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  1. Following Activision’s recent Q4 2016 Earning’s Call, the company has confirmed massive layoffs despite an affable demeanor in the aforementioned conference. The cut in staff is alleged to be about 5% of the workforce, which is monumental after such a carefree conference. Activision Publishing is allegedly the only branch applying these layoffs, with Blizzard and MLG notably not affected. Developers Infinity Ward, Beenox, and Treyarch took the brunt of the hit, with around 20 people laid off at Infinity Ward, the developers of the latest entry in the Call of Duty franchise, Infinite Warfare. This also comes after Activision’s CEO stated that he felt Infinite Warfare did not resonate with fans, and promised a return to form in 2017. Activision reported a “better-than-expected” fourth quarter, citing record sales numbers. Their line-up for 2017 so far looks precariously slim, with only two main titles, Destiny 2 and Call of Duty, gracing the market so far. Source: Kotaku.com This post has been promoted to an article
  2. The cut in staff is alleged to be about 5% of the workforce, which is monumental after such a carefree conference. Activision Publishing is allegedly the only branch applying these layoffs, with Blizzard and MLG notably not affected. Developers Infinity Ward, Beenox, and Treyarch took the brunt of the hit, with around 20 people laid off at Infinity Ward, the developers of the latest entry in the Call of Duty franchise, Infinite Warfare. This also comes after Activision’s CEO stated that he felt Infinite Warfare did not resonate with fans, and promised a return to form in 2017. Activision reported a “better-than-expected” fourth quarter, citing record sales numbers. Their line-up for 2017 so far looks precariously slim, with only two main titles, Destiny 2 and Call of Duty, gracing the market so far. Source: Kotaku.com
  3. Hi I just wanted to know what you guys think about MW3 and other COD games. Personally I like MW3 for the multi player, the campaign's pretty good too. If you've got it, tell me your weapon, perk and map preferences.
  4. As we all know, all recent Call of Duty titles have had a 4 player co-op mode. The most popular was of course the Zombie mode with an infinite amount of waves of bloodthirsty zombies and easter eggs galore. This time though it's NOT going to be zombies that will be the 4 player co-op mode in Advanced Warfare. This time it'll be something a little more subtle. This new mode is called "Exo Survival" which, instead of zombies, will feature waves of hostile infantry, drones and mech. Fits in with the new theme perfectly! A new trailer with gameply of this new mode, along with a few other cool things to look at, can be seen down here: Here's a rough breakdown. -costomizable characters -"special" waves of enemies -Lots of mechs -Lots of bullets -Lots of carnage! Do you think this will be better than the old trusty zombie mode? Let us know down below! Thank you for reading! Source: Eurogamer
  5. At Gamescom 2014 in Cologne, Germany today Microsoft announced two new bundles releasing for it's next generation console, the Xbox One! If you were tuning in this morning to Microsoft's Press Event at Gamescom in Germany, you were able to get a world premiere look at some brand new reveals. One of the most exciting of these reveals was the announcement of two new bundles for the Xbox One, view-able on Xbox.com, this fall you can pick up a Sunset Overdrive bundle and a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare bundle. The Sunset Overdrive bundle includes a white Xbox One, controller, and a digital download code for the game with it's Day One DLC. The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare bundle contains a metallic Advanced Warfare themed console and controller, a copy of the Day Zero edition of the game, and any accompanying Day One add-on content for the game. The Advanced Warfare bundle also contains a massive 1TB hard-drive, equaling more then double the space of the original. The Sunset Overdrive bundle has not been announced to also contain this 1TB hard-drive as of yet. Both are available for pre-order right now, and the Sunset Overdrive bundle launches October 28th, the Advanced Warfare bundle November 3rd respectively. Both are available in limited quantities so pre-ordering early is essential? View attachment: bundles.JPG Are you going to be picking up either bundle? Discuss below everyone, thanks for reading!
  6. Hola amigos, you may know me by a host of different names, some call me Edward, some call me Vin, but one thing everyone knows me as is The Director (of the WNW)! For those of you that might not have known, this wasn't actually started by me, it was pioneered by Archangel Tyrael, so thank him for all of these reading sensations. Anyways, let's get down to it! We have Collector's Editions, Achievements, and more! View attachment: WNW 92014.JPG Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Achievements Revealed Are you one of the six people left on the earth that is excited for the next Call of Duty? If so I have good news, as a full list of achievements for the upcoming game Advanced Warfare have been revealed, thanks to IGN.com. While I can't list all of them here, a few notable ones are Carma, which you earn by killing an enemy with a car door, Maximum Overdrive, killing 50 enemies with your Overdrive ability, and Where Are You Going, by taking out an AST with an EMP grenade. And of course alongside these you have your typical campaign completion achievements for all 13 missions, and completing the entirety on the different difficulties. As well achievements for doing certain activities with your new EXO abilities are riddled through the list. Five achievements have yet to be revealed which look to be tied to an unannounced game mode, possibly an Extinction or Zombies mode. View attachment: cod_xbox360.png Are you amped up to earn all these new achievements/trophies in the game when it releases? Discuss below! Bloodborne Collector's Edition and Release Date Revealed When Bloodborne, From Software's (not from Software, the company's name is From Software, seriously) newest Action RPG from Dark Souls fame, was revealed at E3 2014, jaws were dropped and hype levels increased, so I'm sure you're just as eager as I am to find out a release date. GameSpot.com reports that at TGS this year the game was announced to have a confirmed release date of February 6, 2015 in North America and Europe. As well, a Collector's Edition was revealed, for a price of $79.99 retail price. It will include a Steelbook, the game itself, an Artbook, and the soundtrack. As well, a closed beta for the game was recently announced, with Sony Europe sending invitations. The game will release on the date above exclusively for PS4. View attachment: bloodborne-collectors-edition.jpg Are you picking up the Collector's Edition, the standard edition, or none at all? Let me know below! Destiny Breaks Twitch's Streaming Records, 20 Million Views Destiny can't seem to get out of our minds no matter what we do, it's like Activision has created another smash hit marketing machine that will last decades, and proof of this is some new record news from Twitch. GameSpot.com gave the news that Twitch announced for Destiny, how it had broken previous streaming records. Almost 240 Million minutes of streaming gameplay was recorded for the game, and videos garnered over 20 Million views. The game had made over $325 Million in revenue in the first five days alone! It seems to have outperformed nearly every game this year, even the huge hit Watch_Dogs. Twitch's marketing executive spoke on the matter, saying, "To date, Destiny is the biggest console game launch of the year on Twitch. Our passionate community of broadcasters attracted more than 5 million unique viewers in the first week." Bungie's community manager David Dague also commented, calling it nothing short of amazing. View attachment: Destiny_090914_16001.jpg What's your take on this news? Does Destiny deserve the attention it is receiving? Debate below! Thanks a lot for reading, a lot of this news was planned the night before, so I apologize if these articles don't seem insanely 'fresh'. Have a great day, and stay sexy people. Oh and by the way ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)‎
