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Found 14 results

  1. Greeting everyone, I, «Ð§»Þülsê, am the leader of a newly formed clan called Ðeathly §hadows. We created Ч so that players who still play Halo: Combat Evolved could feel the sense of belonging to a community. A community where they can express themselves, make some friends and most importantly, have a good time! As we are a newly formed clan, as expected, we do not have a lot of members. However, in a matter of days since we have created our forum, we have had many inquiries to join our clan. We hope that this will continue and Ч can become a great haven for Halo: Combat Evolved players to socialise and compete with each other! We will hold Clan Scrims every month so that clan members In the very near future, we will have many servers with many different game types. This will help bring in even more members,thus, enhancing the reputation of the clan. To join Ч, we do not have any major requirements from the players. All we wish is that you enjoy yourself while you are part of the clan! Our forum can be found here http://deathlyshadowsclan.enjin.com/ To apply, first create an account at the site and then click the Apply Now button located in the menu bar. Fill out the application form and the founders will get back to you as soon as they can. We need at least one more person to help us manage our servers. Someone who can manage scripts and has some experience in that field would be great! That doesn't mean that we are only look for members who has help us in that aspect. Like I mentioned before, we want anyone who is up for a laugh and knows how to have a good time! We hope to see you soon. Yours sincerely, «Ð§»Þülsê Ðeathly §hadows Clan Founder
  2. I don't get the pistol in halo CE but most people do? like im good i just dont get the aim-ahead of target thing so any tips pls spill!
  3. So today I finally gave int to buying Halo CE Anniversary, And I must say it has made my week so much better. I havent seen or played CE since I was 8 yrs old and this honestly has taken me back to childhood and made me remember why I fell in love with this franchise in the first place! yes the graphics suck but regradless this game is amazing! Thank you 343i for doing an anniversary for the one game that started a new era in gaming!
  4. One thing I've always wondered when I get matched up against people in matchmaking, is exactly how long those people have been playing Halo for and what was the first game they ever played. It always brings back good memories when I think about when I first started playing and just rushed with whatever version of the AR there was, and thinking of what a noob I was. I personally first played Halo: Combat Evolved when it first came out in 2001, but at the time I was only 8 and thought it was stupid because I was so horrible at it, but I eventually got interested in it again when I got into High School and I regularly played Halo 3 with people from my school after school every chance I got. I guess to end it I just want to ask two questions... How Long Have You been playing Halo and what was the first game you played?
  5. I recently received a request to post some my Halo tricking videos from a member here at the 343i community forums. I decided to post them in a new topic, so here we are. Enjoy! Mator's Trick Video Archive Trick Videos __________________________________________________ Completing the Pillar of Autumn in a Ledge Thread Link Other Links: One of my first great campaign trick videos. This particular video involved taking a ledge which scurty had discovered and explored in his video "Exploring the PoA in SP... again" further. I managed to find a checkpoint scurty had missed and take the ledge all the way to the end of the level. The ledge was extremely difficult in that I had to memorize everything perfectly as a lot of the time the level isn't visible. One step out of line at any point during the ledge would lead me to fall off of the map to my death. __________________________________________________ Touching the Halo Ring in Single Player Thread Link Other Links: This video is similar to "Completing the Pillar of Autumn in a Ledge" in that it too involves ledging on the Pillar of Autumn in single player blind. The challenge in particular had quite a bit of history, going all the way back to 2006 when Ms. Man attempted it. In recent years many trickers had attempted it to no avail. After studying the ledge closely for awhile I figured out why it wasn't working (it kept firing the cutscene on the bridge). By crossing the room before the bridge quickly and skipping a checkpoint I managed to avoid the cutscene and complete the ledge, though I had to do the entire bridge section blind then, which was pretty tough. Tutorials __________________________________________________ Hog Warp Machine Thread Link This tutorial teaches you a method to recreate the Hog Warp Machine, an original trick which I invented and pioneered on the Halo PC multiplayer map Ice Fields. The video is particularly detailed and shows some fairly interesting results you can produce using the warp machine. __________________________________________________ SSE - Episode 1: Full-vehicle insides vs. Half-vehicle insides In this explanation video I explain the differences between full-vehicle insides and half-vehicles insides. The video is mainly made to address issues of nomenclature, though it also addresses halo's physics to a certain extent as well. Challenge Videos __________________________________________________ Waterfall 2 Pit Thread Link My first trick jumping challenge video. Created for jumprs.org. The challenge was first accomplished by Sneakypete. It was shown in the Deadly Stunters Video, which was released 10-24-2006. (This video at 8:06) __________________________________________________ The Hog Fling Thread Link My second trick jumping challenge video. Created for jumprs.org. The challenge was first accomplished by Death Pena1ty. It was shown in the video Unleash the Fury, which was released in 2002. ( at 0:14) __________________________________________________ Shaft 2 Shaft Thread Link My third trick jumping challenge video. Created for jumprs.org. The challenge was first accomplished by TLG. It was shown in the video Tribute to Tricking Part 2, which was released in 2008 (This video at 4:02) __________________________________________________ MDH1TJC - Volume 1 Thread Link This is volume one of a series of videos in which I do halo 1 trick jumping challenges presented by other players. The video features a silly soundtrack and some foxy flycam footage. Trailers __________________________________________________ The Ghost Froom Trailer Thread Link This is a trailer for an upcoming video "The Ghost Froom", which is about a trick which I regard as one of the best ever created. The trailer met mixed reviews, most people were unhappy because they just wanted to see the trick/because the trailer wasn't clear as to what the trick was.
