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  1. :For those of you who may have seen our previous advertisement, this is an update. :And for all you others who missed out on the pure awsomeness of the Spartan Squad (lol), this is obviously an advertisement for the Spartan Squad clan. :Spartan Squad has always had a fair ranking system where people could pick their specialization, and play that role in clan meets, tournaments, and jff (just for fun) games. Now, thanks to Halo 4, it is much easier to keep track of. Because it is almost exactly the same way that we did it before. One big difference is for those who are only...say SR 13 or another number below 50. The founders of the clan have always understood that some people want to be in a clan, but are too busy IRL to play sometimes. For that reason, we have always given members an oppurtunity to be promoted, even if they have a low rank in game. We encourage members to play matches with team leaders, so that we can have an idea of your skill set. But remember, anyone can join, no matter skill, location, or even internet connection speed.( we only ask that you let us know if your connection is slow so that we can adjust to the situation, trust me, ive been there and done that). :Members like to have a say in what goes on in the Squad, so if you would like to bring anything up ( uniform, game day, specializations, etc.) contact me either on here or Xbox Live: contact info listed below. :The clan gives every one a chance to express themself online so we dont want everyone looking looking exactly the same, especially since thats nearly impossible due to the unlock methods of Halo 4. So, in order to do that still being able to identify other members, the clan will allow players to choose their own color ( which doesnt matter in team games). Uniform:> Clan tag: since this is available to everyone, we have a uniform service tag: SPSQ Emblem: Recruit> foreground blue, secondary gold...When Available: Spartan foreground, background of choice. whichever color choice. ( this is the one with the crossed swords behind the helmet) ^REMEMBER THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITH MAJORITY VOTE OF MEMBERS^ :Tried to squeeze most of it in here, but if i forgot anything, if you have any questions, or if you want to join; contact me here: Gamertag: SpartanHero113 Community Forum Username: SpartanHero113 Facebook: Spartan Oneonethree ++ WE NOW HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE...LOOK FOR US UNDER: Spartan Squad >>S-113 out
  2. i wish there was a like button there
  3. ill try to make it if im not lagging as well My GT is SpartanHero113. same as my username
  4. I dont like the looks of this, i have slow internet, so i dont know if i can even do spartan ops. And since i lag so much i got most of my credits and commendations in campaign. i didnt bother trying challenges online unless it was firefight. i REALLY need to get rid of my slow internet
  5. why not make it more than one day. that way people can have a chance to come, afterall, it is the last Reach playdate. P.S. i will still return to Reach after the release of H4, just as i do for all the other halo games. i still play Halo 2 even though it is the only Halo not on the 360
  6. Spartan Squad is a new clan that is long term and will be in upcoming Halo titles. Our Ranking System is mainly based on performance. To join or recieve more info. send me a PM or contact me on LIVE, my GT is the same as my name(SpartanHero113).
  7. They should at least fix it so that people who lose a connection to xbox live and get kicked off several times dont get banned. ive been banned 3 times due to connection problems, then when i finally get a connection, i find myself waiting 10 min.
  8. Our clan is recruiting new members. If you want to join, contact me on xbox LIVE. (my gamertag is my profile name). Our clan is not strict on color schemes because our diversity is one of our strongest attributes. Members are promoted based on performance and how much they contribute to the clan. The only rules about uniform are: SERVICE TAG: 5423 ARMOR COLOR: Member's choice EMBLEM: Spartan Foreground, Banner Background For more info. PM me on this site or send me a message on LIVE
  9. SpartanHero113


    Images from Paint that i made (amatuer)
  10. ive dreamed of a detonater in halo, afterall it is the future, there should be more stuff like this. -Edited by moderator for readability, please use a lager size font from now on-
  11. Don't forget the SMG's. In Halo 2 it was hard to tell if the bullets were peircing or if they were just tickling the grunts to death.
  12. Well now i have all the DLC's from ME so im just going to get another legendary edition and try to sell the New Zealand LE without the DLC's. Then, whatever i don't have, i can order from Marketplace.
  13. in my opinion, the best thing to do is make it where if you are running and you click the LS you sprint (like COD) and if you are sitting still and/or walking, you can click LS to crouch. If i remember correctly in Halo: CE you could crouch but when you started running you would stand up.
  14. ive wished for that since the first infection game. and instead of being infected and spawning on the other side of the map, they could rise up from the dead on the spot after the animation.(like in campaign)
  15. i have been wondering that myself,but there arent many characters that would fit in logically. so im guessin itll be the same as halo 1 & 2
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