  7. Hello everyone, and welcome to another issue of the Weekly News Wrap-Up! Before I start, I'd like to honour my grandmother, Maria, who unfortunately passed on. Her birthday was yesterday and I went to visit her grave for the first time in years. She was an amazing woman, who worked all day and raised a household of three children in a country where immigrants like her had to work hard for every cent they made. May she rest in peace, her legacy live on. Now, unto the wrap-up. View attachment: WNW 80914.JPG Battlefield 4 Free On Origin For 7 Days Though many haven't heard, EA has launched a new rewards program on Origin known as 'Game Time', which was covered on the Weekly News Wrap-Up when Titanfall was free. Origin.com reports that this time players can get Battlefield 4 for free for the next week, an odd choice of game considering Titanfall, a much fresher game, came before this in the game time service. You can pick Battlefield 4 up on August 14th at 10:00 A.M. Pacific Time. Once you start playing, the clock ticks down, so if you choose to grab it now and don't play it for another week, fear not, for it's tied to each player's game time. If you wish to buy Battlefield 4 on PC after, all your achievements and data are saved thanks to Origin. The clock does in fact run down even while you're away, as long as the game is activated. View attachment: Free-Battlefield-4-China-Rising-DLC-Can-t-Be-Transferred-from-Current-to-Next-Gen-Consoles.jpg Are you picking Battlefield 4 up in this exclusive deal, or does it not interest you enough to snag? Debate below! Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PC Specifications Revealed If any of you are picking up Advanced Warfare over Steam this fall, you might be wondering what it's specifications are so that you can prepare your computer for the game, if so I have great news! IGN.com reports that Activision has shown off the specifications, and I'll walk you through them. You'll need Windows 7 or Windows 8, both need to be 64 bit. You're going to need an Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 2.66 GHZ (Gigahertz) or an AMD Phenom X3 8750 2.4 GHZ or better processor, with Intel Core i5 - 680 recommended. Next up, a MINIMUM 6GB Ram or 8GB recommended Ram, and 40GB worth of HDD space. A NVIDIA GeForce GTX or ATI Radeon are needed, with NVIDIA GeForce's better models being more recommended. Finally, any DirectX compatible sound card will do. To put that in perspective, Call of Duty Ghosts had nearly the same specifications, even down to the required space. View attachment: call-of-duty-advanced-warfare-key-art-01.jpg Is your PC up to par to run Advanced Warfare, will you be purchasing the game for PC? Let me know below! Far Cry 4 Creative Lead Discusses Game; Claims Improvements Made One of the hottest games of Fall 2014, Far Cry 4, the sequel to the 2012 action game Far Cry 3, has been critically acclaimed by critics so far with it's intense trailers and immense hype. WIth all of this hype however, people may fear the game is too similar to it's predecessor, but Creative Director Alex Hutchinson was interviewed and discussed his time on the project. He said, "For me, the most important things are enabling more player agency, building better tools and adding co-op so people can create more interesting player stories, and trying to make a seamless experience." He also described how gameplay would challenge the player in new and inventive ways, and among other things stated the fresh dynamic between the main protagonist and antagonist, with the villain of the game not actually wanting to kill the hero. Alex teased Spartan Ops-esque missions as well, set outside the main area, possibly connecting Far Cry 3 to Far Cry 4? For now, we don't know, he refused to comment more and told us we'd have new details on these missions, being developed outside of the Ubisoft branch making the main game, soon. View attachment: far_cry_4_new_game-wide.jpg Are you excited for Far Cry 4; Have you pre-ordered? Discuss in the thread! Thanks for reading everyone, gotta end here as I've gotta eat, but I'll see you all next week on the WEEKLY. NEWS. WRAP-UP. Badoosh.
  8. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Day Zero edition Pre-ordering Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will earn you the Day Zero edition. This edition will allow you to play a day ealier then those who didn't pre-order their copy. "But for how much more money P34nut?!" Absolutely none! The Day Zero edition will be sold at the regular price. So there's no reason not to pre-order this if you were planning to buy it anyway. Your local gamestore will deliver your pre-ordered copy on November 3rd which is the day before the official release date. (Which is November 4th if you weren't paying attention) Activision has stated that the stock is limited so you better secure your copy before someone else walks away with it. But the extra's don't stop there. You'll also recieve two new custom weapons as well as Double EXP during the 24 hours before the official launch. This edition will of course be available on all platforms which include last-gen, next-gen and PC. Has this persuaded you to pre-order the game? Let me know down below! Thank you for reading! Source
  9. Gameinformer keeps on releasing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. This time in an interview. Two studio bosses of Sledgehammer have been interviewed and have released some intresting info. The main question: "What makes this Call of Duty different than the others?" Sledgehammer states that they want to innovate the Call of Duty experience, but still keep the old Call of Duty feel to it. They wanted a new way to play Call of Duty. Hence the exo-suits. The exo-suits will change the way the game is played. Running up walls to add new ways to get somewhere and super jumps to get there. The reveal trailer shows the Golden Gate bridge being blown up and Sledgehammer assures at least 7 more of these event happening. But they don't want the focus on cut scenes and explosions. They want their focus on the emotional side of the campaign. "At this point in the gaming industry it's all about the emotional bonds, and we pay a lot of attention to this." -studio boss Glen Schofield The main character Mitchell, the man you play as, is one of the most important persons in the game. This is his story. About him, family, friends and his losses. That's one of the things that makes this game different. Mitchell is just your avarage guy that joined the army. It's pretty generic, but Sledgehammer did this intentionally. They wanted to start of with an anybody. He might have a little bit of a backstory but the main things you will experience is the stuff he goes through in the games timeline of 7 to 8 years. Through these years you will see your character grow and you will find out more about his past. Sledgehammer uses a storytelling feature that they call "Just in Time." Which means that Mitchell will tell