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Found 19 results

  1. Hello Community. This is my first post here, so here's to making good first impressions - for both of us. On the release date, I purchased the Halo 4 Legendary edition - which had, among other things - a "season pass", that was supposed to grant access to subsequently released maps. I downloaded the Crimson Map Pack no problem. I stopped playing halo, went to law school (if you're thinking of going - ******* don't), and now spring breaks comes and I have a little breathing room to goof off in. I fired up the old Xbox 360, and fired up Halo 4. I was greeted by a screen, showing that two subsequent map packs had been released, "Majestic", and "Castle". The system recognized that I had purchased the season pass, and the box specifying price reads "Free". No problems there. However, when I try to download the map packs, I get error code 80153003. This error code led me to XBOX Live support, where I spent 72 fruitless hours troubleshooting and not being called back when promised. Which I should have expected. I have been through the steps of: a) Deleting my profile, re-downloading my profile and then trying to download the maps. Deleting the "title update" for Halo 4, clearing system cache (3 times) and then re-downloading the title update, and then trying to download the maps. Each of these was met with no success. My first call to XBOX Live support ended with being told that there was ongoing maintenance on this very issue, and I was promised I would be called back within 24 hours regardless of the status of the progress. Needles to say, I was not called back. I called once the 24 hour window had expired, and was given the above troubleshooting steps. Once those were complete - to no avail - I was told there was ongoing maintenance on this very issue. Same promise, I was not called. I called again about 30 minutes ago, told them I had completed the troubleshooting steps and directly asked about the progress being made on the ongoing troubleshooting on this issue. I was told there was no troubleshooting on this issue. I kept my anger in check, and asked if there were further steps I could take to procure my content. They tried to tell me there was an issue with my Xbox communicating, which I immediately refuted. I preempted their line of questioning, and downloaded both the "Season 1.5 Spartan Ops", and "Championship" bundle, including the "Bullseye" map pack - both with absolutely no error codes, and they both worked perfectly upon download. When I told them this, they said it had to be a problem with the "servers hosting the downloads" and told me I needed to contact the developer. So here I am, at your mercy, $25 dollars out with only 1/3 map packs to show for it. I have a limited time to enjoy this game - Law School is a son of a ***** when it comes to eating your time. I really want to enjoy it this spring break. Please, someone help. Thanks for your time. P.S. I am also having an issue switching specializations - but the previous matter takes precedent. If we can get me the maps, I don't really care if I stay level 60 for eternity.
  2. Hello fellow members of the Halo community! As many of you have already noticed, many people are hitting the level cap of 130. I have a feeling that once more and more people hit that level, their will be a large demand for a new set of specializations. In fact, the chances are that they are already working on them! So this is a place where I would love to see some ideas for new specializations, including the armor and upgrades. See you on the battlefield! SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR LOADS OF GAMING CONTENT AND COVERAGE! www.youtube.com/TimeLessGaming9090
  3. First of all I am 43. Not some whiney assed teenager, or young child with nothing better to do. I have played Halo from the beginning, and never before has there been this xp cap/specialization lock. In less than a month (cause Legendary is way too easy) I have cleared the campaign, cleared spartan ops (up to this point), and reached level 70 only to find out that after paying 60 bucks for HALO 4, and buying a map pack (cause I have always bought every map pack) that all of that money was wasted due to some arrogant geek sitting behind a computer trying to figure out better ways to enforce greed upon the customers. Now I am stuck while my xbox live account timer is ticking away, till a ¨patch¨ is written to ¨fix¨ a problem that shouldnt have even been written into the program! So as of this posting I will have a full month of xbox live account time before 343 will have this patched. (or so they say) I can only think that there will be a whole NEW level when HALO 5 comes out, and am starting to have serious reservations about whether or not to buy that one when it comes out. Or to even buy the new xbox 720. (we have 5 xbox 360s in this household, REACH, MW3, H4, and two plain ones) HALO is supposed to be the flagship game of xbox, NOT the game that eventually causes its downfall. At the time of this posting it appears to me that xbox giving HALO to 343 is like a corvette being given to a 5yr old. All they can do is wreck it. How about we fire whoever came up with the following ideas, and give raises to whomever can fix 343 employees have made so far. 1. Whoever came up with throwing the damned oddball. 2. Whoever had absolutely NO imagination when they designed the armor. 3. Whoever came up with the specializations idea. 4. Whoever made Legendary so easy that a child could beat it within a 12 hour period. Even without the REAL WORLD way of saying it, number 5s skulls looking like they were drawn on with a crayon remains.
