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Found 7 results

  1. As we all know the Famous OHK Secondary weapon known as the Bolshot, was perviously Nerfed by having its blast range down to 15 M instead of 25 M. How have you been doing since that nerf? has it affected you?
  2. Me and a couple of friends came together to make this request list. This list mainly contains bugs within Halo 4.. We hope that you can fix these bugs As Soon As Possible, Thanks.. Feel free to add any other bugs/requests to the list.. Thanks Again.. REQUEST LIST: Please : add Forge World for Forge nerf the Mantis (make less powerful) fix the hit detection when meleeing fix the hit detection in general lessen/nerf the range of the scoped weapons *FIX MULTIPLAYER GAME LAG *Fix random rank crashes nerf frags (by a little) nerf the magnum *FIX FORGE GENERATING LIGHTING BUG (Switching from Forge Bot to Human makes the game lag while it slowly generates the lighting) Fix gun bounce when shot at (getting shot jerks your gun upwards) Fix the escape assassination bug (Some times whiles assassinating the person turns around and kills you) Add more War Games ****PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD ANY OTHER REQUESTS/NEEDS/BUGS TO THIS LIST, THANKS..****
  3. I'm sure there are many people out there, like me, that think the Jetpack kinda ruins the game and makes geometry obsolete. Now I know asking for it's removal may be a bit much, but I do have some suggestions to help make it a bit more balanced. Please add your suggestions/opinions too. 1. Drastically reduce amount of time of flight 2. Increase cool down 3. Don't allow shooting while jet packing. This is my personal favorite. This way the jetpack can still be used for mobility while restricting the ability to abuse the height advantage given from flying and shooting. You would still able to shoot in the air, just not while pressing the jetpack button. 4. Put the jetpacker in 3rd person momentarily, like the thruster pack.
  4. I was just wondering if there is going to be an update for Halo 4 soon.. There is a lot of bugs still and weapons/vehicles in War Games are WAY WAY WAY to OVERPOWERED ( O.P ) Whenever you shoot and kill someone with a DMR, the hit detection acts as if you always get a head shot (If you shoot someone in the chest, it will act as if hitting them in the head). This is really the main bug in War Games.. Other than that, there needs to be some weapon nerfing (make less powerful). The DMR is way over powered.. Even though its my favorite gun, it needs some better hit detection and a range decrease.. It can hit someone from across the map on Ragnarok.. Please fix this.. Other than that, Halo 4 is really good and was well worked on.. Just fix the bugs, have an update and BAM Halo 4 is rated the #1 Halo game.. Lol... Thanks for reading
  5. I created this forum to express my concern for the weapon balancing in game. I'm pretty sure you've heard this quite a bit, but I'm just going to come out and say it - the DMR is overpowered compared to any of the other guns in the starting weapon category, not to mention the underpower of my favorite weapon, the carbine. When the game was being created, I was very excited that I could throw Reach behind, because of the simple fact that the only weapon ever used in the game was the DMR. I'm not saying that this game is becoming Reach, and it's far from it, but I'm just a little worried about this unbalance. With all due respect, this needs to be fixed, because it's not very fun playing a match where everyone is using the same weapon, and I'm getting instantly killed with less than a second to react. I really hope that a solution is being formulated, and that this problem will be fixed in the very near future. I mean no disrespect to anyone or any member of the 343 team, and I just hope this will be observed. Shady
  6. Okay so I was playing me some halo 4 and al of a sudden I get completely **** on by a guy in the middle of the map with what seems to be a saw by the sound of it. So I go back to kill him with a grenade and a DMR shot but I get completely wrecked in about 3 secs again. Then a different guy comes along with what also seems to be a saw and does exactly the same thing. Then I manage to kill one of them and realise that they were using AR's.? So then I began to start using the AR in other games and basically was able to destroy everyone and I almost always had the disadvantage. I never had to melee anyone all I had to do was point and hold down the trigger and that was a kill. So what I'm asking is there anyone else who thinks that the AR maybe has a little to much juice.
  7. There are an alarming number of ways in which 343 attempted to build a successful game by mimicking COD: 1) loadouts 2) grenade indicators 3) killcam 4) ordinance drops 5) point system, instead of kill number 6) ** Spartan Ops, comparable to Spec Ops Halo 4 nerfs good players, and tries to make the game interesting to new players with easy kills and unlockable abilities. In reality, 343 has ended the unique and competitive experience that was Halo. This "evolution" is just an attempt to outsell COD. Bungie is laughing their heads off, as 343 attempts to outperform COD by imitation.
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