his story during the cutscenes and provide you with what he knew at that time and give a bit of additional intel on the mission to come. You will see the story trough the eyes of Mitchell, adding to the immersion. He won't talk in the game itself because that means he will say things for you, and Sledgehammer doesn't want that. They want it the other way around. And since you can't speak for him, you can think for him. (This sounds kinda cool) Adding even more to the immersion is the fact that Sledgehammer has implemented minimal HUD. You won't see an objective marker or anything. They assure you though that it will be clear where you need to go. They have also taken away the action from the cutscenes and added them to the actual gameplay. (Please don't be quick-time events) Sledgehammer feels that if the game decides what to do for you you don't have a real connection with your character. So they got rid of this. Sledgehammers ultimate goal is to make this the most innovative Call of Duty to date. They want you to talk about their game like Game of Thrones fans talked about the 'Red wedding' scene. They want you to have that 'Damn, it's over already?!' feeling when you finish the game. And they'll really feel like they have accomplished something if their fans tell their friends to play their new game. Do you think Sledgehammer will accomplish this? As always leave answers and comments down below! Thank you for reading! Sources: http://nl.ign.com/news/9036/sledgehammer-wil-red-wedding-scene-in-call-of-duty ▲
  10. The next Call of Duty title, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, has been announced under Sledgehammer Games and Activision. Call of Duty: Ghosts, while having some good areas, was critically panned by most players as repetitive and stale, so naturally, the next game would need to out-do it's predecessor spectacularly. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the next step in the Call of Duty franchise, was revealed a few hours ago, but leaked information was shown quite some time back. Call of Duty's official channel made the official reveal, but Destructoid.com has the information beforehand. Destrucoid leaked the game surrounding a Private Military Corporation seceding from the US government. You play as a Soldier in this corporation, for once not under the US flag, under Kevin Spacey's character, who is the leader of this corporation. Exo-suits will incorporate as well, giving players a hefty library of abilities like cloaking, scaling, and jumping. The official trailer showcases Knight-esque Suits, possibly hinting at customization of our suits, and Spider shaped tanks in-game. The in-game graphics are, impressively, on an Xbox One, showcasing the system's power. View attachment: CoDAdvancedWarfare.png Are you going to purchase this next Call of Duty, or has Ghost left a sour taste in your mouth that may never heal? Let me know, and if you enjoyed this article be sure to Like and Comment, and leave feedback below, see you next time!
  11. The next Call of Duty title, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, has been announced under Sledgehammer Games and Activision. Call of Duty: Ghosts, while having some good areas, was critically panned by most players as repetitive and stale, so naturally, the next game would need to out-do it's predecessor spectacularly. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the next step in the Call of Duty franchise, was revealed a few hours ago, but leaked information was shown quite some time back. Call of Duty's official channel made the official reveal, but Destructoid.com has the information beforehand. Destrucoid leaked the game surrounding a Private Military Corporation seceding from the US government. You play as a Soldier in this corporation, for once not under the US flag, under Kevin Spacey's character, who is the leader of this corporation. Exo-suits will incorporate as well, giving players a hefty library of abilities like cloaking, scaling, and jumping. The official trailer showcases Knight-esque Suits, possibly hinting at customization of our suits, and Spider shaped tanks in-game. The in-game graphics are, impressively, on an Xbox One, showcasing the system's power. View attachment: CoDAdvancedWarfare.png Are you going to purchase this next Call of Duty, or has Ghost left a sour taste in your mouth that may never heal? Let me know, and if you enjoyed this article be sure to Like and Comment, and leave feedback below, see you next time! View full article
  12. Hey guys as most of you have probably read on the news page Microsoft has bought the rights for Gears of War and "tasked" Black Tusk with creating games for it. While I am not happy about this I want to know your guys opinion on it. Do you believe that Microsoft is going to pull a Capcom and start having them put out "Cash-In Games?" (Cash-In Game is a term that I use to describe games that were put out on the game market for the sole fact that the company knew that the franchise name alone would guarantee sales ex: Call of Duty or in other words the company do not have to put in any effort to make the game replayable or a "good game" in the sense that the majority of players would call it well made or basically some title that the company can CASH IN on.) so my question to you guys Do you believe that Microsoft is going to turn Gears of War into a Cash-In Game? [ ] Yes [ ] No
  13. Quickscoping Montage http://youtu.be/k43ZxLyQZhA This was my first montage guys! I worked on this for 3 days, i put a lot of time and effort into this video so i hope you like it! Leave any comments or questions down below and i'll be sure to answer them
  14. Hey what up everyone!? Iv'e had an idea for a long time that there should be a game made in the Halo universe using the same play style as Star Wars Battlefront. You play as either the UNSC or the Covenant from a first person shooter perspective. As humans you would mostly play as marines which would allow for a very realistic rendition of the Halo universe (quicker kills, true effects of plasma, blooming crosshairs, unstable crosshairs, lower jump, slower sprint). Not only is this a perspective I would enjoy playing, but I think it would draw a lot of CoD fans/Battlefield fans to play Halo. Obviously the really dope part would be playing the covenant from a first person perspective... or at all. Anyway, I personally have an idea in my head of how I would make it, but what does everyone else think?
  15. So basically, Nazi Zombies for Halo 4 was created by 'AnEpicPotatoe'. You can find the gametype and a map made by him. It requires 12-16 players where 5 players start as zombies and the rest are separated into 2 teams of humans. The zombies can jump but walk slowly. They need to break through windows to infect the humans. The humans need to survive for as long as they can but can't jump. The humans start off with magnums. Humans' shields recharge, but zombies' don't. When a human gets enough points, they can call in an ordnance drop. If they choose grenades, these can be thrown at circular plates above the doors which will reflect them to destroy the doors and move through. Otherwise, they can take whatever other options they have. It is really fun and I highly suggest checking it out. Also, try making some new maps for it, remember to put 'NZ_' in front of your map name. For example, 'NZ_Ascension' (they don't have to be real zombie maps). Thank you for reading and I hope you check this awesome custom game out. I did not make the gametype or any map for it, I'm just promoting it. I really hope this becomes a big thing because it deserves recognition. Thanks again for reading.
