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  1. welcome to our community if here's anything else you need, feel free to give us a call!
  2. welcome to our great community, feel free to ask any one of us for help or other etc. we're here
  3. Welcome to the Community! i hope you'll take time to ask one of our great community members
  4. they're really sooooo old! lol. just found them in my album. those are from my old Trial days.. i was just noob lol. i was known on here as Anakin Starkiller lol enjoy!
  5. but the next xbox were said to have only downloadable games, not hard copy of games.. if you think of it way, we're pretty much in Digital Age...
  6. well, i don't know what to say.. i just hope it did have backup for those.
  7. welcome back sir. since i don't know you, but i hope things will go great this way in our new year! new year = new life = starting over again.
  8. i thought you'd like to read this Memorial MP Service for Robin Sachs (Voice of Zaeed Massani) topic on BSN. i'll give you a nice starting topic on what it looks like over here. it was posted yesterday. Topic: hey folks i know some of you don't visit other ME3 related topics, but this is something i thought you should know. Rest in Peace, Robin Sachs (Voice of Zaeed Massani) you will be missed. but your characters will live on forever in thanks to you. and i'd like you guys to remember him by donning his armor color and whatever weapons you use, play as Zaeed Massani for Robin Sachs, it would be known as Zaeed Day. i hope you guys don't mind it. i'm gonna do that today. edit: for those that don't know how it happened, Robin Sachs was found dead in his home four days later (February 1st 2013) due to heart failure. (still not confirmed if that failure was the cause) he was living alone at that time. "Robin, thank you for everything you have done for us over the years. you will be missed greatly."
  9. i did few times, i even did the headless part lol. it was confirmed way way back then before Rockstar confirmed it was set in SA. fixed that for you! and yes i reccommend you should try out GTA games. well you now know.
  10. yes, but in Original SA, you can go underwater, but you'd have to hold breath and do it fast.
  11. take a look at License plate of Cheetah, you can see it says "San Andreas"
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