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Found 111 results

  1. (We are a Halo 4 Clan) The Guardians' Grunts Clan is a serious competitive clan. We play matchmaking and participate in clan wars and other battles. We also mess around a lot, we play tons of other games from Minecraft to BF3. We are all about tactics if you cant listen to orders and do as told you will be kicked out. We are FIVE years old and looking for loyal members that like to have fun and love to win games. For more detailed information please visit our website or watch some of our videos. If your interested in joining the GGC please post below on this page or message UNLEASHED96 or Midget Duck 81 on Xbox Live.
  2. Hello Everyone, The Clan of S.P.I III is looking for new members, and we're searching to see who may be the right fit in our close-knit team! Everyone in S.P.I III is an important part to the clan and the team. While other clans have over hundreds of members, reaching the thousands for some, we are not the same. Our Clan, if you should choose to enlist, will become a unique experience if you feel that we are a home for you. If you are interested about who we are, what we do, and what we are about in more detail, come to our Questionnaires. Reply To Reserve a spot in the Questionnaires, where you'll meet other Candidates interested in joining. We will be having another Questionnaire session, on Friday, January 25, and Saturday, January 26, both will be from 4:00 P.M - 5:00 P.M EST. Reply by sending a message to Gamertag "TERMIN TER 360" to reserve a spot. Further dates will be available, just reply to the above Gamertag to find out when they will be. Thank You.
  3. :For those of you who may have seen our previous advertisement, this is an update. :And for all you others who missed out on the pure awsomeness of the Spartan Squad (lol), this is obviously an advertisement for the Spartan Squad clan. :Spartan Squad has always had a fair ranking system where people could pick their specialization, and play that role in clan meets, tournaments, and jff (just for fun) games. Now, thanks to Halo 4, it is much easier to keep track of. Because it is almost exactly the same way that we did it before. One big difference is for those who are only...say SR 13 or another number below 50. The founders of the clan have always understood that some people want to be in a clan, but are too busy IRL to play sometimes. For that reason, we have always given members an oppurtunity to be promoted, even if they have a low rank in game. We encourage members to play matches with team leaders, so that we can have an idea of your skill set. But remember, anyone can join, no matter skill, location, or even internet connection speed.( we only ask that you let us know if your connection is slow so that we can adjust to the situation, trust me, ive been there and done that). :Members like to have a say in what goes on in the Squad, so if you would like to bring anything up ( uniform, game day, specializations, etc.) contact me either on here or Xbox Live: contact info listed below. :The clan gives every one a chance to express themself online so we dont want everyone looking looking exactly the same, especially since thats nearly impossible due to the unlock methods of Halo 4. So, in order to do that still being able to identify other members, the clan will allow players to choose their own color ( which doesnt matter in team games). Uniform:> Clan tag: since this is available to everyone, we have a uniform service tag: SPSQ Emblem: Recruit> foreground blue, secondary gold...When Available: Spartan foreground, background of choice. whichever color choice. ( this is the one with the crossed swords behind the helmet) ^REMEMBER THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITH MAJORITY VOTE OF MEMBERS^ :Tried to squeeze most of it in here, but if i forgot anything, if you have any questions, or if you want to join; contact me here: Gamertag: SpartanHero113 Community Forum Username: SpartanHero113 Facebook: Spartan Oneonethree ++ WE NOW HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE...LOOK FOR US UNDER: Spartan Squad >>S-113 out
  4. Currently Recruiting: CoD Series, Halo Series, BF Series, and MoH Series We what have to offer: #1 clan on top100clans.com 2000+ active members! Organized Military Style Structure Multiple Gold Elite Clans Premium & Non-Premium BF Teams Active, Friendly Forums Family Atmosphere Organized Military Style Structure Community Events - In-Tournaments – Battalion Wars Competitive GB for Every Series Competitive FraggedNation for CoD Series Graphic & Design Teams Event Staff - News Team Forge Team Members Worldwide And Much More…. JOIN IconiK NOW! To join use THIS LINK and click register. When registering you must put IconiK Khaos as your Referrer. After registering message me back on this forum, or message IconiK Khaos on the IconiK Gaming site. If you’re looking for an active fun community then IconiK is for you. We have something to offer every kind of gamer from the Casual to Competitive. I look forward to seeing you there! [/center]