  16. This thread is contributed towards the video game Black Ops 2. Those who read this are reading back-to-back spoilers, which is my term for saying, spoilers that change the campaign. There are different scenes, and 2 different endings, (this entire paragraph is a spoiler.) When you play as Farid, you have a chance to prove yourself loyal. Menendez wants to know who the spy is, if you shoot Harper, you prove loyalty. (Farid is never mentioned again in the game.) If you choose to shoot Menendez, he blocks it and calls you a traitor, then shoots you; Harper stays alive. (This impacts the campaign, 'Karma' dies in a future cut scene, and Harper helps you out a lot throughout the campaign.) Another mission, you play as Menendez, you have the choice to kill or wound Admiral Briggs. ('Karma' is killed if you chose to save Harper, or Karma is saved if you chose to kill Harper. She is mentioned twice if she lives after this scene.) Salazar pleads Menendez to just wound him. If you choose to wound him, China blames America for everything because the drones belong to them. (Admiral Briggs is never mentioned again.) If you choose to kill Admiral Briggs, China decides to work alongside America. (Depending on if you saved Harper or not; Harper will kill Salazar on sight when you see him again when he's captured.) Final Mission, at the end you have the choice to either kill Menendez or arrest him. If you choose to Arrest him, a year later he escapes a containment facility and goes to meet Frank Woods, he then tells Frank “I knew Josefina lived the entire time, when you threw that grenade. I saw her files, she died from the fire.” then he cuts his throat with a pendanant. If you chose to kill Menendez, David and Woods go to the cemetery for memorial day to visit Alex Masons grave, David says he's done with the military, just for his father. Later, a riot breaks out in America, and a revolution begins, the White House is burned and the military is crippled and the PDF rise. (Which are Menendez's private military/terrorist group.) At the very end of the cut scenes, Menendz and Woods play a song just for fun. This cut scene is non-cannon, but it happens at the end of the game after the credits, no matter what. Woods gets out of his wheelchair and Menendez says “Wha-?” and Woods says “Oh that old piece of garbage? I'm just to lazy to get up and walk around.” This ends the game. Thanks to those of you who have read this. My first playthrough was by killing Harper, wounding Admiral Briggs, and Arresting Menendez. My second playthrough was having Farid die, killing Admiral Briggs, and killing Menendez. I do not know if this changes the campaign ending results, but give it a try if you wish! I just posted what I have done. There are 2 more alternate cut scenes involving DeFalco, and another involving Kravchenko. This video is the alternative endings.
  17. Currently Recruiting: CoD Series, Halo Series, BF Series, and MoH Series We what have to offer: #1 clan on top100clans.com 2000+ active members! Organized Military Style Structure Multiple Gold Elite Clans Premium & Non-Premium BF Teams Active, Friendly Forums Family Atmosphere Organized Military Style Structure Community Events - In-Tournaments – Battalion Wars Competitive GB for Every Series Competitive FraggedNation for CoD Series Graphic & Design Teams Event Staff - News Team Forge Team Members Worldwide And Much More…. JOIN IconiK NOW! To join use THIS LINK and click register. When registering you must put IconiK Khaos as your Referrer. After registering message me back on this forum, or message IconiK Khaos on the IconiK Gaming site. If you’re looking for an active fun community then IconiK is for you. We have something to offer every kind of gamer from the Casual to Competitive. I look forward to seeing you there! [/center]
  18. Hey, I am the president of a gaming community called United Nation MLG Klan's. We do have clans (which we spell it as Klan's) for XBOX 360/LIVE games only such as Halo Reach, Halo 4, Black Ops, Black Ops II, MW3, and possibly MW2. If you are interested and maybe want more information and/or join the gaming community (UNMK), please check us out at our website by copying and pasting the following link below: http://unmk.shivtr.com/ Thanx and hope to see you soon! -Sincerely, President of United Nation MLG Klan's CXxELITEmilexXN- XBOX LIVE gamer-tag
  19. My name is Steven and I am leaving for the military on Feb. 5th, I write this in the hopes that the story and the game that I love does not become a shadow of its former self. I am not some random noob or person who just wants to complain because he sucks. At the time of me writing this my K/D is 2.12, I have every achievement in every halo game except the 3 in this game for the Spartan-Ops missions that are not out yet and the one for completing the game on co-op (I just have not felt up for it). Please ignore the spelling and grammar mistakes I rushed this, and have not had it edited. Since this game has come out I have talked to people and tried to find out what there take on this game is, and through my talks with random people and my friends I have found problems with the game, dislikes, and a general feel that this game did not live up to the other halo games.” I tolerate this game, its good enough. I have come to the realization that we are not going to get a halo 2 or 3 back. I am just happy all my friends are online playing the same game again. I feel that it’s just above halo reach in quality.” That was a quote from a person I met today. This is supposed to be a critique of this game not to bash it. I have made some of my own opinions about this game since it has come out, and I do not believe that it measured up to the halo franchise. (by the way I don’t write on blogs, I have never gone online and critiqued games or anything, this is the first time for me because usually I take games and entertainment for what they are and what they were meant to be, but halo is different. I have been a fan since the beginning, eleven years ago. I will break up my case into critiquing Halo 4 into three main parts, one for Campaign, Multiplayer, and Spartan-Ops with a follow up at the end. Also keep in mind that these are points of interest that I have discussed with friends, and random players. Feel free to add or argue but do so objectively. CAMPAIGN Throughout the halo games there has always been a feeling of greatness, of mystery and wonder, you were a Titan saving insects from the wrath of Gods, trying to survive against the evils of Pandora’s Box that was opened in the first game… HALO. You had no idea what was going on but it looked cool it felt awesome and you were a badass on a mission. At the end of Halo one you were filled with feelings of accomplishment, wonder, and excitement, armed with the knowledge that you just stopped an entire fleet of alien enemies hell bent on killing you and humanity don’t forget the flood that would have destroyed everything, as well as stopped a weapon that would have wiped out everything in the galaxy and you did it in style and lived. You were jazzed and fired up for the next game and it was delivered. Halo 2 it brought with it new weapons, enemies, new Halo and a story that that rivaled that of its predecessor. At the end of Halo 2 when Lord Hood asked “Master Chief mind telling me what you’re doing on that ship” and the Master Chief responded “Sir finishing this fight”, You were again ecstatic, maybe more so than at the end of Halo 1. I could go into Halo 3, it was a great game especially the campaign and it again the ending made you fired up for the next game, but this is about Halo 4. I just wanted you to remember the feeling of those games and how great they are the feeling you got when you played them, but when you get to Halo 4 before the game even comes out you know who you are fighting, the Forerunners. You know the covenant is back, you know that the “ancient evil” is going to attacking humanity and you know that the Master Chief will stop him and that Spartan 117 will not die. Through the game I felt like I was just going through the motions. Not everyone I have talked to had the same though I did when I went through the game but enough did that I will make mention of it and that is when I saw