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  1. I know Live is not needed and there is plenty of a tunneling software out there already but in all honestly games dry up when these services are put in place. I don't believe netcode could exist in a state of perfection and without the LIVE service for this game, it may not of been ported over in the first place. All i wanted to do by making this topic was hopefully making 343i aware of the limbo state of the server and community. Hopefully ensuring I don't wake up and Halo 2s online capabilities have been cut short without notice. I will not use a back up service nor am I intrested in unofficial server support.
  2. I meant the server that finds the servers and the gfwl in the system, I am not new to things like x link, I am aware you will still be able to play it but not integrated into xbox live.
  3. Dear all, I have come to realise that Halo2 PC servers will not be online indefinately, this in itself is not a problem, a game like so many things in life has to come to an end and although Im fairly new to the PC version I have come to enjoy it very much. The population currently is past what many other publishers would deem dead and I am grateful for the servers being kept online. All I ask is that when 343i/Microsoft decide to shut down the severs please give adeqaute notice so the people who enjoy Halo 2 Vista can cram all the online play and achievements in before the close and have one final hurrah for the game. Thank you very much for your time, hopefully someone higher up will consider this at the least, Sincerely, HuxWard
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