  6. I am currently volunteering for any and every Halo: Anniversary video crews that need players for: Playthroughs Walkthroughs Achievement Videos Glitch Videos Easter Egg Videos Skull Videos Terminal Videos I am available from 4:30 PM CDT to 12:30 AM CDT. I do not have a capture card but I have the awesome Kinect which will allow me to use the exclusive "analyze mode" to go thermal. I need your gamertag and your request, So that is it, people.
  7. Didn't see this anywhere that thought it might be cool if people talked about how their armor used to look and also talk about how it's changed with the new armor variants in Reach and why you look the way you do now. There's three questions in the poll; color, why you picked that color, and if you've changed it throughout the games. The votes are public and multiple choice. So tell us what your Mjolnir looked like and why if you like, especially if the options in the poll aren't sufficient. Or just talk about the past and future of armor colors in general. I've always had white because I thought it looked cool, I like to change it sometimes when I play campaign though btw anyone who also has Reach should check this out http://www.343indust...__fromsearch__1 pretteh coo
  8. All, I'm sure by looking at that topic one of two things is in your head. 1)What's FraggedNation? 2)Sounds fun...What's the catch? Well, FraggedNation is a competitive gaming site which is home to several games across all major platforms. The one major thing that sets FraggedNation out above all other competitive gaming sites is the ladders aren't setup by someone that might never play the game or have only played it once. Our public ladders are there for the gamers by the gamers which means if you don't like something we'll change it. Another thing that sets us apart for the others is the fact that all members are allowed to set up their own ladders and tournaments. So if you don't like what you see make it your own! Enough about FraggedNation for now. This Community Game Night will take place on May 19th, 2012 from 9p to 1a EST. Join the staff of Halo Combat Evolved/Custom Edition as we frag it out with both members and non-members. We will be in the FraggedNation Official Server and will also be streaming. More information on streaming in a latter post. IP Addresses of the servers: (Halo Custom Edition) & (Halo Combat Evolved) So, join and check out FraggedNation. You won't regret that you did. -King Thomas 92
  9. What it is: Basically, it is the same glitch from Halo 3 where you would have a over-shield or invisibility in your inventory, except now it is shown on the outside and can be done with custom power-ups. How to do it: 1) You cannot be connection host 2) Pick up an armor ability (such as Jet-Pack) 3) Crouch and walk up to the desired power-up and hold your weapon pickup button (RB for Recon) 4) It should drop your armor ability on the ground and the bottom of your screen should look like it is on fire when you look down. (picture below) Some other things: - If you do the armor lock glitch then do this glitch with camo, from some angles your torso will be invisible - When people shoot your power-up while wearing it, it hurts you and can kill you - When you get on a mongoose, the power-up moves to your head, so it looks like you have an afro - Sometimes it will be around your feet instead - If you do the armor lock glitch, then this glitch, then run over an active camo, you'll be invisible except your feet and head. If you crouch, you're completely invisible. - Apparently, it has a large failure rate and takes many tries in some cases... Heres a pic of the three colors (with armor lock glitch on):
  10. From game to game we always seems to discuss which weapons we will see in the game that are new, and with the rapidly growing discussion of DMR v.s. BR in the 343i forum community I thought I would bring up a different, however similar topic, which is Which weapons and vehicles do you want to see return from previous games? Some examples of discontinued weapons from the Original Halo Trilogy to Reach where the BR, Brute Shot, Beam Rifle, and Mauler. For vehicles some examples are the Hornet, Elephant, Prowler, and the Chopper. I personally believe that there just simply needs to be a new replacement for the DMR and BR to just end the argument which is better, but I would love to see the return of the brute shot and mauler because when I played Halo 3 I thought they where some of the easiest weapons to get kills with, and I didn't quite understand why they took them out in Reach. As for vehicles, I think that bringing back the Elephant in BTB would be quite simply amazing, as well as the hornet that way in, for example, Invasion when the Elites have their Banshees up, the humans have a way to rival it with a Hornet in the air. I think the falcon did a poor job of rivaling the banshee in Reach and simply made it an easy way for someone to get an easy Triple Kill. On an ending note, since the subject go hand in hand with each other Which Weapons would you like to not see return from Previous games? This can apply to any weapons or vehicles that have appeared in any of the franchises games up to this point, whether they appeared in Reach or not. And as Always, Have Fun Discussing!!
