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Found 4 results

  1. OH. IT'S ON. Forumites, it's time to see who claims dominance over our forums. Time to put friendships to the test. Time to crouch on the newer members faces. So, for those of you who have been around a while, you've probably seen these before. Old vs. New . Here's the gist of it for those of you who aren't "hip with it" We're dividing members by the dates they joined, and assigning you a team. From there, its on! Here's how the teams are decided; Old members are members who signed up before 2013 New members are members who joined during or after 2013 TEAMS: OLD: Fishy BATMAN rrhuntington Drizzy_Dan Yoshi Agent York Unease P34nut Fox McCloud RSR Church NEW: LoneWanderingSpartan Maggie Bnus Self Destruct Yang Xiao Long ShadowFiend216 (Volunteer Noobs) Sparky The host is Fishy. The game is MCC. The date is March 22nd. And the time is 3 P.M. EST. Sign up below.
  2. Just realized how the "Binary" Rifle got its name. Binary is a numbering scheme in which there are only two possible values for each digit: 1 and 0. If you hit someone with the Binary Rifle, no matter where, it's a 1 shot kill. If you miss, obviously, it's 0. I figured some people haven't figured this out yet and some may have. I don't know if this is the exact reasoning for its naming, but it seems that it makes the most sense. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE 343i
  3. So, there's this site some of you may have heard of. It's called "Freerice.com". For those of you who haven't heard of it, this site uses ad revenue that it gains from you playing a rather simple game to donate rice to those who need it. For every question you answer correctly, they donate 10 grains of rice. This adds up rather quickly, and is a nice way to do some good and pass the time, especially if you are bored. I myself have already donated 1900 grains of rice at the time of this post. It also allows you to brag to your facebook friends about how cool you are for giving food to those who don't have any. The game is rather simple as well. It gives you a word, and you pick one that either means the same thing, or nearly means the same thing. The difficulty increases as you answer questions correctly, but you can bring the difficulty back down if you feel the need to. You don't have to click the ads, you just have to play the game. For every question you get right, 10 grains of rice are donated. No surveys, no personal information gathering, no scams or tricks. 10 grains of rice doesn't sound like much, which is why I'm raising public awareness of it. If you and 10 friends answer one question, that's 100 grains. If 100 people answer 1 question, that's 1,000 grains. If 1 million people answer 10 questions, that's 100 million grains of rice. As you can see, it adds up fairly quickly. All you have to do to donate is go to freerice.com and answer the questions for a while. This site isn't blocked in most schools, and may not be blocked at your work. You don't even have to create a profile to donate. The profiles are so that you can keep track of what you've donated so far. In case you can't read it the picture of the website 1. This is where you keep track of what you've donated. 2. This is where you answer questions. 3. This is a little graphic representation of what you've donated so far. 4. This banner ad only appears when you've answered a question correctly. It's what pays for the rice. See? *the text below this states [sponsored banners displayed on correct answers pay for the rice donated]* 5. These are blogs, player activity trackers, and news stories that are related to hunger. Here is a thread started by Luke to keep track of the totals of forum members as well. http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/10772-helping-with-world-hunger-totals-and-targets/
  4. As my anticipation for halo 4 grows increasingly after seeing the campaign and spartan ops videos, I wondered what ever happened to theSMG. The SMG was one of my favs in halo 3 and i think it would be cool to see it in halo 4. But either than that halo 4 will be amazing!!!!!!!
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