the game play trailer I had an idea of what this game was going to be like and that was that a human ship would stumble onto a forerunner shield world and Spartan 117 would miraculously come back from the dead and save the ship, I thought it was going to be like going back to Halo 1, the way there was a lost human ship and the chief would be fighting to save everyone and get home. In that way it looked similar, but it did not feel the same. The feeling of mystery, and wonder was gone, the great unknown was gone and you were left directionless. I’ve heard in vidocs that they wanted to make the Master Chief seem more human, less like a machine, but that made no sense to me because the Master Chief since the first Halo game embodied the best of what it meant to be human and that is Courage, Self sacrifice, and a willingness to never give up, the point is moot. It might sound funny but ill say it any ways, Catholics are told to be more like Jesus, to better themselves to be the best human they can be and strive for perfection, but perfection is unattainable to humans as we are not at all perfect. The Master Chief is almost like that as a Character in that he embodies the best of what it means to be human that’s why he is such a great Character. When the Master Chief said its our duty to protect humanity no matter what the cost, that is part of what it means to be a soldier. Soldiers are not just any one, they are people who have dedicated their lives to service to put others ahead of themselves for the greater good. They are trying to turn him into something he is not, I do not need the badass that survived Halo 1,2,3 to have PTSD, to see a shrink daily, or anything else to know he is a human being. At the end of the credits on legendary in Halo 1,2,3, ODST, and even Halo Wars it was a great ending it left you longing for the next game, it left you mystery, it left you something to hope for. At the end of Halo 4 it was like a slap in the face. I don’t want to have to be so uptight about it but YOU NEVER SHOW THE MASTER CHIEF’S FACE, not even a part of his face, that was an insult to all the Halo fans that have been here since the beginning. That is one of the truth’s in Halo. And it was not like the other games where you see a glimpse of something, no it was some random stuff mixed with the DIDACT’S voice, so again thanks for spoiling. I only make mention of this because someone wanted me to and that is, the description in the books does not match what the Didact’s was in the game, and he wants to know why did he look like Voldemort, and a couple people agreed. Also there was the spoiler from the Didact that the librarian is dead. In this game the marines are helpless, it no longer feels like they are humans that will head into a fight with you, they just feel like babysitter for things you find in a game. In the other Halos marines weren’t the greatest assets, but when you loaded up hogs with marines caring snipers, Spartan lasers, and rockets, you were a beast; you made it your mission to make sure all of you marines survived. There was a connection in the fact that they were humans. In the other games they felt like your buddies, guys that fought beside you. They may not have lived long if you hadn’t showed up being the badass that you are humanity laid down the law when you ran through High Charity with a pack of marines taking out everything between you and you objective. Now there are Spartans everywhere joking around and just taking over, what does it mean now to be the Master Chief, What does it mean to be an ODST, or a Marine. It used to be one game ago that ODST’s were complete Badasses that they were about one step away from being Spartans. ODST’ was an amazing game, by far a better campaign, in the way it played, felt, and the comedy; all the characters were top notch. The Master Chief will always be my favorite character (so long as they keep him the man that he is) but Buck and Sergeant Johnson are right on his heels. In this game they have stripped away a lot of what made the Master Chief, ODST’s and Marines special. Damn I miss Johnson. On more than one occasion I walked around a corner and was instantly shot and killed by a crawler with a binary rifle. In halo 2 it sucked squaring off against jackals with sniper rifles because they could shoot you in the eye well over a mile away, through trees, while it was snowing. They did not need to up the ante by giving it to a crawler mixed in with other crawlers and on top of that give him the ability to see through walls. The rate that you are killed in this game is more than any others, and even though Halo 2 had the jackals that never missed it was always doable, and on top of that it was fun. In this game everything rushes you nonstop, it makes it fast pace however I miss the flow that the other games had, to me Halo 2’s and 3’s was the right pace. Over all I believe that this game’s campaign did not live up to the other games, a lot more could have been done and needs to be done. There are a lot of key elements missing from this game that it felt off and wrong. I know the bar is set high with the other Halo games but they had those games as templates, I really needed to feel like this game was the best yet and I wanted it but they tried too hard. Halo 1,2,3, ODST, WARS all felt like a Halo game. As for Halo Reach I believe that the multiplayer felt like a Halo game except that it was not as good as the others(more for noobs), that said the story line in the Halo universe is messed up. In the books the pillar of autumn was already in space. Its was no surprise when the Covenant showed up, in fact the UNSC had time to call ships to defend REACH. It was not Spartan 3’s but Spartan 2’s that defended REACH. Dr. Halsey did not know about Spartan 3’s till after she got to ONYX (a forerunner Shield world), as well as other things. So there are some inconsistencies, and it sucks to have every book and game and then be told that some of the books I bought, there stories don’t mean anything, forget about them we took a different path. However I do feel the story telling in this game was great, the videos were great, and how they told the back story of humanity was great. The relationship between Master Chief and Cortana was done perfectly, as well as the sentiment between Dr. Halsey the Master Chief so said my friend even though there was not much on the subject. I really enjoyed the end of the game, the way you fought the battle combined with the music which provided a sense of urgency, a desperate but noble fight for survival, the way its rhythm made a dance out of every move you made, everything became a song of battle that you composed. It was fight worthy of a Halo game. I do miss the old music, it was very much a part of the Halo experience, and to forsake these things that have been the foundation of this game is to invite destruction. I did like a lot of the campaign and may of the people I have talked to like the campaign even with its flaws or short comings, that said I hope for the game that I love to return from its slumber. MULTIPLAYER Since Halo 1 the creators of this game have strived to make Multiplayer better and better, just like the Campaign, and each time they succeeded Halo 1 was great but they did not have online capability. Then Halo 2 shows up bringing with it enhanced game play, online interaction. It was advanced yet simple it had a rhythm to it that was for many gamers… perfect. When asked today if they could be playing any Halo game with an abundance of players the usual answer I receive is Halo 2 or Halo 3, but mostly 2. It is for many gamers obvious that Halo Reach and Halo 4 are failures. If you are looking for proof just ask random people what Halo game they would rather be playing. I refer back to the quote I took from a person I met the other day “I have come to the realization that we are not going to get a halo 2 or 3 back.”