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Found 4 results

  1. UNSC Warlord Book 4: Rise of Tespan Chapter 1: Deployment A group of Marine’s were slaughtered at the Temple of Fahro, within a few minutes the base was taken over and secured by the imposed threat. ‘Temple of Fahro was one of Emissa’s sacred places that was currently being used as a relay post by UNSC Warlord.’ Activities of the sort have been happening all across the globe of Nessyapa. Speculation has it that there’s a group of Insurrectionists targeting these various locations across the globe, which doesn’t seem likely for a small armed resistance. Fireteam Falo, a group of ODST’s known for their stealth operations, were tasked with this job. Deployment would begin shortly, as their Pelican was approaching the island. “Alright team, this is another Stealth OP.” Captain Finch stood near the bay hatch. “You know the ground rules. We get in, figure out what the hell is going on, and get out. Keep the firefight to a minimum. We can’t blow this OP.” The hatch bay opened up, it was about a 10 feet drop onto the shoreline. Rocks and hills both swarmed the view in front of them. Only a few kilometers to go, and they’ll be at the Temple of Fahro. “Sliv and Quincy, grab your things. We’re moving out.” Finch grabbed his DMR and slapped the magazine in from the impact of the drop. Sliv fell shortly behind, shotgun in hand, already locked and ready. Quincy was already on the ground by the time Sliv arrived, his green woodland skin covered his entire sniper rifle. “Alright, Sliv. Move up on me. Quincy’s got our backs.” Finch swiveled past a few large rocks. Bright lights emitted from the hillscape in front of them. Whoever was here before them, is still here now. “Sir, three tango’s dead ahead. Third one’s headed out. We’re gonna have to push our way past them.” Quincy spoke in his rough, low, British voice. “There’s a rock on the edge, you could probably use to get the drop on them.” “Roger that, Quincy,” Finch responded while motioning Sliv towards the ledge. “We’ll get them. Quick and clean.” Finch motioned at Sliv, who was now above the two soldiers. He dropped down, the blade of his knife immediately penetrated the first targets throat. He pulled his knife out and sucker punched the next target. Knocking him cold to the ground. “Targets down,” Finch walked up beside Sliv, “Quincy, we’re moving up. On us.” “Roger that.” Quincy, closed up from behind. “Sir, tracker says target location is approximately one kilometer West of our position.” Sliv put away the tracker. A light glared in the distance. They kept moving. A few more guards were spotted towards the right, luckily out of the way. A retaining wall was up ahead. They could either climb over into safety, or risk going around and breaking their operation. The glare came over Sliv’s helmet again. This time she knew what it was, “Quincy, target tower overhead. Northwest, about sixty degrees by twenty high.” Quincy nodded at Sliv, suppressor quipped to his weapon, he raised the Sniper and pulled the trigger. Eliminated. Finch already had Sliv above the retaining wall, and was moving up himself. Quincy came over, and reached up and grabbed their hands for a boost. “Target in sight, fellas,” Finch stared in awe at the Temple in front of them. Sliv pushed passed them, taking lead towards the door. “Doesn’t look like anyone’s home.” Quincy said, as they got closer to the door. The lights were on inside and out, but no one’s in sight other than those few guards they past by. “Keep a close watch, we made it this far, but we still gotta make it back.” Finch sounded a little worried as he entered the passcode to the door. The Temple was secured by the UNSC to keep out intruders and siege’s from happening. However, this seemed to prove otherwise. Either a threat bigger than they imagine, or a small tactical force got the hand on them. The door unlocked. They went in. Nobody was inside, everything was the way it was supposed to be. Monitor’s intact, generators online, and... “Oh my god.” Sliv almost screamed, she couldn’t believe what she saw. Quincy and Finch followed her gaze towards the ceiling. Both of them gasped in horror. The Marine’s were hanging by the ropes, dangling from the ceiling with the words ‘YOU’RE NEXT’ smeared in blood behind them. “Wha-... What do you guys think they mean by ‘You’re Next?’, Sliv saw Quincy fall to the floor; quickly turning to her side as she heard Finch. “Oh no.” She knew what was about to happen. She turned around, only to see a rifle punching her in the face, knocking her out on the ground with her comrades. “Secure the bodies, bring them outside.” A loud, calm, American voice shouted. It sounded familiar. But who? Moments passed by, what felt like hours was merely just seconds. Sliv could feel the mixture of the cool air mixed with the warm breeze. It just got colder. Oh no. She knew what was about to happen. Were... Were they stripping her clothes? Why? Why would they do this? Were they doing this to the other two as well? This couldn’t be happening right now. She wanted to scream, but couldn’t. What use would it do her anyways? Nobody else was nearby. “Sliv, on my way for extraction. You better be ready in fifteen minutes.I don’t care how hot the zone is, you need to get out of there now. A large force has just show itself on the radar. It’s not safe!” It was their Pilot, Lewith. If only he knew what just happened