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    I Lead a halo clan called intelligence command. Go to Inticom.weebly.com to learn more. I also love to be with my girlfriend lyndsay. And then chill with my bro's down on the rocks and get that good good.

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  1. I have started a clan called inticom. But it is really hard to build clan maps such as meeting and tournement areas on the forge. there should deffinatly be a forge world placed in ASAP. That's why halo reach had a huge growth spurt in clan activity, the ability to build your own maps on a large space.
  2. My clan inticom for short is recruiting. We are a governmental type clan. we have a bureau that controls all operations the clan conducts. Two councils with in our military and intelligence sectors. To learn more visit Inticom.weebly.com Enjoy or contact General joker69 over xbox.
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