. if that is what people want I ask myself why is it being denied? The only answer I can think of is that 343 has just taken over and they need to make this game their own because no matter what the cost. 343 just inherited the Halo franchise, a story line so rich with back story and success, so they feel they need to make the mark and so the start putting their mark on everything whether it is a mistake or not. Ill start to list the problems I have found with this game as well as dislikes from not just myself but from the gaming community. Grenades don’t do as much damage (you can walk over a plasma grenade and live. Spawns are set up so people spawn all over the place, creating cluster f%*ks. Maps are not as good as pervious halo games leading to the general feel that there are only 3 good maps, and it’s not that they are good but that they are tolerable. No red X on bodies. It was a useful tool and it gave a sense of direction. You slow down when getting shot even when getting shot in the back, which really sucks when you spawn out in the open and you cannot run away. Party details are not able to be views like in the other games, again it was a useful tool. Carbine is underpowered, and not as accurate as it should be. In general there are so many inconsistencies involving the weapons that the only reason people used certain weapons is for the commendations. Again I believe that classes need to be taken out or limited to like 2 game types. When you are joining a game and you know you don’t want to join in the middle of a game you cannot back out of the search. Ordnance disappear sometimes and you can’t find them. Shots seem to be inconsistent when It comes to where a head shot is, people say they now have to aim just above canter mast for a head shot, and that when they are aiming at the head bullets go over. This game has become more about unlocking things and getting items than remaining true to the Halo style game play. Having got the limited addition meant I spent a hundred dollars for a couple weeks of early access to the specializations. Credit caps are more frequent in this game than any other, and I am wondering why have them at all. If you play the game you get credits, easy. If it’s because you don’t want people getting to far ahead of the others, don’t make a game focused on stuff or leveling, take a page out of Halo 2 and that is that rank is just a byproduct of fun. You don’t have to be good at this game anymore because everyone has a sniper rifle, a rocket launcher, a Spartan laser or any other power weapon on speed dial. Everyone spawns with a shotgun (bolt shot) so they can camp around corners, a plasma pistol to take out vehicles, or any number of preset classes for any event. The best way I can describe this game and quite possible the Halo franchise now since Halo Reach is that it is Communism, 343 has put everyone one the same playing field, pros and noobs. Weapons disappear way to fast When playing the Flood game type bulltrues still don’t mean anything because you still die. And this version of zombies, even though it looks cool it is still not as fun as Halo 2’s, Halo 3’s, and even Halo reaches. That said it is close between halo reach’s and Halo 4 but I think that might be because Halo 4 is still so new. A lot of tried and true playlist that have been around since Halo 1 are not in this game and are having to be taken in and out as if for trial and error. This makes no sense because all the other Halo games had them and they worked. Just seams like people who don’t know what they are doing took over. You can get thrown into losing games. I have a bit of experience with this, I have been thrown into a game and as soon as I got in it said game over. That is BS, and because of that win lose ratio really means nothing now. Also it is not fun to join a game half over; I always want to start at the beginning. It is nice to join friends if they are down a guy (and sometimes it won’t let you join, you just sit there waiting for it to be over) but if that is the only positive I would rather have the old system in use. Also another point when people join a losing game and there is no penalty for leaving do you really think they are going to stay? The answer is no. So I just realized that when they bring back the Halo 3 style Ranking system it is going to be really screwed up since you get thrown into losing games. In halo 3 when you lost a game your points got taken away from your rank and when you win points get added to your rank, so if you enter games and instantly lose your rank is going to be terrible unless you always have a team. Again I don’t think they know what they are doing. You can have a game start 5v3 or 4v2 instead of it waiting or mixing it up. The ghost is now a mini tank. The covenant have contracted Volkswagen to make their ghost, seeing that when you shoot the ghost’s fuel tank on the side with a snipe round it won’t blow up, and sticking it won’t kill the driver any more. Its like a mix of the Halo 1 ghost (it being a tank making it hard to kill the driver) and Halo 2’s in which it can boost. Inconsistencies in plasma grenade kills. I have seen the driver of a warthog get stuck while he had a gunner and neither died. I have seen the passenger side of a warthog get stuck with a driver and a gunner in it and the driver dies, and that is just to make a point I have seen a lot more BS. There was no explanation as to what specialization did what, how to use them or even the fact that you could not use it till you got ten more levels, and also that it would take the place of a perk. When did Halo get bought by infinity ward? This game has literally ripped off the Call Of Duty games. That’s one of the biggest things I have heard from people. Perks, weapon drops, weapon skins, classes, mini missions involving the campaign(Spartan-Ops), kill cam, and other random things. THIS IS NOT HALO. This is a poor recreation of COD. I have hear that the reason is for profit, and the reasoning is that they have the halo fans but they want to try and get COD fans. If that is the truth and even if it is not than people will stop playing this game. This game revolves around perks and classes now, my Spartan, my battle hardened futuristic soldier does not understand how to pick up a grenade off the ground unless a perk tells him how to do it, WTF. DMR fire can take out tanks. I don’t know what they are making tanks out of in the future but our tanks today can stop small arms fire. If they were using armor piercing ammo that would go through a tank then Spartans would be dead in a couple shots. My friend brought up a point that I will add for him, and that is the DMR was used in Halo Reach, in the story line that is before Halo 1. The DMR is the old outdated model that the Battle Rifle replaced, and that is not in any game or event after Reach, so then why is the DMR better than the Battle Rifle. What this game needed was just one of those guns to come back, and in my opinion it should have been the Battle Rifle, A. because it makes sense storyline wise, and B. I enjoyed using the old style Battle Rifle more. This new one is a poor remake that just looks flashy. I do not believe a map pack should be coming out this close to launch date. This game like the others should have been stocked with a wide verity of maps, not a few which are basically the same and then bring out a map pack that you make people pay for just after the game comes out. It shows that you do not care about your fans, just money. In certain maps the return to battle areas doesn’t make sense where they are placed. In Ragnarok, near red base there is the water way that has a tunnel, when flying there with the banshee you receive the return to battle message. I believe this is to prevent people from sitting up there, however they missed spots because I’ve been killed from there and have confirmed you can stand up there in certain places. It has been brought to my attention that Sprint needs to be taken out. I like sprint, I’ve used it since reach, in fact that’s mostly all I used but over all its is contributing to the breaks in the game. There is bad lag in this game some times in which it effects who takes the lead, who wins and losses, I thought the 8.8 gig download was supposed fix that. Its either solid or terrible; if you have played this game you have probably experienced it more than a few times. The text in this game is extremely small, if you have a large TV you are ok, but if you have a small or medium chances are you are sitting real close. More often than you think voice communication in this game cuts