  5. Hey Xbox Players, We are currently recruiting new members right now and looking to any members who are looking for a chance to shine. We play all playlist, forge together and make funny haha jokes. We are almost ready for our very first clan battle. Come kick it with us. We await your reply. message me on xbox demonking2011 or visit our website avengerc.enjin.com
  6. Hello Everyone This clan is not for the new! Reccomended for level 20+ We are a fun creative clan and we look forward to playing halo with you We are a clan of only level 20 or up Currently our leader is lvl 35! and i cant wait to be a lvl 40! Simply to join send an friend invite To the gamertag ToothyElf and then we will have a quick 10 min match. Only the best of the best will be welcome! if there is a under leveled person in this clan he is problably a rl friend. Please join we need members! -Nuk3r
  7. EMERGEgaming is a Professional eSports, with me as the founder/leader Sean " hi5 ipwn " P of EMERGEgaming, Our Website is being rebuild with a new site. But cutting to the chase we are seeking players for the following gametypes: Dominion, Slayer, CTF, Oddball. We are currently seeking members for any of these gametypes you can play for more than one gametype for the team. I have a website in the making right now its an amazing website i saw the preview of it just last week and it is amazing as far as i can see. But more to the team recruiting process now, we are seeking players for the gametypes above but also for dedicated players and players that play smart. Please copy and answer the following questions below truthfully please. 1. Name (First and Gamertag) 2. Gametype ( Name one or how many you want, Also you can say All) 3. Timezone ( ex ) Central, East, Pacific 4. How long can you be on ( If cant give full answer estimate it.) 5. How can we get ahold of you 6. Do you have a mic ( No kinect mic unless your getting a new one soon) 7. Age ( 16+ is what we looking for younger is fine but dont be annoying) 8. Games ( Do you play alot of others games or mostly halo 4) EX. other games list... nba 2k13 halo4, bo2 9. Do you like to rage. ( its ok we all raged once ) Contact me at hi5 ipwn on xbox thats my gamertag or email me here SEANIMAL@att.net , we really are serious to join many leagues and competition. Also the rules are easy just follow we arnt really strict our rules are simple.
  8. iKonic Gaming Recruiting - Casual & Competitive - 18+ Only iKonic Gaming [iKon] is a fast growing multi game community for ages 18 and up that focuses on popular first person shooter games for the XBOX 360 including Call of Duty, Halo and Battlefield. The leadership of iKon have been competing for years and have attracted many dedicated members in the past with two goals in mind. Having fun and winning. We strongly believe that one leads into the other. Some of the current features we have and are planning for are: » Active Leadership » Active and busy forums » Casual & Competitive Divisions » Gamebattles and league teams » Community tournaments with prizes » Special events and game nights » Skilled active members in-game who just love to play and have fun » A live chat box on our forums to chat with friends live » Positive, friendly atmosphere where respectful people are welcome » And much more in the works Games are meant to be fun, and at iKonic we strive to make this a reality. We believe that winning and performing at a high level are byproducts of dedicated gamers that work together and have fun doing it. With that being said, we do take winning very serious and believe chemistry, team-work, and communication are what keep our organization alive and enable us to perform consistently at a high level. We accept both casual and competitive players, all new recruits must submit an application for review to see if you would mesh well with our current member base and make sure you have consistent activity. Ready to post an application? Need more information? All of which can be found on our newly updated website at www.iKonicGaming.com Also, if you have any questions, post in this thread and we will get back to you asap! Thanks, and hope to see you on the battlefield! iKonic Gaming
