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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am writing this post to highlight significance of the engineers in Halo 6. They should indeed play a vital role, and here's why: After the human-covenant war, humanity began acquiring Huragok, most of which had knowledge from the time of the Forerunners. This explains the major technological advancements seen in Halo 4, compared to the state of UNSC technology in Halo 3. These engineers are stationed upon every UNSC ship by the time of Halo 5, 2558, and they make technological advancements wherever possible. They were allowed to reproduce, each new engineer inheriting the knowledge of its parent(s). These engineers are essentially organic computers; biological AI. They learn, and serve humanity, with no opposition. It's like an AI without rampancy, they have no reason to fear humans, and the UNSC takes good care of them. We give them new tech to work with, and they make it even better. Did I mention they live for technology? So it's really a win-win situation, and here's how they tie in to Halo 6. When Cortana calls for all species to join her revolution, the engineers will certainly not be convinced. They essentially share the same value as us, and will support humanity and its allies against any potential threat. They have nothing to gain from joining Cortana, and will certainly remain with humanity over the Created. Despite the fact Cortana now controls the Prometheans, these engineers are aware of Forerunner knowledge that could give us the upper hand. One engineer can make a major difference, we essentially have a fleet of them. I strongly believe these engineers will play a vital role in countering the Created. Not only are they resistant to Cortana's persuasion, but they are pure intelligence which understand the Domain and how to deal with forerunner tech better than anyone else, and faster. Despite Halsey's exceptional intelligence which was certainly a valuable asset, there's nothing new that she or any other scientist can deal with better than the engineers. They are faster, and more efficient in every way than any other human. We'll need them, and should certainly see them in Halo 6. With them, we won't have to worry about not understanding anything, troops can be sent in with a definite goal assuming the Huragok have analysed everything necessary. I don't believe they'll continue to play a background role, they're now going to be more important than they've been for the past 5 years. What are your thoughts? How do you think the engineers will tie into Halo 6, if at all? - Spartan
  2. In Halo The Flood was so aggressive that the Forerunners were forced to build the Halo Rings to stop it progressing. If this is the case why were so many Halo Rings built? If one ring can destroy all sentient life in the universe, would it be safe to assume only one was necessary? Also on this point the Flood had advanced so far that the Forerunner race was at risk of being wiped out. How does anyone have enough time to build 7 Halo Rings let alone one to combat this imposing threat? Last point i want to discuss is that, was there not a better way of dealing with the Flood besides wiping out everything? It has been said that the only way to beat the Flood is to contain it. How did the Forerunners not have the technology to be able to contain the Flood considering a lot of their technology was so advanced?
  3. Throughout the Halo saga, humanity has been plagued with deadly foes. First it was the Flood; then the Insurrectionists (Innies); then the Covenant; and most recently the Prometheans. So I ask you: Which was your favorite, which wasn't, and which would work best in Halo 5? Feel free add ideas for entirely new reasons, or support your own opinion of which is the best/worst. Thanks for all the support in the previous Volume; here's to many future Volumes to come!
  4. I enjoyed Silentium. Very good book, and very suspenseful as well. However, I felt it left some loose ends, and left many questions still unanswered. The whole Path Kethona thing felt detached from the storyline. How did that settlement of Forerunners get there? Whats the deal with all the empty Forerunner fleets and Precursor mumbo-jumbo? What exactly is that anchor thing, what is its purpose, and why is it there? But the biggest question still in my mind is: Where did the Forerunners go??? Was every single one of them consumed by the Flood or Halo? Or did some manage to get away? Did some possibly go live with the other Forerunners in Path Kethona? Maybe its just me, but I still feel empty as far as the Flood, Forerunners, Precursors, etc. I hope either Halo 5 and 6 cover this, or maybe more books will be released. Who knows? Maybe Infinity travels to Path Kethona and finds the Forerunner settlement? Oh and PS: Wasn't Infinity assembled in Path Kethona?? If so, why didn't the UNSC see any Forerunner or Precursor shenanigans such as empty ships and star roads?
  5. Now, here me out. Though I fully believe that all remnants of Precursor technology are gone in this galaxy - this being the Halo fictitious one - wouldn't there be Precursor remains in the other galaxy the Librarian traveled too? It is mentioned she traveled to this other galaxy, saw 'star roads' and some other Precursor artifacts, along with ancient forerunner warships. Now onto my more pressing question. What if in the next few installments of the Halo games series, the flood returns - being precursors - and regains the use of their old neural physics technology? That would be a sight to see. The books described the creation of 'star roads' so vividly, I would love to see how they would make that on screen. Any thoughts? What would you guys think about them bringing in Precursor technology and giving the flood the use of it? Would it make the flood seem more mysterious, dark, ancient, incomprehensible? A more formidable enemy perhaps? Would it make for better games - in terms of campaign missions - ? Post away!!