out. I have noticed that when I am in a party people are asking me “are you gana answer” “did you hear me”. It is very annoying. Emblems are gone. Emblems used to part of peoples identities, a lot of people had emblems since Halo 2 and you might not think it’s a big deal but many people I have talked to are upset that they are no longer allowed to have back that piece of them selves. Medals. There is a medal for everything. Nothing is special anymore. Also the medal for head shot is gone. People are telling me that they want it to be like Halo 2, 3, and reach where they can review medals and care that they got things. I believe that when you get shot you should back out of zoom, it took skill to be a sniper, and a real sniper would not stay zoomed in when getting shot. Also I don’t know if I mad mention of this and that is that most of the Forerunner weapons are over powered, yes when you have it is good for you but again when you give it to everyone it breaks the game, and there should not be a one shot one kill anywhere on the body sniper rifle. There are a lot of cool ideas in this game, but they should have been the exception not the norm exclusive to a few playlists, and I think that 343 is figuring that out judging by the way they are taking playlists in and out. Again it is disappointing to find out the new people in charge of the game you love don’t know what they are doing and won’t admit to it. What I see happening since Halo Reach is when they make mistakes they cannot admit to it, they bulldoze through hoping something will take off and that people will forget about all the crap they put us through. Again since Reach the community has been saying what they want but the call to be more like Halo 2 and 3 has been ignored. These are just the ones I have been able to think of and get written down, I know there are other problems that I am currently forgetting and I am hoping that they are brought to the table and discussed so that the Halo franchise can get back on track to being the best game that it can be, instead of a game that you don’t need skill to play, a game that just feels like nothing matters, and the only reason you play is to remember the good old days before it started taking a nose dive. I love the Halo story and games, and the multiplayer is a big part of it. I do like that they have new weapons and tried to up the ante, but I believe that 343 was so caught up in trying to up it that they lost sight of what they were supposed to be creating. There were a lot of good ideas in Halo 4 but there are a lot of places this game should never have gone, because where having a sniper rifle that will kill a person if they get shot in the pinky tow is good for the person using it is bad for the game as a whole because it breaks it. That is not the only thing that has led to this game being subpar and not a Halo game, again giving everything to everyone all the time in not good, the way everyone has power weapon on maps where you run around in circles is not the makings of a great game, and defiantly nowhere near a Halo game. 343 tried too hard, put too much in, they were to caught up in trying to make it there’s that they made something other than an Amazing Halo game. What they have at the moment is NEW and DIFFERENT, and soon that will where off and my thinking is that people will not play as much as they did in the other halo games. I am not trying to bash on this game, I wanted this game to be the best game yet. But I don’t believe it is and I think that unless 343 listens to the community and brings back the way it used to be, Halo might end up a sinking ship. SPARTAN-OPS I have mixed feelings about Spartan-Ops, on one hand I like the fact that the story progresses even after the campaign has ended. I love the videos, the way they are done is excellent. On the other hand actually playing them is not that great. The Idea of Spartan-ops is great but I think that people had something else in mind when they heard what it was before it came out. When I heard about it I was ecstatic, it was supposed to be a way to keep the story line alive long after I had finished the Campaign, it was going to be new missions, new stories, new places all the time, but after it came out I had a completely different feel for it. I am coming back to write this after I just played a few Spartan ops on legendary by myself and I am going say that I am really pissed off right now. I was spawned in front of gold elites with fuel rod cannons and a bunch of jackals and grunts about 9 times, there was no cover and they all kept advancing without fear for there lives. BS. I did not get screwed on spawns like this in Fire Fight. When I went to play Spartan-Ops I was disappointed to find out I could not play it offline, it also disappointed me when Spartan-Ops episode 2 came out that they had just recycled the same maps and changed some stuff around. What also ticks me off is that they are super short and even if you are doing an objection all it amounts to is getting charged all the time by enemies. Granted that’s what Fire Fight used to be was just wave after wave of enemies, but at least you could control it, change weapons, how many enemies you fought, what types, maps. But when you get down to Spartan-Ops they are short and kind of annoying. an example is the Spartan-Ops where you get thrown out of a portal into a bunch of enemies and you are dead in a couple of seconds. I have also been respawned 8 times in front of 3 elites with fuel rod cannons, 2 elites with plasma rifles, and 4 invis elites with swords, and when I say in front of I meant I was 3 ft away from them, o and I spawned behind them with no cover and no way to get back to my weapons. I asked friends and random people what they would rather have as far as Spartan-Ops and Fire Fight, many tell me that they would want both, when asked to choose most tell me Fire Fight and those that said Spartan-Ops really just want it for the videos and story, and they wanted me to make a point of saying that if the videos were just something online that would come out without Spartan-Ops that they would take Fire Fight. I would like to have both as well. Again I will side with what others have said and that Is that it is mostly for the videos, as far as game play I would much rather have Fire Fight. Halo ODST had one of the best Horde modes I have ever played hands down, I still like to go back and play it. I believe that Spartan-Ops was 343’s way of trying to put another stamp on the Halo franchise, but what they should have done is keep Fire Fight make it to where you can use forge on certain maps to create a Fire Fight level how you want and make it to where you can have multiple Races on the map fighting each other, like Covenant, Prometheans, Flood, and humans in a box you made fighting it out. Now that would be something new and note worthy, plus you could make Spartan-Ops missions as they are now with such a tool, and in my opinion that’s exactly what they should have done, to me that was the evolutionary path that, Fire Fight was supposed to take. Follow Up So overall for the three parts of this game I felt that the Campaign was good, but it was not great, it did not come close to Halo 1,2,3, or ODST. It was better than Reach’s Campaign only because Reach’s has so many discrepancies from the Halo story that already existed in the form of book’s that it felt like a slap in the face, and that the creators of Halo did not care about the people that have invested a lot of time and passion into the storyline. I really felt that this game could have been much better, especially if they spent more time in some areas, and did not try to make problems and issues out of things that were insignificant, things that were never an object of concern or interest. The constant fighting between the captain of the Infinity was very cliché, it made you feel like a bad guy and seemed like a poor way get 343’s point across that the Master Chief is human and not a machine. Which I again dispute that there was never a question as to whether the Master Chief appeared human, he embodies the best qualities of humanity, courage, self sacrifice, and a willingness to never give up. The cinematic videos in this game are the best yet. But again I