  11. The I Stand for Life™ Team is now recruiting team members for Halo: Reach and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition. I Stand For Life™ is a non-denominational organization that promotes pro-life enlightenment through scientific and spiritual discovery, media sharing, and dissemination of pro-life materials. You can check out I Stand for Life™ here: http://www.facebook.com/IStand4Life Team ISFL Requirements: - Supported Games: Halo: Reach, and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition on Xbox Live - Ideology: ISFL is non-denominational, and welcomes all races, religions and ethnic groups - provided you personally believe that: a.) human life begins at conception, and b.) EVERY unborn child has the right to life - Skill Level: all skill levels are welcome to participate in Team ISFL gameplay and functions, and as the ISFL Team grows, special units may be designated based on factors such as: hours that members are able to play, skill levels of members, specific team-on-team competition - Uniforms: when participating in competitive ISFL sanctioned Halo matches/tournaments/games, you are expected to represent ISFL solidarity in team colors as follows: primary color: ice (light blue), secondary color: white Rules Of Conduct: ISFL Team members are expected to respect one another. While salty language is tolerated, personal attacks on team members will not be, and should be reported to the appropriate ISFL administrator for investigation. Serious offenders will be removed from Team ISFL as pertinent to their representation on ISFL web pages, as well as prohibited from participating in all ISFL Halo team functions. Mission Statement: Have fun!! While being competitive in the universe of online gameplay is encouraged, team-work and good-will are paramount to establishing the ISFL Team as an exciting unit that brings like-minded individuals together to participate in some of the best online multiplayer gaming available!! I Stand For Life™ looks forward to a great 2012 for Team ISFL, and Halo 4 is just around the corner! While other games may eventually be considered for Team ISFL gameplay, please consider dusting off your Halo: Reach games, and consider picking up Halo: Combat Evolved (Anniversary Edition) for some superb classic Halo gameplay. Thank you for your support! If you are interested in becoming an I Stand For Life™ Team member, send a message to Xbox Live Gamertag "April xoxo" or an email to "[email protected]". Don't forget to "like" us on Facebook! Thank you!
  12. Just kinda curious on what age groups think the best halo's are, i have been playing halo for 6 years and i played h2, h3, and reach and i think halo 3 was the best, what about you?
  13. What is your favorite map? Battle Canyon Breakneck High Noon Ridgeline Solitary Penance
  14. I think 343 did a wonderful job with the remake of the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary campaign! I'm not as impressed with the multiplayer. I understand that Hemmorrhage is already included in Halo: Reach but frankly I feel that map is a disgrace to the original, I would like a 1:1 replica of the original blood gulch, updated of course and possibly the every other map from the original Halo, the remake as I see it is a tribute to the original, so why only include 6 maps, not to mention several are Halo 2 maps. I spent 40 dollars for the disc, I don't want to switch to Halo: Reach every time I want to play Blood Gulch, given that then why not just play all the maps on Halo: Reach? well why did I spend 40 dollars for a disc, the selling point of the Halo franchise is the multiplayer why not give a little more effort in bringing back all the maps. So I say give us a DLC Give us Blood Gulch, not Hemmorhage Give me Rat Race, Sidewinder, and Longest I just want a complete Remastered Halo: CE
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