  9. Ok, before I start, tis not MY clan, but I am a part of it, and have been dubbed as 4th member in command, and given the ability to recruit. I do not know if someone has posted a page for this clan here yet, but if not, I am here to do so. Emissary Secundus Phalanx is a pro-play clan. Meaning, you are playing to win. This is not a family or underground, this is pro. We keep ourselves in line, and if you join, we all expect you to keep yourself in line. No cheating, no bad language (outside of games), no disrespect, and if there is a quarrel between two, do not refer to the leaders of the clan, or higher ranks. Solve the dispute civilly and on your own time. As a known Warrant officer in the ESP, I am enabled to recruit, and therefore grant you operator status of the group. You're not entirely in yet. If you want to join, you start as rank OPERATOR, obviously, and work up from there. The minimum rank required to join is SR-10. Below that, you are operator, and when just joining, you are operator, even if you are a WK-73. The clan colors and emblem are as follows: You are not required to wear a specific set of armor. When joining, you will stay in operator status until the board decides to give you a rank. The board has the ability to tell you to leave, or kick you out at any moment. I am not part of the board, I can not kick you out. I can only recruit. So please do not ask for me to up-rank you. And definitely do not ask to be ranked up, should you not meet the requirements. This may harm you later on. If you have any more questions, or need anymore information, refer to the board (top three ranking clan members), or the following links. We have late night meetings online, some times. I have been in a few already, and it's the very definition of pwnge. Example: The ESP got together for a game at midnight of 12/29/2012, and after seven games, chose to play CTF, and the game happened to be on Ragnarok. The game did not last but maybe 10-15 minutes. Reason being, ADHD Blacksmith and Stonedsamari159 each took the two mantises. The entire game, both held the mantises while Totalamnesia and Forensicrat02 grabbed the enemy flag and used either mongoose or warthog transport to return it to base. The other team did not even get near making it to one point, making the end count a 5-0 victory. Perfect match. As a last piece of information, there may be subdivisions of the ESP, like for assassins, snipers, and close quarters combat (melee). There may not be very many, and it may not even be implemented into the system. Though there is high chance that it will.
  10. My clan inticom for short is recruiting. We are a governmental type clan. we have a bureau that controls all operations the clan conducts. Two councils with in our military and intelligence sectors. To learn more visit Inticom.weebly.com Enjoy or contact General joker69 over xbox.
  11. Join i0-the infamous 0nes we are a clan but we are more than just that we are a community. Some of us play to achieve greatness and some of us play for fun. if you think you have what it takes to be infamous join i0.. If interested message xkushqueennx i0 or Fourteen iO. We're mainly out of halo 4, however we have other branches for different games. if you wanted to start you own branch for another game that could be arranged. we're been around since halo 2. we want to start to build and expand again and we're looking for people who want to do the same and help us we always welcome new players, even if you're new to the game, or not that great. we are mature, but we still know how to have fun. we're always looking for clan matches, and alliances to expand on our group. we play both customs and matchmaking in all variants. hope to hear from you soon! =)
  12. Cool gaming community, great way to meet other like gamers looking to have fun. DRG is not a skill based clan, however we do have competitive teams within the community for MLG, Swat, and BTB, as well as a Forge Team. Check out our site: drglive.net If your interested in joining message me on here or my gt: DRG G G G Unit
  13. Hello, I'm Vasquez USA, Grand Elder of Fallen of Ragnarok Evolutions also known as FoRE for short. We were founded in 2009 after fragmenting from another clan and have been with the Halo series since Halo 3. We implement Viking mythology and themes into creative ranks, weekly events, and maps. However, we have much more to offer than that. Let me give you a small tour. Weekly Events We have a total of 2 training sessions every week called Battle Ready Nights (BRN). These take place on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7pm until 8:30pm, and an optional BRN is held Saturday night at 7pm. These nights are our more serious nights and it is where the majority of our training will take place. It's these nights when our members gather to train for clan battles and other future activities. We do map tours for callouts, vehicle and weapon placements, and more. This has been proven that if you attend a good number of these, you'll improve. Friday nights is our Custom Games Night (CGN). These nights are just a fun time to relax and get your mind off things if you aren't busy on a friday night. Consider it an opportunity to get to know your fellow clan brethren, bring popular games, or show off your own creations. Activity FoRE has a simple activity protocol: 1. New members (Greenhorns) must attend at least 1 FoRE weekly event and maintain at least 1 post per day rule on our forums. Once these requirements have been filled, you'll be on your way. New members are encouraged to add FoRE Warhound: a silver account dedictated to storing all active FoRE members' gamertags. 