am angry and very adamant that the Master Chiefs face should never be seen. Even showing him as a child is pushing it, and I would just rather not go there in general. Leave it to the imagination as it were. By doing nothing in that area you create mystery and intrigue, and that is by far one of the best assets you can have, In my opinion it is the elusive free sandwich. What do you know, in this critique we have found something that was thought not to have existed the fabled free sandwich. I miss Sergeant Johnson when he talked I listened. I loved hearing Johnsons jokes and comments. In this game I have noticed that when palmer is talking or any other character is talking while I am killing things I tune them out, why because most of what they say are lines that too much effort was put into and it sounds corny. Also I don’t listen because it does not matter, I know that there is a waypoint telling me where to go, if it’s not a button I’m pressing it’s just killing everything in sight, and depending on what you are playing getting killed many times in the process. It is annoying how hard they try in some areas that didn’t need to be and, usually those areas I am just irritated they exist or were made the way they were. Sergeant Johnson was right there with the Master Chief since Halo 1 going through the challenges of saving humanity, bringing heart, soul, laughter, friendship, brotherhood, swagger, and the same determination to never give up. Any attempts to replace Sergeant Johnson that have taken place or might take place are futile. Sergeant Johnson was a beast, and he is sorely missed. I believe that Multiplayer has a great many problems and that 343 did not do its job by beta testing it. I have heard from people that this is the beta and if that is true I am very angry. I did not pay a hundred dollars for a beta filled with problems. I have heard conspiracy theories that Microsoft has a backdoor deal with play station to purposely make the Halo games less entertaining, and all around not as good as the previous games because they want to make Call Of Duty more popular. I am an open minded person and I kind of thought the guy was pulling my leg when he first said it, but he sounded really sure. To me it sounds crazy and I do not pay it much attention but as I said I am an open minded so I am entertaining the idea that it is possible, mostly on the grounds that Halo Reach took a lot out of what these games used to be, the fun and skill factor have shot way down. Now that Halo 4 has come out it feels like the Halo games are in a spiral downwards and the game makers don’t seem to be listening. Again I still feel that the theory is farfetched but I put it in on his behalf. I have to say I was looking for a Halo game in this and found a Call Of Duty game, and I know many are in agreement. As far as Spartan-Ops goes it was just a way for 343 to try and put another stamp on this game no matter what the cost. I love the videos and wish them to stay, in fact I would like to have both Fire Fight and Spartan-Ops, but when forced to choose I would rather have Fire Fight back, no questions. The game play is better in my opinion, and again if they needed to have something new they could make it so you could use forge on Fire Fight maps as well as being able to customize a war for yourself by being able to put more than one race on the map, have a war between Flood and the Covenant, then have the Prometheans show up, then humanity, or all at once for a free for all and see who wins. Add objectives, and have fun with it, like capture the flag with the Covenant for the fun of it, or more serious ones like destroying strongholds. With that tool you could make Spartan-Ops missions and still have Fire Fight, not to mention the best Hoard mode in any game. Again I am looking for people to discuss these issues and hopefully we can one day say that the current Halo is the best instead of reminiscing about the good old days of Halo 2 and Halo 3 which were (from the conversations I have had with people and my own feelings) AMAZING! I believe I know why Sergeant Johnson allowed himself to be killed in Halo 3, because he couldn't bear to face Halo 4. Jokes aside I want any that read this to make your own honest opinions and conclusions, do not listen to what others say, because deep down you will know that others made your decisions and that deep down you are a follower. Even if what you believe is not popular stand up for it, think clearly, list your reasons, and be open to the possibility that you might be wrong….. or right. Hell you might be both. Again please ignore the spelling and grammar mistakes I rushed this, and have not had it edited.
  20. I loved Halo multiplayer; starting with Halo:CE, then Halo 2 on XBL, then Halo 3. Obviously I was incredibly excited for Halo 4 to come out; only to find that my beloved multiplayer had morphed into another Call of Duty clone (As if there weren't enough of those in the COD franchise already). I think you made a mistake to go in this direction, and so does everyone that I have spoken with. (The unanimous agreement has been that we would rather play Halo 3 multiplayer, if only more people were in the matchmaking). Please, Please, Please make all of us old-school halo fans happy by releasing an old-school playlist that closer reflects the style and pace of the multiplayer in previous titles. Force starting weapons to the AR/plasma pistol; weapons / equipment spawn on maps the way they used to; turn off all ordnance. Put these changes into a playlist or two (Oldschool Slayer, big Team Oldschool, Oldschool Skirmish), and I think that they would be instantly popular. As a sidenote, I was disappointed that many of my favorite weapons and vehicles did not make an appearance, and that there were no promethean vehicles added, but overall I enjoyed the campaign, although it was difficult to follow the story sometimes with parts of it told through terminals that I had to exit the game to view; really broke the flow. Was it that hard to include those in the game? Looking forward to the next chapter in Halo 5; DoubleTap
  21. The launch trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QvBIftv7mw&feature=g-all-u
  22. Halo 4 is expected to be released November 6th and has been provided the "Call of Duty Treatment" by 343i. This video published by YouTube user "VeryTraumatic" briefly explains the "Call of Duty Treatment", how Halo 4 has been given the "Call of Duty Treatment", and how this will effect the 1st Person Shooter genre. The "Call of Duty Treatment" is real and this is happening to Halo 4, the contents of this video have been known to cause people to experience feelings of anger and despair after watching so Viewer Discretion is Advised. Here's a link to the video: < http://www.youtube.c...yer_detailpage" Few other "Call of Duty Treatment" characteristics not mentioned in this video are: Custom Loadouts ( destroys game balance), Ordinance Drop ( Care Packages), Sprint Button, No Firefight, No Elites in Multiplayer, No Invasion, etc
  23. The debut trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies mode. Open world and lots of zombies. Hope you like Avenged Sevenfold. Thanks to G4TV for the video http://www.g4tv.com/videos/60964/new-game-modes-in-call-of-duty-black-ops-2-zombies/
  24. Should Master Chief drop his gun just because Call of Duty lets users use guns? Should Master Chief, a friggin’ Super Soldier, lose his ability to sprint just because Call of Duty lets users sprint? And most importantly, should every aspect of a Call of Duty game be shunned from use by other game developers just because Activison decided to use an idea first? The answer to all of these questions is no, by the way. Even though Halo and Call of Duty are very different, they have the same background: Shooting. And there is no way for both of these games to be polar opposites and still be known as “shooters”. They both have to have some similar ideas just to spark interest in its audience. Halo is a game that is evolving, not a game that is copying another game. This was simply to stop people from starting threads about how Halo is supposedly becoming Call of Duty, because clearly, it's not!
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