  4. To the Developers at 343, I, like so many people across the internet, am frustrated with your decision to withhold gameplay-affecting content from me because I was unable to play Halo 4 before November 20th and thus qualify for a specialization code. I have already spent $60.00 purchasing the game and an additional $20.00 to obtain an season pass for the DLC maps. My friends and I have spent literal days playing your great game and would love nothing more than to remain competitive by being allowed to progress and unlock the remaning Specializations and their respective upgrades. I wouldn't be upset if I was just missing out on vanity items, such as weapon skins and armor; however, I'm unable to access features that directly impact gameplay. I understand that you want to reward people for supporting your game early after release, but with content that can give them a direct advantage over people that were unable to make the early purchase? Seems like a poor business choice to me. All I'm asking, on behalf of frustrated consumers like myself, is to at least give us the option to give you more money for a feature that should have been available to everyone anyway. A Concerned Halo Fan, GT: TheFiddler28
  5. So apparently we don't deserve to have the same gaming experience as everyone else? Even if we've been massive fans of the franchise all-along, eh? That seems a bit unfair, and a great way to alienate your audience. Not to mention the fact that it's been called an 'incentive'. Perhaps no-one at 343 knows the definition of incentive, allow me to clarify; "A thing that motivates or encourages someone to do something" We have to know about it first... you know... If I'd known that I'd only be able to play half as much of the online multiplayer as everyone else, I probably would've sold old games. But here I was thinking that they'd actually release it soon afterwards. Hate to be the pariah here, but Bungie would never have done this, guys. :/
  6. Hi guys, Microsoft released an email explaining that Europe won't be included in the email list for the "Specialization Codes". It makes me sick to be honest! Email: ** To receive early access to Specializations, you must purchase Halo 4 Standard Edition and play the game while connected to Xbox LIVE by 11:59:59 P.M. Eastern Time on November 20, 2012. A download code will be sent to the email address associated with your Xbox LIVE account by November 30, 2012; any email returned as nondeliverable will not be re-sent. Limit: one code per gamertag. Xbox LIVE Gold membership required for Halo Infinity Multiplayer (sold separately). Offer available to users 17 years of age and older in the following Xbox LIVE countries: United States, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, and India. Offer is nontransferable, not redeemable for cash, and cannot be combined with any other rebate or offer. In New Zealand, only adult accounts (18 years of age and older) can download or stream content over Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the recipient. Download charges may apply as set by your ISP. For Xbox LIVE Terms of Use and system requirements, see www.xbox.com/live. Offer provided by: Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052. Really sad there is a link to the page at the bottom of this post, when you click it, scroll down to the bottom of the page and read the small print for yourself! Halo 4 Specialization Email Manga
  7. I FINALLY received my specialization code for Halo 4, all my friends had already gotten it and I was sitting there in the dark getting left behind. I go to enter my code and I get the "Code Not Valid" message and that "The code has already been redeemed. Please enter an unused code." I called Xbox Live and there was nothing they could do but suggest coming here and posting about this unusual case. They tried entering the code and it wouldn't work for them either. This has become an extremely frustrating experience.
  8. I'm going to do my best to lay out what I know here If you are not in North America you are not going to be receiving a specialization code If you are in North America and have not received a code you can expect to see a message over Xbox live with your code between 12-13-12 and 12-17-12 You may also already have the email, check all your folders including spam you might find the code Make sure you check the email you used when you first created your Xbox live account as it may be sent there If you have a code already but your specializations are missing check your memory and delete the specialization package, then redownload it If you went to the marketplace and downloaded the Crimson map pack for 0ms points I have bad news, the map packs are only free until 12-18-12 after that you will have to purchase them to keep using them unless you purchased the Limited Edition I hope this helps and if you have any questions feel free to ask
  9. MrZach

    Highly upset

    I reserved my copy of halo 4 and never received the xbox live message containing the specialization code. I called xbox and they told me that i can only get a code from 343 industries. How can i retrieve this code without having to pay any microsoft points?
  10. Hi people,I love elites very much,I am a big fan of them,but I wanted to know your opinion in Halo Campaign without elites.My opinion is Halo is not anymore Halo without our snoozy silly Covy,our Elites.For me Halo without elites is like sun without light.Make your opinions!
  11. I was wondering if anyone knows who to talk to about getting the specialization email. I played halo 4 before November 20th, and have achievements to prove it, I am in the US, and to my knowledge I have not received any emails regarding the specializations. I have checked all of my email accounts and spam folders, and it is not there.
