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  1. 1. John Shepard (Mass Effect) 2. MC (Halo) 3. Booker DeWitt (Bioshock Infinite) 5. Isaac Clarke (Dead Space) 6. John Marston (Red Dead) 7. Spyro 8. Crash Bandicoot
  2. 10/10 It is simple and appealing. Perfect background.
  3. R rating probably would have given them more room to do certain things. Still, even with PG 13 im pretty sure they will handle it fine.
  4. Halo Wars 2 over anythang. Then ODST 2 and the inevitable Halo 2 Anniversary.
  5. Because people who have a large library of games don't want them to just be rendered useless when the new one comes. They want the freedom to be able to play them on the new console without having to plug in their old 360 (which they may not own anymore).
  6. Is that the insignia from Halo Wars on his right shoulder? It looks like a spartan from Halo Wars.
  7. May I propose that we move the time slightly up next time for us folks that don't live on Eastern Time!! Either way count me in for the next one.
  8. Halo Wars free (even though I have it) just so we can see a spike in population and some new friends playing. Also a drop in the DLC price.I'd like Fallout and CoD 4. And games that will be available will probably have a couple years on them I mean cmon H3?
  9. Totally agree with this guy ^ . What will happen when they decide to eventually drop Xbox One? I wont be able to play all the games I have accumulated. Xbox 360 I can just pop a disc or even on demand and play it once the service is done. I take physical over digital almost any day. I understand that digital has plenty of benefits but I dont think its worth it with all the dam restrictions we are getting with the Xbox One.
  10. "Now after all that I hope I swayed the opinions of the seven of you that actually took the time to read through that. I think the conclusion is that everyone should hold of on buying the new consoles and voice complaints. The limitations imposed by Microsoft on the One (which are the main problem in regards to the One) can be easily reverted with patches if enough people voice their concerns. The prices of both will be reduced if enough people voice complaints on the price." Agree completly with what you have said. And to add PS4 is giving third parties the ability to implement something like an online pass.
  11. I read that same thing earlier! Sad to say but PS4 is looking a lot better atm. I never thought MS would screw up so early.
  12. I heard they were charging for used games, anyone confirm this?
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