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  1. maybe it comes with the map pack dlc and then make forge world just solo as well so it comes wiht both
  2. I agree that there should be a forge world but the thing is why not make it a different dlc not with the map pack since people might not want the map pack and they just want forgeworld.
  3. its not can i see your portfolio if u have also how can we talk private email? or xbox? please pm me on here and i will asnwer back.
  4. haha yeah is it on your file share i would like to take a look of the remake
  5. Hello all, im in need of a gaming organization logo can anyone make me one. More info if you can
  6. ah thanks yeah i have an idea about it.
  7. yeah like have u played the online game 5 second frenzy im doing things like that sorta just need more ideas so i can pick and choose i already got some but just need to have others
  8. yeah but its mostly a level thing u complete one then u go to the next and see who can do it the fastest mostly.
  9. yeah but when i spawn like a wall its diagonal sorta so is it just me or its forge
  10. i like the idea but its mostly a sorta a race thing and at the end first to make it on the hill wins kinda thing.
  11. Recently on impact the only one i checked my materials are not set straight or spawn straight even if i make it 90 degrees its turned alittle to the left so its diagonal for some reason anyway i can fix it.
  12. Me and my friend are looking for ideas of a map like mini games like we are making something like donkeykong and sonic maps like those little games we use to play or like the 5 second frenzy games online on those games sites like those types and i am looking for more ideas please help
  13. well i like the info you gave me happehninja, but im looking to make a flood map out of it but i like the way you have it. Any other idea
  14. cool i thought about this as well and im really am working on something like this and its cool to see someone have an idea that i thought of as well but yeah its difficult on how high and alot of things u want to make it on and all that.
  15. Im looking to make a flood map like a mall or mansion like in halo 3 i did but idk what map to forge on and create a good map, please help me give me some ideas on what to add and put in and also any other things like ideas of maps for flood or any others.
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