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  1. I may need to catch up on a list of games that need my attention for a bit. It's just been too hard to take H4 out of my XBOX!

  2. It looks like compiling this list took quite a bit of time, so props to you Crimson! Everyone should note though, that most of the listed suggestions are likely a bit more detailed on their original threads. You should keep this going, always updating your top post in order to keep all decent ideas listed current, as opposed to everyone reading the body of the thread always. It would require more work, but you could comb your thread, along with the others mentioned, in order to keep your list updated for quick reference. It would be awesome to see them prioritized by a "Must Have" section, and a "Other Things That Would Be Great" list. Take it or leave it, but that seems most beneficial to me for the list. Of course, a detailed blurb about each note would be cool too, but there's only so much time in the day. Keep up the good work sir!
  3. I did see it Crimson. I haven't had the time to read through it yet though. It seemed like your initial list touched on the points that have been discussed, but they were summarized in such a short way that some of the meat in the ideas gets lost. I'll keep an eye on what you have going on in that thread, but I intended this one to be an exploration of ideas that weren't just pertinent to Halo 5 Forge. In fact, many of the expressed ideas listed won't be possible yet in Halo 5. I'll still be trying to keep this discussion alive since I think it caters to the future of map creation as a whole for the series, as opposed to just the next step.
  4. I like where your head's at with the no pre-existing structures comment Abraham. I think that the Forge community was pretty upset about the inability to remove the main structure on "Impact". The assumption is that everyone will just build in there, but it seems like most people have avoided it like the plague. To coninue on that note, if we are offered maps that don't have pre-existing structures, as it should be in most cases, then it would be nice to have a few different options for very large aesthetic structures in the palette. These should be kept somewhat simple in order to avoid frame-rate issues, but would be really nice for solidifying the theme of a particular map, along with blocking off a large amount of space around the border.
  5. Any luck with this CV? My assumption is that the racing community tried to impliment every possible solution already, but it would be interesting to see if they somehow missed something.
  6. - CV So you're saying that you would like to be able to set items to show up differently for different modes of slayer. For instance, set a particular weapon or spawn area for "Slayer - FFA" instead of just simply "Slayer". If that's what you're asking for, then you're right, it would successfully keep you from having to save different versions of the map for various slayer gametypes. It seems like there would be a way to accomplish that now, but since I haven't messed with it much, then I'm not sure. On another note, could the racing leagues please get a legit lap counter in the Forge and/or a dedicated gametype? I really miss "Rocket Race", and it would be amazing to have a set of matchmaking playlists that were race based only! You could hop in and play singles just for the sake of racing, or try a doubles race playlist that includes battle tracks and drag race variants. I know that Turbtastic and Darkstar would be in love!
  7. Thank you to everyone who has offered me feedback on my "Observatory". It has come a long way since the MYM submission, and I can only hope that it's close to its full potential now. I'll be testing soon and posting the updated version on halocustoms.com, so keep an eye out. "The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary." - V. Lombardi

    1. Is not JL

      Is not JL

      Halocustoms is owrking for everybody but me......:(

  8. I agree with both of these. I had thought of the screenshot idea as well, which seems like a necessity. Forged matchmaking maps get looked over many times because people can't remember what the map is from the description. This would be great for the future of Matchmaking User Content recognition. I hadn't thought of the call out zones, but it seems legit. It would take some serious dedication to name the sub areas of your map, but there are Forgers out there that are committed enough to do so. This might also come in handy for one-way flood maps. The survivors could end up at a dead end, but their zone would indicate that they should be looking for a way in or are waiting for a timed lift spawn. Does anyone know why the current loadout cameras are always fuzzy? Was this just a glitch, or always intended?
  9. Did you read the article for comprehension? It states that you can breathe a sigh of relief because used games WILL be allowed on the console.
  10. The addition of "Magnets" in H4 Forge was clearly a hit. Unfortunately, they were more of a base-run than a home-run. As these magnets are refined for better position in the next Forge, we should also consider additional tasks for the little glowing balls of goodness. It would be nice to have two sets of magnets for each piece.... "Edge" and "Interlocked". In the same menu that you choose to activate or de-activate magnets, you should be able to choose between these two magnet sets as well. The "Edge" magnets would line up pieces so that they are flush, never overlapping. The "Interlocked" set of points would set pieces so that they overlap each other by a small amount, hiding any inherent visual edge that the piece has. In other words, the pieces would be designed to have standard visual characteristics, allowing the "Interlocked" feature to cover up any seems, essentially creating what looks like one larger piece. This would be amazing for creating more asthetically pleasing maps where one long wall looks like a solid piece and hides the work of the Forger.
  11. Is it just me, or has the community been asleep lately?

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      I've been asleep lately.....



      For the last couple days, up to a week.

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      Pretty sleepy round here. We need a good Halo 3 Play Date this Saturday at 8AM EST. And we're going to have one so everyone should be there..

  12. Thanks for the article Drizzy! And Redemption... thanks for the map and well thought out responses. Best of luck to you sir. Happy Forging!
  13. I have a few different ideas churning for the next map, but nothing has demanded my full inspiration. Also, it's hard to not just Forge in the "Secret Area" of Forge Island, even though everyone and their mother wants to build there.

  14. Continuing down our road of "Out-of-the-Box" idea exploration, I think that it would be pretty sweet if we could add dynamic loadout cameras. It would be nice if they were not blurry to start, as well as capable of pans/tilts/dolly moves. The point of these cameras is to give a quick highlight of the map while loadouts are chosen anyways, so it would be great to add some drama to the opening shot(s). Another nice addition could be the ability to set waypoints in any game variant. For instance, if the point of your map is to create progressive flood map travel for a team of survivors, adding a waypoint to focus their attention, or to offer a set of options for travel, would be great for the guided story telling aspect of their journey. These waypoints would, of course, have to be set to react to "triggers" or player progression during the round. This isn't thinking outside of the box necessarily, but it seems like a simple enough idea that should really be offered in the next Forge set of tools. Let us determine a set path for man cannons/lifts. A lot of time can be spent tweaking man cannons to ensure that they are flawless from any angle of approach. This is, often times, harder than it seems. Squally DaBeanz, and a few others, can tell you that you end up needing to "Forge In" the players by constricting their angle of approach. While this isn't always a problem necessarily, it does mean that you are required to Forge in pieces that you don't particularly like or need for the aesthetics of the map in order to properly control player movement. Like the primary lift on "Epitaph" from Halo 3, there is a very specific route that each player follows in order to consistently land in the same spot on the upper platform. Adding this tool would then eliminate the need for three different intensities of man cannons that all look the same. (Light/Normal/Heavy)
  15. Though difficult, I think that's part of the idea. Obviously, the bots would have to have some built in mechanics for recognizing placed Forge pieces, along with a set of tactic variants as mentioned above. With the new tools in place, it sounds like it could be achievable over the long term. Just like spawning and map testing, the bots interaction with your map would have to be tweaked and worked until smooth and correct.
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