  12. I pre-ordered Halo 4at Gamestation, and received codes for special Arctic BR, Oceanic armor, Specialization codes. i redeemed them all once i received the game and got the items, except for the specializations. a week back or so, my load outs were reset and now i can not find the items anymore. I tried to redeem the codes again but it says codes already used, which makes sense. I still have not reached level 50, so i cannot unlock specializations yet, but a few days ago ALL specializations were showing but locked, now the first two only show. So i take it my specialization code was reset as well. is this a bug, any body experiencing this? any mods or 343 guys can solve this or tell me who to contact at Msoft or 343, as i believe all codes that i have entered have been reset and are lost as they can't be re-entered appreciate the help
  13. Hey so I live in Denver Colorado and today is December 3rd, 2012 and it's currently 11:11 am. I still haven't received the early access to specializations by email even though I have played online everyday from launch through the November 20th deadline. Just wondering if anyone else still doesn't have their codes, and this is pretty ****ty because I'm stuck at level 70 without anywhere to go. Just looking for some feedback as to when/how I can obtain my early access code and continue gaining XP on Infinity War Games once again. Thanks, V
  14. Terrible thing happened today. I got my email with my priority specialization code. I went to redeem it, and somehow it was redeemed to another gamertag... not mine. It was an xbox live account I guess I had created long ago with the email address the code was sent to. Now my redeemed code is stuck in the depths of some useless gamertag with no history and no future activity. At my last wit, I ask for suggestions, though I'm quite certain there is nothing I can do. Would be great if an admin could help me out...
  15. Hi 343. I accidentally redeemed my code under a different user tag for the new specializations! I can give all the information and emails to prove this! Is there a way to get my code transferred or get a new code because of this innocent mistake? Please help I've just put 2 hour into talking to xboxlive Canada trying to figure out a solution for this... There must be something you guys can do. Thanks for making a great game Please help!
  16. So it goes without saying you people really don't care about us. Its hilarious to think your greedy organization would in any way benefit the halo universe. at the end of the campaign it thanks me for trusting you with the game I've grown up loving. news flash, it wasn't our choice. you selfish, greedy people already have our f%#$ing money and the front of page of your forums top story is the upcoming release of the STUPID MAP PACK. for people who have been playing this series for years, who followed all your guidelines in thinking they would receive their additional specializations, and then forcing the same people to remain at the same rank of 70 for 2 weeks without so much as an announcement is absolutely, ungodly awful. you should be ashamed of what you've done to this game and players perceptions of it. As well on your home page, you have a story ranking Black ops 2 as the current leader in multiplier numbers. DID THEY PAY YOU FOR THIS? ARE YOU THIS MUCH OF A SELLOUT? get the F%$#ing dollar signs out of your eyes, get your heads out of your A#@es and make your SH%$y game worth playing. at least with Reach when everyone hit the cap and started getting pissed off, BUNGIE LISTENED. what can your studio honestly be doing all week that warrants or requires such shameless money grabbing without so much as a confirmation of your inability? that's all we really want as a gaming community, for you to realize you are nothing in comparison to Bungie in terms of customer satisfaction or overall passion. I mean.. both the monthly challenges have been wins: do you have a [email protected]#ing monkey in charge of creating the challenges? put less time into art design and more time into retaining your fan base. oh wait, its not YOUR fan base. you stole it, milked it for all its worth (thanks to Bungies Success), and are now content with the next 3 years of your life paid for. YOU MAKE US ALL SICK, FIX YOUR SERVICE. the removal of this post will be undeniable proof of this comany's complete lack of accountability, and I look forward to when you're no longer feasible.
  17. Go to the following link and follow the instructions under bs angel's second post. You should receive your armor specialization code in an Xbox live message within the week. Please share this thread with others. Thankyou https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst155922_The-Official-Specializations-Email-Thread.aspx
  18. DOUBLE POSTED THREAD ON ACCIDENT If a Mod could delete this it'd be much appreciated.
  19. I've been reading a lot about people having issues with their specialization codes being sent to email accounts they created years ago. That sucks. I for one have another issue regarding the same topic. I remember my account information for the email and have received the code, however, my account is not the only account linked to this email. There are two Xbox LIVE accounts linked to the same Windows email and we are both big Halo players but there is only one code. I would suggest a fight to the death winner gets the code but let's be a little more civil for once...thoughts?
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