2. All other members must attend 1 weekly event and post at least once a day. 3. For those members that might be inactive for a while, we have a Inactivity Thread. Just post how long you'll be inactive for and estimated return time and you're good to go. Forums, Members, & Miscellanous 1. Our forums have interesting topics and helpful admin. 2. Members of FoRE are cool, fun, and mature. We're here for a good time, so why not join us? 3. We have various pinned topics to get familiar with the doings of FoRE. 4. Every month, a member gets an interview for dedicating time to FoRE and what they like about it. Also allows for a better insight of others and to respect one another. Consider it kind of a "Member of the Month". So there it is: a little sample of FoRE. But now you might be thinking: "What do I need to join?" The only thing necessary is have a mic, be active, and have a good time. We'll work with you no matter what skill level or rank you are. We don't even care what country you're from. We accept everyone. Wanna join us? The links right here: FoR Home
  14. Looking for some people to do halo 4 campaign on legendary with all skill levels welcomed! Also communication is key along with having some fun lol not serious all the time. GT Drakgo Join the fight!
  15. Hello there! My clan i would like to have others recruited is called Mythic, a little information is going to be provided for you below. I am the only current Member unfortantly Hoping for new members of course And thats all the information i can previde As you can see its going to be a slow process to bring the clan up to a respectable level but thats why this post is here! Just message me if you want to join the clan And friend my Gamertag (Snyde Hyde) I'd appreciate it if you are mature and over-react about things, Thank you for your time and i anticipate that your going to join me
  16. This is for the Joker Clan in regards to clan battles and recruiting. We have 122 clanmates and are always looking for more. Most of us are on during the weekends and we are always looking to battle. We usually get together and play custom games or play some BTB.
  17. Hey I'm recruiting players for Palidon. Here is a link to our website http://www.i-m.co/siminoux/PalidonHq/ We are looking for serious yet casual players. All we ask is that you be cooperative and competitive if in a battle. Please no racism, sexism, trash talking member. And about all else please respect the chain of command. And there is a ranking structure which is on the website. So if interested please contact me my gt is Fullerscroll, or leave your gt below. join us and have fun!
  18. I started this clan a few months after halo reach came out, I had 30 members and played lots of tounaments, but when i started school again there was no time for games so i was forced to disband the clan, but now im doing online schooling and im on everyday. Im 16 and im starting my clan back, please message me either on here or on xboxlive. Gamertag- prcision ace142 ---.
  19. Hello everyone I have started a new Halo 4 Clan called GenXsiS. I am looking for extremely dedicated members that are online daily and have an extraordinary talent in the game. Messaged me on XBL @ IIMalefic
  20. Are you tired of playing with a bunch of randoms that don't work well as a team? Are you looking for a clan that is fun, laid back, and yet still competitive? Then look no further. I'm Skirata2 I'm the Commanding Officer of the 501st. I'd like to give you some information that may help you in making a decision. The 501st though it mainly consist of US residents is a global clan. We have several members in the European and Australian continents. We're constantly accepting from all 3 locations. Another thing that you should know about the clan is the ranking structure. The 501st uses a military based ranking structure. Unlike many clans that base ranks solely off of activity and the ranks being meaningless or clans that base ranks solely off of in game skill, The 501st bases its ranks and promotions based on the members overall contribution to the clan as well as the members potential to grow as a person and a leader, their current leadership abilities to make the members rank mean a little more than just a title. In the 501st a members rank determines how much power they hold in the clan and what positions within the chain of command they're able to hold. With the clan is relatively small but growing. This means that promotion opportunities come by pretty quick. Though I don't guarantee this to happen to you, it has happened before that a member has gone from being a fresh recruit to a clan officer within a years time. Also in the 501st we recognize members efforts and accomplishments through other means than just rank promotions. The 501st has a ribbon/awards system set up. We have clan contribution ribbons that members can earn. This is a great way for members to work towards something if they're currently on an extended wait for their next promotion. It also give the member a little extra they can