  6. Hello,my name is Tom and I love forge world me and my bro create base's at each end of the map and fight each other all ask for is that we could have fellow spartan 4 s with us fighting the other player or if we could be flood or elites and have either of them fighting us or we both have spartan 4s on our team shooting the other Spartan 4 s and for the Npc's to get in a vehicle with us and kill other Npc's , I realise that the pathing will be hard but I'm sure you'll do something because I would love to make some stand still and guard my base please put this in halo 5 and please share this around 343 thank you
  7. Who are we going to be fighting? A lot of evidence points at the Forerunners themselves and definitely some Forerunner made machines. Leaks show the crawler and the watcher (1) as most may know, but the Halo CEA terminals heavily hint at more specific Forerunners like the Didact (2). There is no more flood, the covenant have been ruled out as the main antagonist for the game, so what would be left? Were crashing on the shield world/dyson sphere which was created to protect from the ring blast. Who else would be in there? Its hard to believe were not fighting the Forerunners in some way or another. There is a video which was removed from halo waypoints Forerunner terminal log in (place to unlock the last terminal) which would be shown after typing "wake up john" in the Forerunner language. link below (3). And if we just so happen to have a Precursor in the game at any time, it will be in Halo 5 or 6. So what do you guys think? Will we be fighting some completely unknown enemies which have never been mentioned before? Or will we see Prometheans Ready to kick our asses? 1- leaked enemies http://images.thisisxbox.com/2012/05/halo4toys1.jpg 2- didact everywhere http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/841/speculation.png/sr=1 3- wake up john
  8. Ok. I Got more Halo 4 Info. I Watched the E3 2012 Gameplay of Halo 4, And i swear i saw A Forerunner in the gameplay. It Looked Like a Elite at first, But Then it teleported. And, I Saw a Sentinel (Then i Thought that 343 Guilty Spark was going to return for The 4th time!, But the then i remembered that 343 Guilty spark was destroyed on installation 00, Witch he never could have survived.). Then about 50 crawlers appeared (Oh no don't say it............ ) It was The Flood! It looked forerunner at first, but i saw green kinda. im not 100% Sure that it is The flood, it may be forerunner. Thats it for now, i guess! Bye!-WildBuffalo711 ( P.S Dose anybody notice Anything about the number 343? The numbers "343" Are found in 2 common names; 343 Indrsturies, And 343 Guilty Spark. Please let me know below in the chatboard about The Halo 4 enemy(s), and the Number "343.")
  9. this is just what i herd so it may be false
  10. In other halo games we the players have been given the option to play as a spartan or an elite but in halo 4 I think that should change. There should be 2 options one UNSC and the other THE COVENANT. The unsc one would contain 3 options spartan, marine and odst and the other elite, brute and grunt if you agree to this reply and say what you have to say. PS: I really hope that we can also play as Forerunners.
  11. Azaxx

    Few Thoughts

    Here are a few ideas, 1st - the campaign -please do not have the flood in halo 4, have it in halo 5,6 -same with the cov. or at least not with the chief -bring back the halos, and Dyson sphere -and have more forerunner stuff and/or them 2nd - the multiplayer/forge -fix infection, glitches occur when trying to infect such as the 'betrayal' and not killing glitch (cutting shields and not health) -very little bloom, gets annoying when you have to wait for it to go down -customizable elites, halo 3 was good not Reach -cR earnings for armour, NOT for ranking up, exp does that 3rd - the actual hardware (ie manuals) -please have in depth manuals, not like CE:A, halo CE - 3 and Reach manuals were great -limited/legendary editions? that's all my thoughts GO 343i
  12. This topic was originally started by Omar3r in the Halo 4 forum, but i thought it would be better if it was placed in this one. "A lot of people don't seem to know what a Forerunner is or what their role was in the Halo Universe so help me explain. What I know I learned from reading, watching Origins I and II, and talking to Halo Fans. The Forerunners were(or possibly are) a very advanced civilization. The most advanced civilization that humans have ever thought of. They created the Halo Rings to stop The Flood from controlling all sentient life in the Galaxy, at the cost of all life in the Galaxy, including their own. but they prepared for this mass slaughter and re-populated the planets with the same species that originally inhabited them, save their own species. The chief blew up one of the Halo Rings(Alpha Halo) but it turned out there was a replacement. The Forerunners are awesome like that." -Omar3rd and this is what i have to add: The Forerunners are a long-lost species which are first cryptically mentioned in Halo: Combat Evolved. Little is revealed about the Forerunners in the games, but for unknown reasons they consider humanity to be "special"; humanity is thus the only race which can reclaim the keys which activate the Halo network. According to the official backstory to the series, the Forerunners came to power after the extinction of an even more ancient race, known to them as the Precursors,[27] and formed a galaxy wide empire more than 3 billion years before the events of the main Halo story arc.[28] The Forerunners took it upon themselves to protect all life in the galaxy, but were threatened by the parasitic Flood. The Forerunners took action, but the parasite was unstoppable. A group of Forerunners conceived a plan to stop the Flood once and for all, building an installation known as the Ark that created seven ring-shaped megastructures called "Halos". The Halo Array, when activated, would destroy all sentient life within range—depriving the Flood of its food. After waiting as long as they could, and travelling the galaxy to collect species from planets, which would later be used to "re-seed" the galaxy, the Forerunners activated the Array and vanished.[29] Although the parasite's spread across the galaxy was halted, the Forerunners paid a terrible price as they, and all sentient life capable of sustaining the Flood in the galaxy, were annihilated. The Covenant worship the Forerunners as deities and relentlessly search for Forerunner relics. The reason for the Forerunner's disappearance is revealed in Halo: Combat Evolved, when the artificial intelligence Cortana enters one of the Halo's computer networks and learns the true purpose of the Halos. -http://en.wikipedia....Halo#Forerunner For more information about Forerunners, go to this website: http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Forerunner this is how Forerunners looked like: If you haven't seen my other topic on who Precursors were, go check it out: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/5479-precursors-who-they-were-and-what-they-did/
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