to them. Sliv felt her earpice being removed, then crushed. So much for that anyways. Like it would even matter. She felt something poke her. Here we go, she thought. They poked her again, this time even harder. Her eyes flew open. A fire was in the distance, it was the Temple. They set it on fire, but why. She looked around for answers. She saw them. Finch and Quincy were tied up. Rifles aimed at there heads. She couldn’t make out what they were saying, probably questioning if there were more of them or who sent us. Then she noticed. They both had their armor stripped, left in their undersuits. That’s when a sigh of relief flew over her. She was in hers as well. But what were they doing with their armor? A few more individuals walked by. Their armor and weapons in hand. Wait. Were they going to board their Pelican and take out Lewith, and use the ship for their own need and desires? No. She needed to warn him, but how? Two gunshots fired off, both came from a pistol. She looked over and saw what happened. The horror in her eyes. Finch and Quincy were dead. It was too late for them now, but not her. “We got what we need.” The voice from earlier came back to haunt her. She couldn’t see who this figure was, but she could hear him loud and clear. “Kill the girl. Leave a message for the next team they send. Let them know what they’re messing with.” The voice got quieter, she heard him walking away. The sound of him entering a heavy vehicle could be heard. The vehicle raised. Now she knew what it was. They had a Mantis. But how? How could they have one here? As she saw some more individuals close in on her, weapons ready to fire... A Pelican flew over them, full throttle. It started to turn around. Lewith already knew they were done for, but it seemed he was willing to violate protocol just to pay his own respects. Oh no, this was bad. This was very very bad. Whoever these guys were, were imposing a good threat for a small armed force. There’s no way to explain it. They had one of the new expiremental Hannibal Mantis’ fully operational and everything. The Mantis fired at the Pelican. Within seconds, the ship lost control and was on its way for a crash landing towards them. ‘Maybe this was good, maybe Lewith would still have some control and was willing to use his last breath to ram his ship into this threat.’ but she was dead wrong. Something was charging up, it was really really loud. It sounded from above her. Sliv noticed the previous indivuals were gone, they ran away. She looked up, and realized why. These guy’s had a god damn Condor Gunship! But how in the world did they get that. Who exactly are these people? They were definitely no small armed force if they had this much power. This is bigger than they thought. If only she could have let Command know. Everything she had was down. Her comms were destroyed, the Temple was blazed. She was lost in thought for too long that she forgot what was going on. The Condor fired on the Pelican, a loud explosion was heard as the round pierced through the Pelican. It was obliterated to millions of pieces. She realized it was too late. Her body was numb, she could still move. Maybe even stand. She got up on her knees, then slowly got control to stand up. Pssht. A silent round pierced her leg, she let out a cry of pain. The adrenaline kicked in hard. She stood back up. She started to move away, this time faster. Psssht. Another round pierced her, this time in her other leg. There was no way she could keep going. She turned around, about a quarter way in her turn the Pelican debris rammed her thirty feet into the ground. It happened so fast, she didn’t have any time to process the thought. A warm liquid surrounded her. She felt perfect for the first time in awhile. A deep breath escaped her as she gave in and let out. Fireteam Falo was dead. Their mission objective failed. ~End of Chapter 1~ (*Touchup, will have a personal banner made later on for this Book)
  2. UNSC Warlord Book 4: Ultimate Remnant Prologue... “Alex, what’s the sitrep? Fireteam Silver Viper is in position, ready to provide overhead fire support.” Archangel laid underneath a few broken shards of what laid left of the Long Night of Solace. “Copy that, Fireteam Rattle is moving towards the coordinates now. So far no sign of any contact of any sort. However, be prepared to engage. Take your fireteam and lay read for an ambush if needed.” Alex motioned towards Doc and Sarge, who stood in a 8-4 position, to move forwards with him as they approached, the target was approximately 200 meters away. “Roger that, Fireteam Ice Strikers will be set in position. Over and out.” Archangel motioned at Destroyer and Dexter to get into position. Not that they had to go far, but they still had to lay low and keep a lookout. They knew better to not screw up when Ash wasn’t on sniper duty. “Approaching position. Silver Viper, how are we doing?” Alex halted in the desolated wasteland. A wind picked up, not much else. “Nothing so far, tracker is offline.” Ash said, and that’s all she would say. “Roger that, we’ll keep moving forward.” Alex said, he motioned for Doc and Sarge to continue up to the sand dune. The ground started to shake, almost as if an earthquake was about to happen. “Ash, what’s going on, is it Covenant?” Alex stood his ground. “Sir?” Doc asked, he had trouble holding his balance. Sarge already fell over and struggled to stand up. “Shouldn’t we move?” “No, let’s wait to