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Found 3 results

  1. I found out that there may be a halo RPG in the making, if there is I want to give 343 a little heads up about what we would want if they were making one; how it should play, what we would want out of it, and other things like that. What most people would want out of this a well made RPG that is close to an MMO. An FPS MMO RPG that plays somewhat like borderlands but alot more people
  2. I was just playing Halo 4 and Battlefield 3 and i was thinking, it would be cool if Halo was a bit like Battlefield. I guess people would only understand what i'm talking about if they have played battlefield. Instead of playing as overpowered/shield generated spartans, we could play as ODSTs, marines, engineers, marine force recon, snipers. I guess some people might say, who will fight who? mmm maybe marines against marines from different halo games? For example: Halo Reach marines vs Halo 3 marines, ODSTs vs Marines? To make it fair, and not biased it should be made so that being in different branches of the UNSC or being a marine or ODST doesn't make differences just difference in appearance. Or following the halo story line, it could be UNSC vs Insurrectionists and using different weapons from different Halo games, bringing back.. classic Halo CE assault rifle, SMG, Halo 2 & 3 & 4 BR, Halo Reach & 4 DMR and of course adding Covenant and Fore Runner weapons. Also unlocking attachments and making attachments affect the weapon and gameplay different. It would be hard to moderate and control the damages done by the weapons to make the game play fair and not biased. But it would still be cool. Multiplayer maps could be made bigger in scale to support bigger battles with much more people and vehicles. In Battlefield 3, there's always some form of vehicle you can ride: Jets, Tanks, IFVs, Helicopters and Jeeps. You could bring Warthogs Mongooses Pelicans HORNETS (I miss the hornet from Halo 3) Elephants Falcons Tanks [unlockable attachments for vehicles too?] and more. I guess what makes halo different from Battlefield, Call of Duty and many other games is its unique multiplayer, gameplay and campaign. And I understand that a lot of people may disagree with me and think this is absolutely ridiculous, but I don't know, I don't think it would be that bad. To add on, I know Halo 5 is going to be a Reclaimer Trilogy but who knows what Halo games will be like in the future? With generations of XBOXs to come Tell me what you guys think!
  3. Hey 343, I know that no one probably cares but I really think 343 should make a halo wars 2. Halo wars 1 was the most succssful console strategy game and is one of my favorites all time. I still play it often with the other about 9 thousand that are online.. I have heard talk about 343 thinking about kinect for halo wars 2 and I just wanna say don't do it. The game is great with the remote it just needs to be refined somewhat. Kinect would not sell well and it would flop if you were to add new feature and make the original system more appealing I could see it selling well. Some ideas for the game as a long time player 1. More leaders and options (no more then 4 more or else it would be overwhelming) 2. More maps and fix the stupid same map in matchmaking like 10 times in a row 3. Maybe a ranking system where you unlock items (make it more competative) These are just a few suggestions I'm sure you have heard others. Just atleast consider it I know I would buy the game along with many others.
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