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Found 8 results

  1. Everyone who has ever played a Halo game is intimatly familiar with the covenants first choice in cannon fodder, the grunts. Now, being designated as cannon fodder usually implys lack of good training/equipment/job satisfaction and generally everything else that makes an effective soldier, but if they WEREN'T some what effective in combat, why would the covenant wouldnt use them right? My point in all this is that through out every halo game, grunts seem to only ever receive the barest amount of adjustments. they really never get any smarter, faster, or tougher in any gamee. thats fine because they a kind of a pathetic race to begin with anyways, but then some would ask "why keep putting them in?"...well, because they're adorable and fill up space/time, and give the player more to shoot at (and they're good for witty banter), but how to make them a little more interesting without changing them to much? Well, lets look at how grunts do their thing and why. so the grunts are basiclly slaves to the covenant/elites who are forced to either fight on front lines and die, or carry out the most dangerous/heavy/dirty work, and above all else protect their leader. they're primary strengths in combat are their large numbers, the limited pieces of heavy weaponry they can opperate, and they're strength for their size. So this is what i was thinking: what if grunts came in squads with specific configuration to achieve certain tasks in game. for example; squad of 3 grunts, two of them have special harnesses with little mechanical control arms on the shoulders and the 3rd has a large plasma cannon folded up on his back. the first 2 drop to all fours then the 3rd mounts the cannon on their shoulders. there, now you've turned 3 normally pretty harmless enemies into a moving heavy weapon support team. more to come later, but im at work now, and its time to go home.
  2. Ok so I think that in halo 5 we should be able to choose our species, at least in forge and armor and what not like being able to be a grunt or a brute and customize their armor just like Spartans you must agree that you've wanted to be a grunt or a brute or even a jackal right?
  3. Bring Back the Original Grunts! Halo 4 was an amazing game, graphic wise and story wise. However, this small change has made it lose its 'Halo' feeling. The little voices of Grunts. Yes, strange. However, don't you miss just running around and keeping a couple of the critters alive just to taunt them? Hearing the common word of 'nipple,' or the absolute nonsense of a Grunt panicking, trying to hide behind the rest of the pack or behind a Sangheili. Hearing the Grunts even try to taunt you, but to fail miserably, allowing you to have a little laugh. Most importantly, their little voices. The voices were amazing. The voices also can help mediate you while playing Halo on Legendary. In Halo 4, there's nothing to help you be 'happy' while playing. All you really get is raspy voices, that really only tick you off. But the memories of past Halo's on Legendary. At the moments of most anguish, you'd hear a little squeaky voice of a Grunt, either in panic or taunting. This always made me laugh a little at least, and helped motivate to go on. Lastly, the look. The look of the original Grunts fit them, and I actually kinda miss it. They now look like turtles that are in heat. Hopefully, 343 will bring back the original Grunts. Most importantly their voices! (Including the comical language.) Thanks for reading! Comment please, and be sure to vote!
  4. Throughout the Halo saga, humanity has been plagued with deadly foes. First it was the Flood; then the Insurrectionists (Innies); then the Covenant; and most recently the Prometheans. So I ask you: Which was your favorite, which wasn't, and which would work best in Halo 5? Feel free add ideas for entirely new reasons, or support your own opinion of which is the best/worst. Thanks for all the support in the previous Volume; here's to many future Volumes to come!
  5. I'm new to the forums. So sorry if this is a repeat post. I loved in halo 3 how the grunts would scream funny things, or just do things to make you laugh. Halo 1-3 had a lot of funny moments, and it got to the point where comedy was expected, and Bungie did a really good job creating it in easter eggs and stuff. I am afraid that in halo 4, almost everybody has said that it is going to be more serious, and have a darker tone with Cortana, and Rampancy. Plus the transition from bungie to 343. (I know 343 is made up of die-hard halo fans) but there is still a possibility that the humor of the halo universe has been lost there. Also I was reading in Xbox magazine that grunts will no longer have face masks, but tubes going to their nose. The said that this was because "They wanted you to see their mouth, and they emphasized about it was mostly the teeth that they wanted you to see. He said that it is hard to be scared of a little creature with a shrill voice, yelling that was my friend! and running in circles when you shot its buddy. I pesonally liked that kind of humor in the games and I'm afraid it's not going to e in these new games.
  6. Can someone please explain to me how the grunts managed to unionize, start basic scientific reserch, start modifying there specicies, then eventually splicing a grunt embryo with some f*cking reptilian crap to make a new hybrid species that woud actually die because everyone knows that the grunts methane tanks are super-cooled, which would super-cool the reptiles blood as it passes through the body? Or am i expected to believe they evovled in 4ish years? COMe ON 343 GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME! litterally!!!
  7. From being in funny screenshots, to videos and even campaign! Are gravity defying kig-yar what halo needs more of?
  8. wusup. if u wanna join a non-hacker, non-camper, and non-sniper clan than GRnT could be your clan! we are against any forms of not being legit and fun in the world of halo. We don't like it when people snipe or camp throughout every online multiplayer match. We are also against call of duty because everybody camps in that game and its not skillful to get a kill it's mainly because 1 shot from any gun gets a kill. In halo, you need skill to get a kill and GRnT is all about skill and non-n00byness i guess you could say. And besides in halo nobody has a n00b tube attached to their gun LMFAO. so if your legit and fair then join GRnT and forever have a team who doesn't wait for you to hurt someone so they can steal your kill!!! Message SkullWarriors on Xbox Live to join.
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