see what happens.” Alex stated. “Reach had quite a lot of these tremors, particulary in this area.” Alex put away his weapon. “Sir.” Ash said over the communications, but was cut off. A tall, large, metallic object arose from undeneath the ground. As it arose, wings expanded and it released an ear piercing sound. The Fireteams stood there in shock. Not knowing what to do. Could it be Covenant? Or is this related to those Prometheans that they’ve been warned about? Finally, the object stood stationary. Right above Alex. He watched as something, that looked like an egg of some sort but also more like a metal pod, opened up and a creature jumped out of it. As it landed on the ground, it shattered to a thousand pieces, but they instantly brought themseles back together. “Holy crap.” Sarge said. “This thing must be like 17 feet tall.” The creature stepped forward, definitely a Promethean of some sort... Maybe a knight? Most likely a Knight Commander for sure. Alex wasn’t going to care for this, “Fireteams. Prepare to engage!” As the Knight approached them, more Prometheans spawned in from behind. Some of them crawled off the giant object, and down its ‘spine’, there was a ton of them. The Knight decided to open its mouth, “For thousands of years I had laid dormant, who has disturbed my slumber?” ~End of Prologue~
  3. UNSC Warlord Book 1, 2, and 3 are done. Book 4 is going to begin... The story takes place after the ending of Book 3. Where Ash, Sarge, Archangel, Alex, Dexter and Doc begin their first task in an HVT Assassination against a known antagonist. Lan Chorus. However, these aren’t the only one’s who will accompany them on the leading assault. There are more... Much more... Create your character! (Previous characters in previous books can come back, if you choose) Type of Soldier: Marine (More Prone to death, but improved weapon accuracy) ODST, (More likely to be injured or left alone, but higher kill count) Air Assault, (Less kills, but cooler insertions. [Plus jet-packs!]) Engineer (Cool gadgets, less on-the-field operations) Spartan (Only Alex, Ash, and Archangel can choose this class, no one else!) Weapon of Preference: Assault Rifle (Short Range effective) Battle Rifle (Medium Range Effective) Designated Marksman Rifle (Long Range Effective) Magnum (Short-Medium Range effective) Hydra Launcher (Medium Range Effective Only w/Target Lock-On) Sniper Rifle (Long range Effective only) Shotgun (Short Range Effective only) Railgun (Anti-Infantry, Anti-Vehicle w/ longer reload times) Armor Abilities: Drop Shield (Portable shield sustainable for weak oncoming) Thruster Pack (Capable of Ground Pound, Spartan Charge, and evasion) Active Camouflage (Short duration Camo that grants you with less visibility to the enemy) Overshield (Short duration overshield that lets you sustain more damage than normal) Damage Boost (Increases damage by 2.5x, but reduces visibility) Characteristics: Hair Color? Gender? Personality Traits? General Mood? Combat Wounds? Handicaps? Favorite Hobby? Social? Extra Details? Personal Question: Do you think you should kill Lan Chorus or arrest him?
  4. ~Chapter 4: The flood~ A girl walked into the room where a boy sat in a wooden, she appeared to be a teenager in the under half. She approached the boy in a distinct manner, as not to make him think he was in any trouble. “Hey bud. Whatsup?” was all she said to start a conversation. “Well, I scored an 82 in range and a 43 in combat. Have to wait until tomorrow to go for other training course.” He replied. “Oh. I got an 86 in range and 48 in combat today.” The girl said, smiling at both of their progression. “Okay.” The boy said. There was a hint of depression in his voice this time. The girl thought it may have been her. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I was just trying to start a conversation was all.” The girl said. Sorrow was in her voice, but it was more sympathetic than self shame of the topic. “If you want to leave, you may wish to do so. If not, that is fine. You may do as you please, I’m just going to sit here like always and wait until the next day. I have no friends and I have no family. ONI reports say my father was just enlisted into the UNSC, but I will never be able to get to see him face to face. Ever again because of this.” The boy had tears roll down his cheeks and towards his chin. Which then dripped off of his chin and onto his lap. “Look, I’m not going to leave you. I’m your friend. Alright? I like you out of everyone here. I have feelings for you. I don’t want you to think you’re lost.” The girl said, her voice trailed off with innocence on her breath. “It’s fine. I got this, alright? Just relax off me and cool down. Procedures are in four months. I want to get this done and I can’t do it without you. Recently I’ve been having moments where I can’t remember anything. As if I had amnesia. However, I remember them later. Just boldly. I’m not sure what to say about it. I just feel kinda weird you know?” The boy said, curiously and afraid. “Relax. You’re just being overworked with what’s coming up. Let’s just get back to training at midnight and we’ll be ready to go for the tests.” The girl said in a promising voice, as if to make the boy feel less stressed or whatever was going on about him. “Alright. Well, just leave me alone. I’m going to take a nap until a few hours before then. Come back if you even bother.” The boy said, he walked the girl out of the room