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Found 9 results

  1. The dull thumping of footsteps, a singular moment of terror. In that instant, fight-or-flight is no longer an option. The limbs lock up, the voice; caught in the throat. And suddenly; It's over. Feeling leaves your body, you collapse to the floor, soon to be nothing more than another cadaver, and the last thing you see? Some Spartan's crotch, Rocketing toward your face. You'll get 'em next time. Yep, it's that time again. Time to engage in the more primal urges of mankind; Plotting the downfall of, and distrusting all around you for the sake of petty gains. So, Let's get down to brass tacks; July 26th; 10 A.M. EST, we're gonna start the festivities. We'll be running till 1 P.M., but longer should the lobby be particularly jumpin'. Now, for those of you who played last time, who were confused about the rules, here's a little summary: You are on your honor, which means you are expected to follow the rules in order to actually make this a fun game. No call outs. Alive or dead, you're not allowed to say who attacked you, what color they were, what weapon they used.... Nothing. If you're dead, you can still talk, but do not tell people "Watch out, they're behind you" or anything like that. You're dead. Living matters don't concern you anymore. You are not allowed to attack anyone, unless the following circumstances happen: A: you PERSONALLY SEE AN ATTACK, OR AN ACT OF AGGRESSION. Acts of aggression include reloading, charging a weapon, or sighting with the Binary rifle. Once again, you have to PERSONALLY SEE IT. B: in self defense, duh. C: If you are a murderer. Duh. D: if you are the last innocent left alive. at this point, go nuts. Seeing someone murder someone means you can attack them, but it does not mean that person is now "Kill on sight" If you attack them, and lose them, and say about a minute passes, you can't track them down and attack them again. In fact, it might be a better idea to run away. Boss is the Dragon Man. Any questions? Post them. Coming? Post. Wanna tell me I'm not the Dragon Man? Wander into the nearest busy intersection, and wait there until you feel unrelenting pain. RSVP.
  2. This here topic is for random things you found, weather it being very important, or very meaningless things you discovered from either boredom, or were hunting for things that might seem interesting. I shall share this really random thing I found from boredom! It take's "117" plasma turret ghost shots to blow up a Warthog! I hope you enjoy this topic!
  3. So, here's the deal. Recently, I've had the hankering to start a new run-through of XCOM: Enemy Within. BUT! I want to go about it differently. Previously I have Written what was refered to as XCOM: Declassified Debriefs; a story told through Files I wrote based on the events which occur in the game. Now, here's the situation: I need YOU guys to cast yourself as the characters for this playthrough; BEARING IN MIND, that some of your characters may die. But, I'll make one, AND ONLY ONE! Clone. Let's call this, the Bnus rule. But, rest assured I am trying my hardest to keep your little soldiers alive. Anyway, here's a little format for you: Name: (First and last. give your real name, a fake one, or call yourself Harry Balzanya. IDC.) Codename: (When you reach Sergeant, you get one of these. by default, it will be your account name, unless you tell me otherwise) Hair: Skin: Armor color: Later on, when Research gets done, and things get unlocked, I'll ask some people about more things, but for now, this should do. Come on people! Those Sectoids won't blow themselves up! (Also, later on you will have the option to become M.E.C.'s and Bio-soldiers, but not yet. ) Space available: Regular troops: Infinite M.E.C.s: 2 Bio-Soldiers: 3 Current Roster: Bnus: Anthony Buneuro - Heavy Zaguroth: Michael Patrick - M.E.C. Yang Xiao Long: Yang Xiaolong - Heavy JXZAW: Jack Hart - Assault Fishy: Fishy Fish - Sniper BeckoningZebra1: Bee "BZ1" Zeewun - Assault D-38 Boss: Colin Gervasi - Sniper
  4. So, instead of listing the negative things about Halo 4, let’s list some of the positive things you like about Halo 4. It can be from gameplay mechanics to the campaign storyline, and/or the audio production, etc. It’s entitled to your own opinion. One of the things I enjoyed from Halo 4 is the mission Midnight. The best part of that mission for me was the first couple minutes of that mission because I was able to fly around in a ship shooting turrets while maneuvering around avoiding obstacles. It reminds me a lot of Star Fox.
  5. Okay, so i bought the halo anniversary map pack as soon as it came out and it wont let me play the map pack. I've tried redownloading it and everything i can think of and NOTHING WORKS!! I really need help because i just started playing halo reach again since halo 4 comes out soon.
  6. I didn't like Reach. The campaign, the characters, the multiplayer, nothing. Armor Lock is overpowered, jet pack lasts too long and goes too high, Hologram just sucks, and the campaign is hard to connect to just like the characters. Opinions?
  7. As my anticipation for halo 4 grows increasingly after seeing the campaign and spartan ops videos, I wondered what ever happened to theSMG. The SMG was one of my favs in halo 3 and i think it would be cool to see it in halo 4. But either than that halo 4 will be amazing!!!!!!!
  8. Title sais all you need to know... What do you like??? I like apples is just a random answer to everything for me
  9. Should halo 4 have a type of map, much like Star Wars Battle Front 2, where players can fly ships and have space dogfights? (I know this is not a halo "thing" I just thought of this because of the space mission in Reach.)
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