frustrating, i'm not the only one experiencing this am i?
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