and shut the door. He reached up to the top and swung the latch over, and locked it. --------------------------------- The Scorpion swung its barrel around the corner. Still nothing in site. Which was odd. Michael watched their three and nine. Bek had an eye on their six. The cave seemed to go on for quite a while. Green mist was in the air, everywhere to be precise. Yellow nests were clung to the wall. They moved as if they could breathe. Bek pulled up her magnum and shot one because it started to annoy her. A few flood spores fell out and scrambled around the room. Other than that, no other flood came into contact. “Michael, do you feel as if our every movement is being watched by someone. By something?” Joseph asked through the open hatch of the Scorpion. He kept watch at the ceiling. All that was there were some stalactites covered from the flood. “Nope. I just feel as if this is going to be an awesome adventure I get to spend with my best friends.” Michael said. He swung the flashlight over to the other side of the tank, he saw nothing still. “I feel as if we’re almost there. Like. I don’t see anywhere else to go. There’s a wall in front of us, this is a dead end.” Bek said. She was right, there was no where else to go. This was a dead end. Just a giant wall covered in flood tile. Joseph looked up at the wall. She was right. There was nothing here it was just a false route. He stopped the tank. “Michael and Bek, cover me. I’m going to get on a channel with Dexter to let him know this isn’t the right area. Then see what happens next.” Joseph reached over and turned on the radio. “Dexter, come in. Dexter, can you hear me?” There was nothing. A few minutes later, “Yes. I can hear you. Sorry about that. Was tracking to see where the signal was coming from. Anyways, what’s up?” Dexter put down his BLT Sandwich he grabbed for lunch. It was the first one he’s had in a long time. Boy, was it delicious. That bacon was just so fine and good. The right amount of grease and crisp. It was heaven for him. “We reached the end of the cave. There’s nothing in here. We haven’t seen anything, not even flood. I think the routes a fault. Must have been for Lan Chorus as well. What do you suggest?” Joseph looked up at the other two, they were on the lookout like he asked. Bek had the rocket launcher strapped to her back. “Well.” Dexter took a bite out of the sandwich. “Something happened with one of the other Pelicans. So the other team is going to investigate. However, just go ahead and regroup at the desert. Should be fine there. They’ll be back once they find out what’s wrong.” Dexter took another bite. He reached over and put the bacon he had on a tray and just put it in his mouth. “Oh, and take the tank with you too; if you can. Anyways, that’s about it. Have fun!” Dexter was off the radio. A loud scream erupted. Several loud screams erupted. “Oh no this isn’t good. We’ve been ambushed.” Joseph said as a flood combat form appeared up on the ledge in front of them. It pointed at them with it’s tentacle like fingers. Michael shot it down. Another scream erupted. “I think it’s time we punch it and get out of here!” Joseph said, he pushed on the pedals. The Scorpion moved as fast as he could push it. Flood tanks and combat forms appeared all around them. All they could do was fight their way out and hope they make it. Bek pulled up the rocket launcher and fire it at a flood carrier. It didn’t do much good, it exploded into a bunch of flood spores. Which then Michael took out for her. “Uh, I need to reload. Hold on a second.” Bek reached over and grabbed ammunition on the side of the tank. Joseph aimed the cannon at the tanks in front of them. They were basically hunters, just without their fuel rods. Their tough like hide made up for the armor. Joseph fired and killed one of them. The other started to sprint at them, he took it out too. “Ah, there we go!” Bek said, she pulled up the rocket launcher. Which was a tad bit late on her part. A flood stalker ran up and jumped at her. Pinned her on the ground. “Bek!” Joseph yelled. He turned his cannon around. It was too late. A flood spore jumped on her face and crawled into her mouth. All was heard were groans and the sound of choking. Joseph couldn’t stop now, he moved forward. Michael watched as Bek’s legs kicked and she screamed. After a few seconds, the noise stopped and the flood pursued. One of them looked like a Spartan infection form. In Bek’s armor. Michael shot it down along with the others. Joseph approached the exit where the stalactites hung from the entrance. He moved the cannon up and shot them as they just drove under. They fell down and destroyed any flood forms there. “Well, entrance is closed. Not long before more show up. Come on. Let’s go, into the Pelican!” Joseph said. He got the flight controls while Michael got the Scorpion on attached. “We might wanna go. They’re here!” Michael yelled. Flood forms of all type crawled at them from every direction. “Just a second.” Joseph got the systems online and functional. He slammed the thrusters and took off for the new waypoint. “Whew. That was a close one. Thought we weren’t going to make it.” Michael said. He crashed into the copilots seat. Tired as he was, he decided to rest. “Not all of us, just half.” Joseph said, then pushed forward. The ETA clock suggested three hours until arrival at the desert. ~End of Chapter 4~
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