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Found 1 result

  1. ~Epilogue~ Bek fired at the Covenant, there was a few grunts left. She could see a Scarab and several Wraith’s on the move to her position. She needed to get the Warthog going and get out of here. She picked up a magnum and shot the two grunts in the head. She proceeded to the warthog and grabbed a gas can off of the back and began to fuel the Warthog. “Any minute now...” She mumbled to herself. “Any minute indeed.” A voice said. Bek finished with the fuel. She turned to look at who spoke to her. Instantly, flashbacks occurred. She remembered what happened back on Reach, what happened up until just last night. That voice, that same voice that spoke is the exact same one that killed all of her friends. Bek drew her magnum and pointed it at their face. It was Osiris. A wide grin was on his face. He had apparently landed in a drop pod when Bek hadn’t paid attention. She stared directly at him, then headed to get in the Warthog. Osiris stopped her. He grabbed her by the arm and threw her backwards. “Haha. No, you little piece of trash. You’re a no good, useless soldier. I don’t want you on my ship, but I want you to be confirmed dead, so I don’t lose my current position to you ratting me out like the little snitch you are.” Osiris kicked her helmet off and puncher Bek in the face, twice. “Ow. Why are you doing this to me? This hurts a lot. I thought we were friends Osiris? I don’t understand.” Bek had tears down her face, the salty water mixed with the wounds Osiris made. It caused it to sting and hurt her more. “Key word there, little miss witch. You THOUGHT we were friends. We were never friends. I hated you from the start. Destroyer’s death made me so happy, I couldn’t believe it. I let you off for a while. Now I came to claim my vengeance.” Osiris stated, loud and clear. With pure hatred. “How will you get out of here then?” Bek saw Warlord’s engines kick on and ready to leave the surface. She turned her attention to Osiris. Oops. His boot came in like a sledgehammer, Osiris broke her nose. Bek burst into tears, blood dripped from her face. “I have a broadsword on route to your little base, your little Warthog here will get me back just in time. I have everything planned already, you stupid little brat.” Osiris picked Bek up and threw her towards the Covenant. They were a click away, they’d be here in one minute. Osiris beat Bek’s face in, until blood came out of every possible spot. She was severely injured, why would she just stand there and take it? Nevermind. Osiris’s job had to be done. He grabbed a shotgun off his back and aimed it at Bek. “Say goodnight, you dirty piece of trash.” He pulled the trigger. What luck, Bek rolled out of the way just in time. She was in the Warthog, she tried the ignition. The Warthog started. Damn, she was fast to it. Osiris was absolutely livid, he ran over to shoot her. She took off. “God damn it!” Osiris pulled up Communications, “Yes, Warlord? This is...” Osiris looked to his left. The Scarab fired upon him. Osiris didn’t stand a chance. Bek was alive, but she had to take care of her wounds as soon as she could. She didn’t have her helmet anymore, there was no time for that. A loud boom was in the distance, she turned around. UNSC Warlord headed up into the atmosphere. That broadsword was her only chance. “Come on...” Bek arrived at the outpost. ~End of Epilogue~ ~End of Book 2~ In the upcoming full Book 2 of combined sections, there will be a video at the end. Thank you for reading!
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