add to the list of reason they should be considered for promotion when they're boarding for leadership positions. One thing that the 501st does offer that most clans don't that use an award system is an award for doing things in their local communities outside of the clan. We have an award that is awarded to members who serve their communities through some sort of service organization such as but not limited to: the military, law enforcement, emergency management, etc... The 501st encourages members to take the leadership skills and apply them to life. The clan staff all feel that it's important for members to be involved in their communities as to not waste their lives away in front of their xbox. Yeah, we still play a lot of xbox but many of our members choose to serve in significant ways that can impact the lives of those around them. The clan over all is mainly a social clan. We're mainly in it for the fun. However, if you're looking for a competitive clan we've still got you cover there as well. We do participate in clan matches on a semi-regular basis. As the demand for clan matches grows in our clan the more that will be scheduled. But regardless of what you're looking for in a clan you can usually find a niche that fits what you're looking for within the 501st. If you have any questions, by all means send me a message and I'll reply back as soon as I possibly can. If you're interested in joining then you can find our site at http://501st.forumclan.com. I hope to hear back from you soon. They Drop Us To Drop Them!
  21. If you would like to join a clan/community check us out at http://teamshake.org [teamshake.org] We are a very active clan and we support many games ( BF3, MW3 BLACK OPS, HALO, ASSASSINS CREED 3, and GHOST RECON ). We are looking for anyone who is interested in having a good time and playing to have fun and playing to win. We are strongly against disrespectful and any immature gamers. We have many members of different races both male and female from around the world. We are very female gamer friendly (i.e. no sexual harrassing or trying to date online). Anyone interested check us out. We are recognized by clanvision and the central outpost as a legit gaming clan/community. We have been an established clan on xbox live since 2008.
  22. Kilo Team is now in recruiting season, which means that we will allow all and any members to join with all exceptions. Here is all of our best offers: Join our clan and receive either a promotion to a high grade or a FREE Mega-XP Code! Join an ally clan and host a Halo 4 forging/custom game playdate! Support in a clan battle and earn help with campaign! Send a friend request to an existing member and receive a matchmaking playdate! ​So what are you waiting for! Join now by any means! Offer ends on 11/20/12. Resignation will result with removal of friend request and so forth.
  23. The Halominati is a clan that was recently started, just for Halo 4. We are literally brand new, and I'm working on improving the site and recruiting members every chance I get. Our mission is to become noticed as one of the major clans/communities for H4, both competitively and socially. What we are looking for in our members: Dedication Competitive Drive Active Ability to recruit/expand True Halo fan Clan Divisions As a member, you are allowed to join/create different divisions of The Halominati. You can do this by accessing the groups portion of your profile. Although, division creations are only allowed with permission from an Admin. With this option, the Halominati will be organized in terms of teams/divisions. To check us out, visit our site: Google "Halominati" or http://halominati.com To join, link is here: http://halominati.com/register.php
  24. Ice Wolf Nation (IWN) is recruiting join this ever growing clan. Go head to head against friendly and rival clans in raids and battles. Rank up within the clan by recruiting members and taking part in clan battles. Play matchmaking to rank up or start a custom game lobby. IWN wants you! If you are interested please msg me on xbox GT: banndana
  25. Hello! My name is Buburay, my friend and I have decided there are not enough open easy to join halo communities with tons of people to use quickly, with no hassle. My idea is just for people to be able to easily get together if none of their friends are on. We plan to be hosting many custom games in Halo 4, and we're attempting to launch this project off of it's feet before the release date in November To join, it's quite simple. Send me a message on here, or on the Xbox My gamer tag is Buburay and my partner's gamer tag is DevoidPrototype. Another way to join is to go straight to our Facebook page that we're just starting to use as a messaging board for these custom games, as we will be hosting events (Payed Prizes Eventually) and just all around fun evenings. Leave a comment if you have any tips, feedback, or complaints, I'm always open to criticism. ~Buburay
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